Oscar Valdez wants to unify 130lb titles

By Hesiquio Balderas

Oscar Valdez’s outstanding game plan, willingness to win, and his desire to be world champion paid off in a big way. “I finally fulfilled my childhood dream to be WBC world champion. I am very happy right now with this victory, the biggest of my career. I want to thank everyone who doubted me,” said Valdez.

The 130-pound weight class is one of the most talent-filled divisions in boxing. Valdez ahead of the bunch that includes Gervonta Davis, Shakur Stevenson, Jamel Herring, Carl Frampton, Leo Santa Cruz, and JoJo Diaz, but Oscar wants it all.

“I want anybody. I want to fight the best at 130 pounds and I want to unify the titles at this weight class,” stated Valdez. “With the help of my manager Frank Espinoza, my father, and my trainer Eddy Reynoso, the sky is the limit.

“I still can’t believe it. I achieved my goal. I just want to go home and celebrate with my family. That’s all I want. I haven’t seen them in a long time. I’ve been training for almost a year for this fight!”

Two-time manager of the year Frank Espinoza, who is known for bonding with his fighters as family beyond the typical business of the sport, was a very happy man.

“I’m extremely happy with this victory. I feel fortunate to be in this position and to guide Oscar’s career and to help him achieve his dreams. When the team works, the dream works,” stated Espinoza.

* * *

Meanwhile, Miguel Berchelt is healthy and ready to move on with his career. He was released from the hospital after all his tests came out good.

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  • AMAZING FIGHT! I did NOT expect Valdez’s chin to hold up nor did I think he would stay as focused as he did throughout the fight! Congratulations Oscar! You are now the ‘man’ at 130! Fight the winner of Herring/Frampton first unless money is huge otherwise!

    • No the guy at 130 is Gervonta Davis and I don’t say that because I like him…….

  • Oscar had a tremendous performance last night but
    obviously there was something wrong with Miguel Berchelt from the beginning …..He looked very weak with no legs and no snaps in his shots…..Oscar good luck in the future but don’t touch Davis……

    • Nothing’s wrong that’s called making excuses, he got beat by a better fighter it’s plain and simple. This is why you fight the fights, it’s easy to pick when you’re on the outside looking in but inside that ring it’s a different animal. Congratulations to Valdez you’re a true champion much respect and great performance. You were absolutely right when you said Berchelt would bring out the best in you!!!

      • I was picking Valdez by the way to win but I know Berchelt and he was not Miguel Berchelt last night …….

  • Put Valdez in there to fight other title holders because this young cat has a mean streak with punching power and offensive/defensive rhythms. I am looking forward to Valdez’s future fights against other title holders.

  • I really think they should have a rematch, Berchelt didnt look right from the outset, something wasnt right with him

  • Hardly a talent filled division. Davis is at 35 now, Frampton is old and undersized, Herring is mediocre, Santa Cruz is small and just got slept, and jojo can’t make weight. 130 was already taken over by Valdez when he nyquiled Berchelt. It’s a weak class. Old and oft injured Loma could drop back down (not really a drop down though since he’s a natural 130 pounder) and shut out anyone there including Valdez.

  • Yes something was wrong with Berchelt. It was everyone overrating him. Best win on Berchelt’s record was over Francisco Vargas twice and Vargas was a guy who never learned defense. Valdez movement confused Berchelt from the jump. Plus he couldn’t contend with the hand speed resulting in him getting hit flush a lot. Berchelt has been KOed before. Fight proves Berchelt was best off fighting whatever the WBC ranked. Davis and Loma would have wrecked him quicker

  • Miguel Berchelt became known his smart boxing featuring evasive defense, effective jabbing and volume combination punching including counter punching. He was never known as a knockout seeking aggressor even in his fights against smaller foes. He fought the wrong type of fight last night and it could be because he thought Valdez was easy and could be taken out within a few rounds or he had to end the fight ASAP before his struggle with making the weight tells on him the longer the fight lasts.

  • Something wrong with Berchelt? Of course there was-he got buzzed in the forth round and the never fully recovered.

  • Valdez had a good game plan and stuck to it. He fought a smart fight. Until all the titles are unified boxing can never be what it was in the past. And yes I also mean bringing back 15 round championship fights. Also make weight on the day of the fight. These guys today balloon up 12 to 20 pounds by fight night. And yes I’m old school, something most young fighters today know nothing about.

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