McKean: I can retire Joshua

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Unbeaten WBO #10, IBF #11 heavyweight Demsey McKean (22-0, 14 KOs) says he’s one of the frontrunners to clash with former WBA, IBF, WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) on April 1st in London. “I could be (the man to retire Joshua) and I am very confident I can do that,” McKean told Sky Sports. “But don’t get me wrong, there are still more fights for AJ if he loses to me, a top-10 heavyweight, as well. That shouldn’t be the end…but three losses in a row. Does he need to keep doing this? Is he well set up now? He probably still has his doubts. He still doubts himself a lot. I know that. But who wouldn’t when they are at the top, in the limelight, and cop a lot of criticism. There are a lot of factors but I have the skills to (retire him) for sure.”

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    • I have a feeling this fight will happen. It’s a no lose situation for Eddie Hearn and almost everyone involved. McKean has a good record and ranking, but being honest, he’s a limited fighter. He could easily lose to a a B level fighter and ruin his chance at a payday. He will make a fortune for this fight. 7 figures. Joshua will make a monster payday as usual, probably 8 figures, and this guy is tailor made for him. He gets to rebuild his confidence against an undefeated fighter and it looks good to the public if he wins convincingly(which he should) to set up a monster fight against wilder or Fury. It’s win win all around.

  • Australian kickboxer, MMA with virtually no amateur experience. His ranking and record is perfect.. makes him look like a legit contender. I know Joshua may need a confidence builder but this guy?? I don’t think so.

  • McKean said he “could” be the man to retire Joshua. He did not say he “vows”, etc. I admire his honesty of the assessment.

    • Your a clown mate,,,, Joshua started off fighting no names just like all boxers do , probably called a goon too, Dempsey has followed the same path. Whether you agree or not I don’t give a shit, but Dempsey is ranked 10 & 11 by two organisations and deserves his chance if it comes his way, just like any other boxer would

  • Just looking for a payday. Mckean has a faced very weak competition in 7 years as a pro. He should at least fight Justis Huni to determine who is the best in Australia. Heck fight Lucas Browne. Yeah he can go 1or 2 rounds but Aj will use him as a punching bag until the fight is stopped

  • At first, McKean seems to taste a cup of tea of a quality he has never had before. Even though AJ has three losses, he can’t be compared to the teabags McKean previously have been consuming.

    At the same time, it will be interesting to see how AJ will react if he can’t finish the fight within a couple of rounds. Say McKean switches to survivor-mode and somehow makes it six rounds. What will happen then?

    Will AJ’s old mental issues catch up with him then?

  • Big words from someone I’ve never heard of before, or someone whose wins haven’t been impressive enough capture the attention of the media.

  • never heard of mckean another payday for joshua heavyweight fight of no interest

  • McKean is a B grade heavyweight who has not even fought the best heavyweights in Australia let alone anyone of world class. He is the perfect example of a fighter with a very padded record that looks good on paper and the promoter makes the big claim that he is “UNBEATEN” to stooge the average casual fan into thinking the fighter might be some new superstar on the scene. McKean is very , very average and will be nothing more than an addition to AJ’s highlight reel.

  • McKean is the fourth best Heavyweight in Australia. Let that sink in. His resume is paper thin.

  • In an era where actual combat is a rarity it is sad that Eddie Hearn picks a safe opponent. This is one out the 2 ring entrances on Joshua’s 2023 schedule. If there’s a 3rd one it will be considered an very active year for the Britt. Ambitions are as low as the activity. Joshua must prove his best against to safe opponents. That’s stupid matching as Joshua will gain none of his former self by beating boxers that are of lesser quality than his sparringpartners.

  • It amazes me the comments made on sites like this by people who are just keyboard skanks and have never ever in their pathetic life been in a ring or out on a pair of boxing gloves and chat the Spülung jib jabber rubbish on the planet just to their insipid comments in black and white ….. sad society and world we live in. Some of you should putuporshut up!

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