Fury-Wilder III to be postponed

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and other members of his camp have reportedly contracted the COVID-19 virus. It looks like Fury-Wilder III will be postponed, until probably October. No official announcement from Top Rank or PBC yet, but the WBC has confirmed that the fight is off for July 24.

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  • Maybe this is mind games too where someone may not be totally ready to fight. Who knows.

    • I was thinking the same. That Fury realized he was not in great shape in camp and he recognized how focused Wilder was at the press conference. Fury might be a bit crazy but stupid he is not. Probably a wise move. Im also thinking Teofimo new he couldn’t make weight so covid was a great excuse to get more time to shed the pounds off as opposed to losing the titles on the scale.

      • That’s what I was thinking. Covid variant is mainly propaganda. Variants are always more weak, thus way less deadly than he original 99.95% survival rate. Fury was most likely not going to be 100% in 3 weeks, and needed more time to prepare. Just a bummer we’ll have to wait longer to see this 3rd matchup.

    • Disagree, Fury can show up 400lbs and beat Wilder. Fury is like James Tony. No matter what his shape is, he’s can literally stand there and pick you off. Wilder will revert back to what he knows. I don’t believe he has changed. Anyone can look great hitting the pads.

      • One thing I do know is…When Fury fought Wallin, Fury was not stellar in performance. Wallin was making him struggle in some rounds. Was Fury off that night? Hmmm…

        • Wallin is no joke though. I think a lot of people still underestimate him.

          • Colby Cli * * * * *
            Exactly my thoughts!
            Otto Wallin is a worthy opponent for all the top guys at Heavyweight
            Paul D’

        • Fighters that bear in hard will give Fury trouble. I feel his biggest threats are Whyte and even Ruiz. Ruiz for his hand speed up the middle and Whyte just because how he uses his body strength.

        • Great point. I thought he often looked scared, and that was before the blood came out. He was so bad, that myself, and I am sure others, wrote him off, feeling he would probably get knocked out.

        • Even Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali and Tyson had off nights where styles made less than stellar performances

      • Yes, let’s not forget! Fury has a history of mental problems. A lack of focus is probable as well as knowing his past struggles. Weight gain and food addiction can be a comfortable way of coping.

        • I believe its the case for most heavyweight champions, a lack of focus. Once they become champions, and gain fame and money, its extremely hard to keep up the regime that you got you there in the first place. Extremely hard. Maybe handlers of champions need to keep the spoils away from their fighters for a few years, to keep the “hunger” in them longer as champion. : )

      • Rwb: i wld noramally say yes to that given that Fury typically gains shit loads of weight between fights. And i do mean shit loads lol but to be honest, i literally jus saw the dude about a month ago and he was a slim Fury. I wld agree with everyone that its either a mind game to mess with Wilders Peak time in training or he really isnt ready mentally. I still have Fury winning though

    • Highly likely, his promotional tour drew the wrath of his father and even when he announced he was committed to training he kept re-appearing again on social media. The twelve pints a day during the Josuha negotiations was also very convincing. Neither camp looks impressive Fury with all his relations and Wilder with an unknown entity of a trainer that he knocked out in a round. If it is COVID then he has no excuse, I find it amazing that he has only had one jab.

  • I would have thought that Fury’s camp would have taken greater precautions to avoid being infected by this virus. Do you think perhaps that Fury’s camp couldn’t get him ready and in shape for this big fight and are using the virus as a reason to postpone the fight?

    • You make a valid point. One would think with all the money and stature in the rankings at stake, taking better precautions means a big paycheck in the end. However, let’s not forget. Fury has a history of mental problems and being focused is what he may struggle with.

  • Looks like the Tyson Fury camp is too stupid for words. Anyone who would not get his camp vaccinated no less himself vaccinated is not smart enough to stay at the top. On a positive note, it is a primo excuse for losing. Kind of like Wilder’s excuse that his entrance costume was too heavy.

    • Let me tell you me.my son and my wife got the vaccinated. And we all 3 got covid i got covid neumonia i was in the hospital and month and 3 weeks later i still using oxigen at home that vaccine means nothing but may be he is not ready o is a mind game..God bless be safe

      • Most people don’t realize, covid vaccines are “NOT” FDA approved. They are “experimental” drugs. They were only given the green light for emergency purposes. President Trump made the right move at the time, but how was he to know that the vax industry was so corrupt? Well, now we all know it is. What do you expect, its run by a guy who isn’t a medical professional, who couldn’t keep viruses off your computers, and believes in depopulating the planet.

