Munguia stops Ryder in nine

Munguia Ryder
Photo: Cris Esqueda / Golden Boy Promotions

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

In a slugfest, WBO #1, WBC #2 super middleweight Jaime Munguía (43-0, 34 KOs) scored a ninth round TKO against John “The Gorilla” Ryder (32-7, 18 KOs) on Saturday night at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Munguia dropped Ryder with a big right hand in round two. Munguia floored Ryder again in round four. Munguia dropped Ryder twice in round nine and Ryder’s corner threw in the towel.

In what was Munguia’s first fight under trainer Freddie Roach, Munguia pressed the fight early attacking behind the jab as the southpaw Ryder stalked. A straight right hand by Munguia floored Ryder in the second, Munguia was on the attack looking to finish him but Ryder survived. A crunching left hook to the body by Munguia in round three appeared to knockdown Ryder but the referee did not rule it a knockdown. Ryder was down again a second time in the closing seconds of the fourth from a Munguia one-two.

Coming out aggressive for the fifth, Munguia did not hold back as he had Ryder on the go, backing the Brit to the ropes and connecting with a hard right hand. Ryder had Munguia pinned up against the ropes in the early part of the sixth round, the Mexican bounced around kept his distance working off the jab. Munguia pressed in the seventh and boxed well behind the jab as he measured Ryder, backing him away with rangy punches. Going in to finish in the eighth, Munguia backed Ryder to the corner with big punches but Ryder held his own and connected some good shots stopping Munguia’s momentum in the process.

Munguia knocked down Ryder for the third time to start the ninth, then floored him a fourth time. Ryder’s corner had seen enough as they and the inspectors urged the referee to stop the fight 1:25 of the ninth round.

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    • Munguia don’t fight anyone good the fight before this this one he was a punching bag with a old boxer Canelo will destroy Munguia many boxers destroy Munguia

  • Good win for Jaime, I am seeing some additions to his repertoire moving his head side to side, jumping on his feet. Jabs thanks to Roach.
    Ryder is courageous and strong

    • Raider is another punching bag thats what he does best received punches Munguia needs to fight good boxers not clowns give a good boxer he fight before

  • Mungia looked good but won’t beat Canelo
    Too easy to hit. Needs to get better defense. Exciting fighter who is good for boxing though.

    • Agree Kp….but Mungia is trending up, much better than his last fight and against a tougher opponent… Ryder has good eyes on the inside…Ryder is a good puncher that places his punches well and good timing…Ryder actually surprised me with skill and toughness…yet an improved Mungia was up for the task…improved quickly in areas that he was deficient in his last fight…especially with boxing skill and showed more boxing athleticism. Too many good things to point out… Mungia still can be timed though by a fighter with good eyes/instincts on the inside…and that is where Canelo is lethal… particularly with tall fighters…Mungia is definitely emerging and looks as if Mungia can and will get better…exciting!!!! 168 to 175 is looking good… good stuff

    • Not impressed by Munguía but Munguía did what canelo , Daniel Jacobs , sanders , callum smith etc could not do … ko Ryder

      • Carlos and LexusNexus …in my opinion..what was impressive is that .Munguia not only showed vast improvement skill wise, it was the way Munguia did it and who Munguia did it against,,, Munguia is relatively a young raw fighter…showing good boxing instincts and IQ..can adapt within the ebbs and flows of the fight..Munguia can be refined into a skilled boxer puncher ,,,kinda like a wildcard team that trends at the right time and it quite foreseeable that this lower seeded wildcard team …can win it all…Munguia not a wildcard anymore…he is here and He did it against a tough guy also fighting at a high level. Ryder is a seasoned fighter. Carlos you are all over the clarity,, the core of any fighter is courage and toughness.,,but boxing skill is also an attribute ..Carlos dont cheat the great fighters you mentioned by giving an allusion that there was no skill just offense…..

      • Carlos
        Ryder was younger then when he fought those guys.
        Munguia could fight Benavidez or Canelo, but he should stay well away from Betterbiev or Bivol.

  • I noticed a diferent Munguía than I saw in the past fights and in the interview after the fight he answered my question:

    He said he took his time and did not came out so agressive as he did in his last fight

    And that’s a mistake !!!

    You can’t tell a Mexican boxer to take it easy

    You have to tell a Mexican boxer to start fighting right away with all the aggressiveness as possible

    Is like telling Mike Tyson to throw a job, (1-2) then move the head then move the waist throw another job, then the uppercut

    Noooooo you have to tell Mike Tyson “””go kill him””””

    Not all the boxers are technicians

    Cholain Rivero tried to make Oscar de la Hoya technician and he just messed Oscar career

    Same happened to Daniel Ponce de Leon who looked ridiculous trying to box like technician after his coach told him not to be so agressive

    The technicians should be technician
    The sluggers should be sluggers

    You can’t change what they are since they born

    That’s what the trainers don’t understand

    All the trainer want all the boxers be technicians

    You can’t change Edwin Valero , Mike Tyson , Daniel Ponce , pitbull Cruz , Joe Frazier etc etc etc

    • What did I mean ???
      If Munguía has come out as agressive as he is he could ko Ryder in 3 not in 9

      That’s why he got hit because he took his time and let Ryder survived and got hit by Ryder in the same time

    • You are wrong Carlos, there is something important in boxing that is called “game plan” and Munguia followed nicely with great results. Marco Antonio Barrera was a crude slugger face first and Junior Jones made him a different fighter, and if go back in time when Ruben Olivares fought Jesus Pimentel, who was a murderous puncher, the game plan was to box him and he succeeded by stopping Pimentel, same as Munguia did to Ryder

  • I don’t believe in the defense
    The best defense is the offensive
    You put one guy to sleep and he won’t hit you

  • Anyway!!! Congratulations Munguía if you canelo I will be supporting you

    Congratulations champ !!!!

