NSAC KOs Wilder-Fury weigh-in faceoff

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will weigh-in today, but there will reportedly be no face-to-face photo-op afterward. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has banned the two from the traditional faceoff after they hit the scale due to their shoving match at Wednesday’s press conference.

Final Press Conference 02.19.2020 02 22 2020 Presser Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions
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Fortunato, Sands victorious
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    • Cmon man. Color has nothing to do with it. I’m white and I want wilder to win! It’s about supporting your country or your favorite boxer. Lets leave race outta this. There’s too much of that negative bullshit in the world already. Peace….

    • Xanax. You need to take two of your name and chill with the baiting. We have enough of that shit through the media. This is one of the only places where we can escape the madness and reconnect with our pure primal instincts.

  • I wish both guys the best luck. I believe Wilder will win by KO, it’s just a guess, not that I want that, because since long time ago I follow boxing from a pure neutral point of view, I enjoy that way this sport. Wilder is not longer that guy throwing his punches to the fences, he is driving better his power and Fury doesn’t have the best chin in boxing, he is average in that. Fury in the other hand, has an admirable ring IQ and his power is underrated because his skills overshadow it, but he can hurt and KO Wilder too (he hurt Wilder at the end of the 12), but is less possible, a lot less; no impossible though.What I see a lot improbable is this fight lasting the 12 rounds and Wilder is the one with more chances to finish it early.

    • Mike, well said. This whole fight is not about watching a “boxing” match. We can watch “boxing” anytime on Youtube. The world is tuning in to see if Wilder can deliver a bomb so us fans can get a adrenaline surge.

      • On the other hand, it is an achievement for someone to be able to outbox such a dangerous guy for 12 rounds. It will be a 12 round round adrenaline rush knowing it could happen at any time

        • As for big boxing fans, I can relate to your statement. However, there are the “casual boxing” fans tuning in not to see a 12 round boxing match of skill-set, hugging, and/or even wild swinging. They want to see the unforgettable crack that KOs opponents that will make a statement for major news headlines to salivate over. You get the picture.

  • I dont really care who wins between the two of them. The real winner is me cuz I get to watch it!!!!!! This is gonna be a great fight. Both fighters are to proud to lose and that makes for one awesome fight. OR a huge drama upset

  • I think the world will be shocked. Fury inside 2 rounds. I think he could even pull it off in the first as wilder is extremely a slow starter and seems easier to tag. We’ll see but that’s my bold prediction. Don’t hate, just come back here on the comments section when the fights over! ☕️

    • Everybody has an opinion and/or a prediction. Props to you for posting your take on this fight. This is all about fun and being in a friendly environment online. Some folks on this board get a little territorial with the testosterone, but simply tune them out. We are all key board warriors. LOL

      • NJ Boxing what was that? Yeah. There you go mate. You crow. Clearly you don’t know shit about boxing. I’ve been boxing for 17 years don’t insult me. You reach, I teach. You show respect, I do the same

      • NJ boxing what was that? Yeah thought so. You don’t know shit about boxing. Eat your words. I have been boxing for 17 years as a kid, you’re just a casual fan. Shut up

    • Benjamin H: I actually forgot the obvious you mention – Wilder can be a slow starter at times yes. Interesting.

  • I think Wilder knocks Fury out if he works off his jab but he also has to be very careful if he thinks he’s hurt Fury,he can become extremely reckless and defence goes totally out the window….. a counter left hook from nowhere could well and truly finish his own night !!!

      • I think so because if it goes the distance again we may see a somewhat controversial decision. I’m looking at this as a business stand point. Of course if the fight ends in a knockout for Wilder which could possibly happen, then I will be completely wrong, again haha. But I just see Fury winning this fight and then setting up a Unification with AJ and the winner fighting Wilder in a bigger more lucrative fight.
        Either way, may the best man win!

        • Arturo, thank you for the statement. Hey, no problem in being wrong once in a while. I will admit when I am stone cold wrong. If Wilder loses, I will post I was wrong on this Sunday.

  • I’m sure this was all a publicity stunt, dreamed up by both Wilder and Fury working together. If I were in their shoes, I’d be doing the same thing!

    • Could let them go all the way to pro wrestling and let them hit each other over the head with chairs.

  • I have come to admire both of these fighters. I hate to see one of them lose, but they have to fight each other. That is what the heavyweight division has been lacking in recent years. the BEST fight the BEST. I enjoy seeing both fighters being loud, boisterous, confident, and the personalities to drum up excitement for this big fight, and for boxing in general! I predict weigh-in, Wilder: 219-223 lbs, and Fury: 263-270 lbs. If Wilder comes in about 225-230, TKO late in the fight. If Fury comes in 258-263 lbs, Fury by decision. If my weight predictions are correct, Wilder by close decision.

    • LOL, Weight Watchers needs for you to some marketing for them in relationship to betting at the casinos.

  • i myself wantd wilder to win i know he has the ability to win i want him to focus on maqrcianos record some where so how he will have to get some tomato cans but focus on breaking that record

  • Why is no one in the media asking Fury about the fact that his bottom lip appears to be split in all of the media events yesterday? Could be a major factor in the fight.

  • WTF, $80 for an OK undercard and a HW championship fight?! Sorry, not worth it. I think $30 is a *no brainer* to buy and $45 is reasonable but $80. At least put Marsselos Wilder against Butterbean or a grudge match of Mini me Wilder against Dominic Breazille
    Fury either wins a snooze-fest of jabbing and holding or gets KO’d in 5 or less . I am going to buy Kingry against Tank Davis, now that is guaranteed to be an exciting fight.

    • I know I will be attacked on this comment, but not everyone can afford to buy PPV even if you are a boxing fan. This is why the digital media outlet comes into play and uploads everything for free after the fight is over. Yep, it’s free too. I am sure all of us have been guilty watching movies and sports for time-to-time when the internet has them for FREE.

  • It’s not like what Bernard Hopkins did to Tito in Puerto Rico. They should have let them do it. They not gonna fight and mess the money up.

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