Oscar-Floyd 2 Update

By TMZ.com

Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya 2?!

Maybe, just maybe.

A few days ago, Oscar told TMZ, “You know who I’m gonna call out for my next fight? Floyd Mayweather…I’ll offer Floyd Mayweather $100 million.”

Our Mayweather sources tell us the 50-0 fighter is aware De La Hoya called him out … and Floyd’s actually open to a fight with Oscar, IF he really has $100 million. But, we’re told, people in Floyd’s camp highly doubt he has the dough.

Bottom line, if the bag’s real, and it’s big enough, Floyd will listen.

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  • We all know this would have to be PPV and I bet the price would be anywhere from $59-99 just so these fellows can laugh all the way to the bank. No thank you.

  • Oscar – you haven’t had a fight in years, you bailed out of your last fight with some BS covid lie. Nobody wants to see this fight fool.

    • Why is it every time a boxer pulls out of fight with a medical issue it’s bs? We all know that if it’s a real boxing match Floyd probably stops him, I would buy the ppv as long if it’s a real boxing match, not some exhibition…

  • Oscar ain’t fighting. You notice that Vitor Belfort is no longer on his mind. He’s just flapping his gums.

  • — Floyd had to duck out in the middle of the lucrative Oscar rematch promotions with a total mental meltdown at a presser he had called.

    Manny moved up 2 divisions as the emergency replacement for the same fight minus Floyd’s welter title, and the boxing world ain’t yet recovered from that shell shock.

    No matter, nobody wants to see the rematch anymore than they want to see Vander/Bowe IV.

  • It’s hard to imagine who in possession of their full facilities would stump up cold hard cash to watch these two aged characters ‘get it on”.

  • Great fighters that retired and stayed away from the ring: Marvin Hagler, Lennox Lewis, .. anyone else?

  • oscar in his prime was not a great fighter. he literally ran from tito trinidad plus hes a punk ass.

  • I am sure that all the greats Ray Robinson, Ali, Hagler, Marciano etc. are in the heavens shaking their heads at the show boxing has become. Sad when you tube hacks and has been fighters get more press than legit contenders and champs. Plus the price they ask to watch this junk.?

  • Floyd is an absolutely shot fighter. Was clear in his fight against Connor. Flat footed and reflexes in serious decline. Don’t like Oscar at all. But he could definitely be a threat to Mayweather

    • Serious decline was only Mayweather carrying him so the fools who bought it would think the fight was real.

      • You hit it right on the head, that wasnt the real Floyd fighting Connor. Only the true boxing fans caught that….

  • Bottom line runaway Floyd is 49-0 because no one at least no true boxing fan will count that McGregor circus exhibition as a 50th win.

    • Floyd lost against Castillo in that one fight. Money bought that fight and gave the win to the wrong man.

  • Floyd’s camp is wrong by saying that oscar doesn’t have the dough in hand . The golden boy has it all in bricks of coke so as soon as he sells it, he will produce the cash.

  • Is it just me or can we ALL admit Oscar is a little scaredy cat for not fighting who he was supposed to fight in Belfort? #OscarTheCoward #GoldenBoyCoward #FightBerlfort

  • Floyd barely beat DeLaHoya the drug addict. DeLaHoya was washed up then. Prime DeLaHoya eats Toy Mayweather. Go watch DELAHOYA in his prime. Millenials addicted to Toy Mayweathers gold chains and fast cars hate boxing.

  • stupid, nonsense, ridiculous, un necessary, un-wanted, terrible, etc……………………………

  • Floyd will not rist his doctored & highly protected record for no amount of money. I don’t care how greedy he is, he just won’t

  • as long pacquioa is not involved floyd will listen, i hope oscar knocks him out

  • >