Pacquiao, Spence start promotional activities

Eight-division world champion and Philippine Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and undefeated unified WBC and IBF welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. kick off the promotional campaign for their August 21 PPV this Sunday when they’ll appear for a live televised press conference on FOX beginning at 5 p.m. ET.

Errol Spence: “I’ve been waiting on this kind of major boxing event my entire career. Manny Pacquiao is a boxing legend and future Hall of Famer. To be able to match skills with him and come out with a victory would be the highlight of my career thus far. I’m coming to win and he’s coming to win and that’s what makes for an all-action fight. I can’t wait to step into the ring at T-Mobile Arena on August 21 in what I expect to be an exciting night.’’

Manny Pacquiao: “I am excited to be battling Errol Spence Jr. Like me, Errol has an aggressive, all-action style of fighting. Boxing fans watching at T-Mobile Arena or on pay-per-view are going to be happy with this world championship fight. It is going to be wild!”

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  • This fight is going to be like Pacman fighting a more skilled Jeff Horn. Even if Pacquiao won that fight he looked beat up. Being a Pacquiao fan I just don’t like this fight.

    • LOL this is not like fighting Jeff Horn. This fight isn’t good for Manny because he tends to have trouble with technical boxers, Spence is longer, a fellow southpaw who likes to establish the jab. However, Manny does have a chance. He needs to study the Porter fight. If Manny is aggressive he stands a chance. Porter had Spence off balance all night due to aggression.

      • Off balance? Did you forget when Spence floored Porter? First of all Porter is a smother who has minimal boxing skills, even Broner floored him. Manny is fast but he’s not going to get Spence out of his game plan, Danny Garcia couldn’t do and he’s a much bigger problem than Manny, Spence by late stoppage or decision.!

  • Manny Pac-Man Paquiao will end Errol Spence’s career! Mark my words!!!!!! Massacre

  • Pacquiao is 42 years old, but has always been in shape and never showed up soft like other fighters. I believe Pacquiao wins this fight no matter what. Most likely by stoppage because Spence even tho he’s young, he’s good and strong. But the only real reason he never took the Crawford fight is because he knows Crawford could probably beat him so Spence rather make double the money he could against Crawford and if he loses to Pacquiao he loses to a legend and there is nothing wrong with that. However of Spence beats Pacquiao and that is a big IF, then he must fight Crawford by the end of the year. But my prediction is Pacquiao by quick stoppage.

    • LOL this doesn’t make sense. Manny hasn’t stopped anyone since Ariza left. He’s not going to stop Spence, stop it lol. You are one of those who is saying Manny stops Spence but when he loses you will make an excuse as you already have by mentioning his age. You will say Manny is old. If Spence wins, give him 100% credit and don’t use age as an excuse.

      • Not at all, I’ll never make an excuse for Manny. If he loses then he loses to the better fighter.

    • Spence beats Manny and Crawford, too strong too tough to talented too young.!

    • I agree with you but not by stoppage…or they may rob Pacquiao like they did with him against horn

      • Wasn’t really robbed-bad night where he was just outworked.

  • Lots of mention of the arena boxing is boring me by the day.

  • Manny will put up a spirited effort as he always does. Although I think Spence has been compromised due to the accident, he should still win a decision and move on to hopefully fight Spence. Boots Ennis is the best welter in the world though IMO and will prove it once he gets his shot.

      • Crawford will walk down Boots and KO him in about 9 rounds!! It will be fun to watch the fight without a doubt!!!

  • Size matters! Spence is a large Welterweight and Manny is a guy who has been so good he can fight two Divisions past his best weight. The problems for Manny are many (see what I did there? LOL!):

    1) Inactivity…it’s been a long time since his last fight and despite what some might believe Keith Thurman is more boxer than puncher. Like Manny, he doesn’t kill elite Welterweights with his power.

    2) Age…42 is ANCIENT at virtually every weight class and despite clean living it’s bound to show up. Couple that with a long career and fighting a killer in his prime is a bad idea.

    3) Physical differences…is not just the fact that Spence will be a Middleweight on the night they fight, he larger than Manny in every way imaginable. How do you fight a guy with a longer reach that is hoping you think you can muscle him on the inside?

    I honestly can’t see Manny’s path to victory in this fight. He’s already an all time great, but a win over Spence will propel him to a serious discussion of best ever. I wish him luck.

    • Scott I agree with your assessment and I suppose that is why Manny is taking the fight. He has nothing to lose really because if Spence wins everyone will say Manny was a decade past his prime so no shame in losing. And if Manny pulls it off it would propel him into TBE discussions.

  • pac will be chased all night by spence,the fight will be like sugar ray & hagler, pac by split decision,or a draw.

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