      • Eduardo- damn, buddy.. hoping u and ur family get better and stay safe. We all love to argue with each other as well as post our predictions but we’re still like a lil fam on this site and were praying for your healing!

    • My coworker was fully vaccinated in March and got COVID in May!

      Damn vaccines aren’t 100% effective.

      And how do you know he or his team aren’t vaccinated?

      • Vaccines are not meant to be 100% effective. Yes, your immune system has to do its job even while vaccinated. I was vaccinated, worked on the frontline this whole time, and did not contract the COVID-19.

      • Here is how you would know. Number one, yes it’s possible to get it, but it’s also very unlikely. Secondly, the odds of multiple people getting it in a fully vaccinated camp are such a long shot, that the entire camp was probably not vaccinated. It’s just math people. You accept odds on fights, but for some reason you can’t accept even better statistics on vaccines. However, anyone who knows anything about human behavior knows that people generally aren’t great risk managers.

        • Survival rate using your own immune system is higher if you are of a certain age ( not elderly ) than if you get the vaccine. Let THAT sink in.

          • Response to survival is strictly based on the umbrella term called the cytokine response in the immune system. Oddly, during December 2020, I witnessed over 15 deaths of COVID-19 patients under 40 years of age with no pre-existing conditions. The actual cause of death were cytokine storms which resulted in multiple pulmonary emboli, gross inflammation, and organ failure. Were they vaccinated? Nope.

      • Juan I’m willing to bet you that your co-worker was around unvaccinated personnel with no mask. Adhere to CDC guidelines, it’s okay to be around other vaccinated personnel without masks. The vaccines work along with common sense. Oh, by the way, Fury only received on dose of the vaccine but did not go back for the second dose. He is now sick . Get vaccinated people

    • Haha yeah sure, quite the opposite really. Anyone who gets the vaccine is a moron!

      • What’s it like to be the butt of the joke and not know that you’re the butt of the joke?

        • Whetto. Berserker is probably bored jus trying to stir up a pot. Dont buy into it. He prob got 3 doses jus to be extra safe lol

    • “ Anyone who would not get his camp vaccinated no less himself vaccinated is not smart enough to stay at the top.”. So now people don’t get to make their own decisions? Whoever doesn’t want to get vaccinated doesn’t have to. It’s their choice.

  • I’m pretty sure that, right after Teofimo Lopez tested positive, Bob Arum said that both Fury and Wilder had already been vaccinated.

    • It could be that members of his team got the virus and he didn’t. Even still, how the hell don’t you vaccinate everyone in your camp. If multiple people got it, there is no way everyone was vaccinated OR someone is making up a story.

  • This fight seemed to be set up way too fast with very little buildup. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are playing games or even if this fight doesn’t happen for a long while maybe back to Fury Joshua

  • Im Sad but happy at same time that excuses Wilder has to wait or even not get Tyson fight,Thats what he gets for Postponing The Joshua-Fury fight cause he was jealous…Karma is Bitch with a Heavy Costume…

  • Now the Wilder haters and Fury jock riders have an excuse for when Wilder knocks Fury out when they re-schedule. Wilder is focused for this fight and the difference is going to be when he starts landing the left hook to that sloppy midsection of Fury that he’s been working on and then bringing it up the head and cleaning him off with the right hand bomb. Oops…just revealed the game plan.

    • Way off, wilder has never been much of a body puncher. His only chance is to lead with a snapping jab and catch fury with the right hand. Fury knows Wilder cannot counter punch, so if Fury presses the action then Wilder needs to step to the side and then catch him with something meaningful. If he cannot do one of those two then he will not win this fight.

      • Body-punching is Fury’s achilles heel. To begin with, he has such a long midsection and if that’s not enough, he pulls his trunks up to his armpits, in effect signaling that he doesn’t like it to the body. Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of obvious physical advantages doesn’t deserve to win.

    • Hey , with big punchers like these two in the ring, it can easily go either way. But with a decently in shape Fury, I’m going with him. His “feints” are something I’ve never seen a heavyweight use so effectively. It throws off all his opponents.

  • Fury needs to be sued and stripped of the title. Very irresponsible. He’s obviously scared of the Wilder fight. Impossible to be a Fury fan and a fan of the sport. Embarrassing and Bad for the sport.

