Valdez celebrates sensational win

Newly crowned WBC super featherweight champion Oscar Valdez spoke about his impressive performance in dethroning Miguel Berchelt on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

“There’s nothing better in life than proving people wrong,” said Valdez. “I have a list of people who doubted me. My idols doubted me. Boxing analysts doubted me. They said Berchelt was going to knock me out. I have a message to everybody: Don’t’ let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.

“I’m so happy right now, I can almost do a backflip like Teofimo Lopez. I want to take this belt home, and I’m happy for that. Any champion out there… I heard Shakur Stevenson wants to fight. Let’s do it. I just want to keep on fighting and give the fans what they want.”

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum added, “Oscar Valdez proved he is one of the great Mexican champions. An absolute masterpiece in the ring tonight.”

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    • You know what was really classy? Lopez jumping over an out cold Berchelt, celebrating after the ref called it off. I hope this POS gets knocked out cold so another opponent can show him how NOT to celebrate. Trashy individual who will get what’s coming to him.

      • I assume you’ve never had an adrenaline rush, won anything after losing and proving everyone wrong, or have you even competed t all?

        • Yes, I’ve won plenty, but was taught to act like I’ve been there before. Literally jumping over an unconscious man on the canvas to celebrate is the last thing anyone with a thimble full of class would even think about doing. Did you think it was a lack of room in the ring to celebrate? Is Valdez a 4 year old without the thought process to determine right and wrong? Thank God Berchelt is ok. I was a fan of both going in, but not anymore.

  • What a amazing fight for the Challenger Valdez who was fighting a bigger stronger hardened Champion. But Oscar weathered those hard punches early and dropped the Champion and the referee helped buy time for Berchelt.. And then he started to stack Valdez cuz he was behind and he got stretched and. The Big Underdog won it all..Should went to body though.Thank Oscar I loved how Humble..And Just won me over with a classy display all way around…And New!

  • Unbeaten former world champion from Mexico and people doubted he had a chance??? WTF is wrong with the “experts”? He had basically an EQUAL chance vs the Argentinian current bigger champ. Crazy

    • I took him at +300 figuring this was good odds for an even fight. Certainly didn’t think it would be the one sided beating that it was. Somewhat makes up for losing a bet on Santiago at +550 which again seemed high odds for Broner. Oddsmakers probably knew that Broner would win unless he was KO’d.

      • The odds were insane on this fight. I made a huge parlay using both decision and ko valdez victories (both were at +650). Even a Berchelt decision was +350. The odds were so heavily favoring a Berchelt KO, I don’t know if it was poor oddsmaking or a lot of dumb money or a combination of both. This was an even money fight to me.

  • Exceptional KO and very entertaining. I am sure a CT scan of Berchelt’s head was in store after that fight. Very brutal ending to a great match up!

  • Lot of easy money to be made last night. The odds on a decision win and a knockout win were both nuts at +650. The Berchelt decision odds were off too at +350. The odds on the over in the broner fight were about even, and a Broner decision win was +180 (high odds on the ko, which is nuts considering Broner’s outcome). An easy parlay with plus the over +10.5 rounds in the Broner fight, plus a Wallin decision win (+190, again big odds on knockout), broner decision (which was a NEAR miss) and a Valdez KO, another with a Valdez dec win, a Miguel Berchelt dec win, and a draw to hedge won big money here with downside protection. That’s 4 parlay bets all at let’s say 10 bucks would have won over a grand just winning on one.

    The only one I considered leaving out was the Broner fight because of how inconsistent he is. Of course Broner (who is supposed to be having an easy fight) is the least certain because of his antics, and as usual is totally classless after the fight. His career is all but over.

  • Berchelts legs looked detached from his brain for the last 3 rounds and to me something was amiss neurologically from all the head shots. If you look at his feet as he jumped into Valdez’s punch you’ll see how disconnected they were.

    Either he has the worst footwork ever seen in a world class fighter or something is wrong. And his corner should’ve identified as much and stopped it before he got hurt like he did.

    Get rid of the corner for not teaching him correct footwork and/or failing to protect him.

  • After watching Berchelt’s fight against Luis E. Flores in 2015 where he got destroyed in the first round, kinda shows that Berchelt can’t really take a good shot on the chin.

  • RD, this is a pretty ignorant comment you made. Adrenaline is flowing and he gets the knockout Valdez obviously celebrated juices flowing without really knowing the state Berchelt was in.

    When Miguel got on his stool Valdez was compassionate and speaking to Berchelt and thank God all seemed good. Now you want to talk about a classless POS watch Teofimo’s past knockout victims where Lopez either pretends to be shoveling a dead body and tossing it or that totally stupid and feminine dance he does where it looks like he’s actually twerking! Now that’s savage POS behavior. Of course I am pretty sure you’ve mentioned nothing about that, pffft GTFOH.

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