  • Ryder was much slower and stiff compared to the Canelo fight, that’s why there was a different outcome.

    • Munguia was more aggressive and seemed like his punches were a lot harder than Canelos and that is why Ryder didn’t push Munguia back and should I say Munguia is around 6’1” compared to Canelo who is 5’7” at best. Styles make for great fights and Munguias style is a fan friendly style. Remember Castillo out landed Floyd by 47 punches in the first fight and lost a 12 round decision to Floyd then here comes Hatton and stopes Castillo in 4 rounds and then here comes Floyd and stops Hatton in 10 rounds? So what is your point? Nothing to do with Ryder being old he was just beaten by a younger hungry fighter with a aggressive come forward style.

  • Just for reference, this is the Ryder that went 12 rounds with Canelo in his previous fight.

    • Bivol wants Canelo at 168,
      but Canelo doesn’t want it…
      What do you think that means?

  • Bring onj aime munguia vs david morrell next that would be a great fight or even david benavidez

  • For now, Munguia is not ready for Canelo.

    How about Munguia/Mbilli and Munguia/Plant. Fighting Mbilli and Plant will help Munguia’s ability to mature even more – before dealing with Canelo. I believe Munguia can defeat Mbilli and Plant.

    If Munguia never gets a chance to fight Canelo, even after he defeats Mbilli and Plant, then Munguia should sit at 168 with numerous attempts at title defenses.

    You never know, Munguia’s determination, grit, developing skills, physical size, pop and chin may get him in the HOF at 168 (maybe).

    Meanwhile, I hope Canelo/Benavidez occurs during late 2024.

    As a side comment, let’s not forget about Diego Pacheco, but he needs more boxing seasoning.

  • I like Munguia because his style is always exciting. I can’t see him in a boring fight unless his opponent makes it boring. But I’m going to admit that I took one look at the upcoming fights for DAZN and paused my subscription for 7 months. I don’t know about you guys but all the fights coming up are predictable and not worth paying for. In fact I’ve been paying just to watch AK and Barak shows. Sometimes I wish they were longer I like to talk boxing but since most people don’t know boxing I enjoy listening to those guys. But the PPVs when they were supposed to be free with the sub.. just not feeling it. They need unpredictable competitive fights for me to watch. Until then.. Pause

  • I must admit that I was live at the last Mungia fight with Derevyanchenko and Mungia was losing that fight, but found a way to work his way back by knocking Derevyanchenko down and getting that win. He showed some improvement back then, but still looked too vulnerable.
    TONIGHT though against Ryder, he showed a lot of good work put in with Roach and looked more seasoned and impressive to the point I think he can give the top tier 168 guys a good fight and might be able to upset some of them.
    If Mungia keeps progressing, he might just be something special.

    • Hopefully it Benavidez next for Canelo but your prediction it probably will be Munguia in September

  • Carlos, all Mexican fighters are not sluggers. De La Hoya won the Gold medal by being a boxer. Sometimes you have to adapt to prolong your career and hitting and not getting hit is the Art of Boxing. Every fight is different as well, just like every football game. This isn’t bar room brawling! The best pound for pound boxers are technicians and then punchers. You are incorrect, Tyson was very much a technician. He set up his power shots with the jab and moved his head constantly. He had tough times against technicians; Tucker, Smith, Lewis, Holyfield, and Holmes. Munguia beat a worn down John Ryder, folks, relax. The fact that Ryder went the distance with Canelo, Smith, Jacobs, etc…just means more mileage. Good win for the kid, but Ryder had 7 losses.

    • De La Hoya isnt mexican hes american lets just clear that up real quick lol

  • Munguia is a real up and coming Tour de Force. His style will give anyone trouble and in 40 plus pro fights whether with Freddie or others, he has learned a great deal!! Time to ramp up once again the competition.

  • Finally DAZIN/DAZING (Who falls for The Zone BS?) put a good card. Cinco de Mayo Canelo vs Benavidez. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • good win but imo ryder was damaged goods from the 12 round beating canelo put on him.

  • Munguia had a good solid win against a good durable opponent but realistically it means nothing he still lacks the skills and defense to be top dog its just that simple

  • I would like to see him and David Morrel first. He is definitely getting better with Roach.

  • Ryder was shot and tailer made for Mungia. What prime good fighter has this guy fought. He barely beat Dereychenko who was pretty shopworn. Glossy record for the most protected fighter in boxing. Its almost pathetic to think this guy deserves Canelo. Benevidez had a victory over Andrade and Plant, yet this bum is gonna get a shot at Canelo. Based on beating a walking heavybag. Stuff like this makes boxing look like a joke.

  • shit fight. Muniga has no hook at all. His cross is a c minus, Ryder is shot. Jamie will be crushed by any fighter that can actually fight. Barely watchable.

  • >