    • Oh yeah, Fury is shaking in his Gypsy Boots, after tossing Wilder around the ring like a rag doll in the last fight.

      • First of all Fury is not a Gypsy (he is a traveller, with only the caravans in common with real Gypsies), secondly he has been caught doping and trying to cheat with the gloves against Hamer (documented), this is the 4th time he has dropped out of a match with some bogus excuse. Finally this is the son of a convicted dope dealer, who is just as big a liar as his son.

  • I would not doubt the conspiracy theories by others.

    Another theory is that maybe it is to do with poor ticket sales and somehow they equate that into some sort of timing thing rather than because it’s a fight people don’t want to see again.

    • I don’t understand how an elite athlete doesn’t get him and his entire team vaccinated. It’s completely irresponsible and putting others and tons of money at risk. There is no way they’re vaccinated if multiple people got it. The math just doesn’t work. Again anti-vaxxers please don’t bother.

      • Covid vaccines are “experimental”. NOT FDA approved! What don’t you understand?! Actual data shows that people under the age of 65 have a higher survival rate using their own immune system than they do with a covid vax. Yes, if you are over 65 or have health conditions, get the vax.

        • In the USA, the FDA reviewed the safety of the vaccines when tested by J&J, Pfizer/BioNtech, and Moderna under their criteria in which from there directed it to the IOM for approval to dispense utilizing healthcare professionals. However, other countries do not have an FDA for surveillance similar to the USA. I hope this helps.

  • Fury is his own worst enemy. It is enough to raise questions about this.

    But Covid-19 is a volatile disease too. I doesn’t matter if your fully vaccinated, you can get it anyway as everyone knows.

    About the rather poor ticket sales, this fight is more about revenge and contracts it seems. I don’t want the fight. We’ve seen it already. Bring another cup of tea please.

    The fight I would dearly love to see at this stage is Wilder vs Joshua.

  • Easily verified. I don’t expect Fury worries about much especially a guy he kicked the living crap out of.

  • The undercard fights are so good, let Wilder fight Whyte and we still have a really good show.

  • I always knew Fury was looking for a way out, he wants to fight one of those German cab drivers. This is a known liar and cheat. sooner or later he will be found out.

  • Karma’s a bitch. Screwed fans with the AJ fight now this ?? HAHAHA. Boxing fans are sick and tired of these overpaid pretenders masquerading as real fighters. Spence wont fight Crawford Fury stuffed us around with AJ Floyd Mayweather’s decade of ducking and dodging fights when they counted etc etc has fans leaving for UFC in droves. All boxing got left are the dumb young tryhards that are infactuated by Mayweather’s fast cars and gold chains and idiots that pay for the Paul brothers junk. Boxing’s main weakness is it’s gullible fans.

  • this got to be the 3rd time this fight has been postponed why dont they just cancel it permanently

  • Postponed not postponed don’t really matter fury is number one . He has been cleaning out the division for years. He the cream of the crop like the macho man randy savage.

  • How can a top level athlete not get vaccinated considering what he is putting at risk by not doing so? And please spare the anti-vax comments. You people are the only ones who don’t realize how stupid you are.

    • Colby, maybe because he doesn’t believe in it or covid existence…I’m not arguing either side but I am saying that fury has a right to believe what he wants to believe and if he doesn’t believe in it then he doesn’t. Just like you think he’s stupid for not, he may think you’re the stupid one for doing it.

  • Half the people in the UK who are coming down with Covid have already been vaccinated! After Teofimo caught Covid, Arum boasted that Fury had been vaccinated. This fight was sprung way too quickly & has only had a fraction of the publicity of the Money May & Logan Paul sparring match. You do the math!

  • As a top fighter, I wouldnt get a vaccine. You don’t know what it will do to your body long term and you may never be the same again. On the other hand, you could be like Povetkin and COVID ended his career.

  • OR Fury and some of his camp tested positive for Covid-19. Conspiracy theories are fun, but sometimes what’s being said is actually the truth.

    A few points:

    1) Do you or someone around you have to be careless to get Covid-19? NOPE!!!! By now, we all should realize it IS contagious!

    2) Vaccination is not 100% able to stop the virus and some still can get pretty sick.

    3) This isn’t the first fight to be postponed over Covid-19 and it certainly won’t be the last. I imagine the pre fight tests are going to be here for the foreseeable future.

    4) The worst part is these guys might not even have symptoms! The article was vague, so Fury might be even more frustrated than us.

    5) I’m disappointed, but I’m now wondering what they’ll do with that great undercard. Hopefully, they move it to regular ESPN.

    • The pandemic is over, at least in the US. The rate has fallen way under the limit to be considered a pandemic by DCD standards. Variants are mostly harmless, runny nose at most. Remember, the survival rate of covid is like 99.95% if you are under 65 and have no health conditions.

  • Don’t wait too long, this is the 3rd fight, who cares. Tired of pretenders thinking boxing fans don’t have a life.

  • Was he vaccinated?
    If no? Strip him of the WBC belt and make the fight even more worthless.

  • What happens if Wilder or Fury again test positive in October? I say let them fight now.

  • I am wondering if the Wilder camp will now talk trash that the Fury camp is lying, and Fury is too scared to fight a “super focused Wilder.”

    I look forward to hearing from the Wilder camp.

  • Hearn has just announced that Whyte will step in to fight Wilder.
    Come on Wilder, take the fight!!

  • Calm down everyone. It is possible Fury does actually have it. This fight will never happen. No need. Fury won 16 of the 19 rounds they fought anyway. Wilder is a big cry baby.

    • Regardless, Wilder won in court for a third fight. That court order will stand until they actually have that third fight.

      • Looked at all of your posts. Overall, you seem to be LightHitters at best, and
        NoHitters for the most part.

  • We can speculate all we want,
    My opinion is also that Fury is over confident and that he is taking Wilder lightly regardless of the Covid

  • Some suggest that the fight is poisoned because Fury is not ready. Well if he were to say that he and his camp have COVID, as a person putting up the fight, I would certainly want proof. So I am sure that he does. Now I only recently got the first dose, but why didn’t he? after all, he is involved in a an activity where you get close to others. I delayed it for a while, and had issues, but in my job I had to wear a mask for so long, and will even after my second. my incentive finally to get the injection was the gym I joined. I don’t have to wear it after the second injection. Also these boxing organizations. It seems to me that they should have had it as a reason that you can have the license to box. Failures all around I think.

  • Maybe, just maybe somebody’s sick and the fight is being postponed. Its funny that anytime something is said “fans” will jump to all kinds of ideas. Anything is considered except the reason that given. I’m not a fan of Fury’s, but I don’t see a history with him that makes me think he’s making this up. Either way this fight was sprung on us pretty fast and the fight date was faster than I thought it would be. Sept / Oct seems like a better time anyway. Two HW title matches within weeks of each other and provided the two who win dont have rematch clauses we can get back to unification talks.

  • 6/24/16 He pulls out of Klitschko rematch, 9/24/16 He pulls out of Klitschko rematch AGAIN!!!!! 7/8/21 Pulls out of Wilder fight. Yeah history shows he’s not worrying about the money or legacy. Pictures show the only thing he wont pull out or away from is the Food/Cocaine snortin table.

    • You have forgot that he pulled out of the match with that huge guy from Ukraine after the weigh-in, that was after pulling out of the Vladimir return.

  • Some ignorance in the comments. If covid is a thing, they can’t “use it as an excuse”. There is a test for it and they would have to provide evidence.

  • He’s been a cheater his whole boxing career. Furry is scared to death, full of shit and he’s knows he can’t beat him without cheating! I seen nothing but fear in his eyes at the face off! I got one question… What hospital was furry committed to? please let me know because I can’t find it on google nowhere! And I bet he’s gonna try to retire before the last date! Ik, you know and real fans know! FACTS OVER FEELINGS!

  • If Tyson was a real champ he’d fight Mike Tyson and that’s all I have to say about that

  • It is funny that Parker has Covid, and he was at the Poirer -Mcggregor match without a mask grinning all over the place. He has even posted pics of him with his kids. Fury is said to be going back to England. I thought he will be quarantined and banned from travelling. If this Virus is real, both him and Parker are putting everybody`s health at risk. Why doesn`t the Promoters and Wilder`s camp ask for proof. If this lot are found to be lying, they should be banned from the game along with Steward, who must have inside knowledge of what`s really happening. He, Steward, is dodgy, he came out last week and said that he will retire from training after this fight. You have to wonder why, seeing he is a young trainer.

  • Why is no one mentioning that Fury is a liar and a PED Cheat and banned from boxing in the UK?

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