Mayweather: I will always have the last laugh

Former world champion Floyd Mayweather comments on Manny Pacquiao via social media:

“I find it real ironic how every time Pacquiao’s name is brought up in the media, my name is always attached to it. This man’s entire legacy and career has been built off its association with my name and it’s about time you all stop using my brand for clout chasing and clickbait and let that man’s name hold weight of its own.

“For years, all you heard was that “Floyd is afraid of Manny Pacquiao.” But what’s funny is, when we finally fought, I won so easily that everyone had to eat their words! All of the so-called boxing experts, critics and jealous American “fan base” either went mute and ran for cover or made every excuse in the world as to why I should give Manny Pacquiao a rematch.

“My take on all this bullshit is that y’all are just upset that I broke Rocky Marciano’s record and hate the fact that a black, high school dropout outsmarted you all by beating all odds and retiring undefeated while maintaining all my faculties simply by making smart choices and even smarter investments. Ultimately, I will always have the last laugh!”

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  • I love Floyd as a fighter but he says a lot of unnecessary inflammatory racist things—-I hadn’t ever thought about him and Rocky Marciano—-He seems so angry for a guy so accomplished. Time for him to grow up or see a shrink!

    • I agree with you bro. Floyd you never beat The Rock’s record he was a heavyweight you are not. Besides Julio Cesar Chavez went
      87 and 0 before he lost one.

    • I think you and Floyd forget that Marciano and Floyd’s record was vested by a Mexican champion named Ricardo López 51-0

      • Chavez Sr had 89-0. 😉 Wanheng Menayothin is still active and 53-0 at the moment.

      • Lopez’s record isn’t a perfect 51-0 rather is a tainted one wit one draw that should’ve been a loss, but the fight took place in Mexico DF and the draw was a gift. He was badly beaten by Rosendo Alvarez that day.

    • when you are 5’7 in a tall country you will always be angry. When ever other athletes from other sports, first thing they all think, is damn, this dude tiny. Manny is normal height for his country, so not the same.

      • Floyd is 5”8 and he’s just like most fighters brash and confident. The reality is that many boxing fans have vilified him, prayed he’d be beaten and tried to diminish his accomplishments

    • Mayweather is a racist that is jealous that Manny Pacquiao will go down in history has a greater fighter than he. Mayweather finally felt Pacquiao when Manny was not really in the boxing and only took the fight because Mayweather finally did. Pacquiao was injured and that was factual information. Now that Manny is back and in full form, Mayweather is just as scared of him now as he was back in 2010.

  • I hope he stays where he is at this time…..retired. No doubt the smartest boxer from the standpoint of business, but with a poor spiritual sense of searching greatness upon the way he chose his opponents or the unfair conditions he put to disabling any chance from his opponents. No room for him among the great ones of this game.

    • No worries with that. The Pacquiao saga really stressed and got Floyd tired. Not for nothing that he picked Berto and McGregor for his last fights. He was not hungry anymore. 😉

  • Floyd was always a bigger fighter than Manny. When Manny fought Agapito Sanchez at 122 in the co-main event, Floyd was fighting Jesús Chávez in his last fight at 130. Floyd vs Manny happened like 14 years after that night. And 4 years later, they still talk Manny vs Floyd. Manny got hit way more vs Thurman than he has in a long time. He should probably retire, or move down to 140 before he runs into trouble trying to do unifications at 147. Spence and Crawford are probably too much for him. Manny ran away from Top Rank, and Crawford held on with them. So Manny vs Crawford isn’t going to happen if it doesn’t happen in 2019. I can’t see Manny getting all these unification fights at 147 after he turns 41. If Manny is going to fight into 2020, he should drop to 140. Roach always talked in the past about Manny back at 140, and the last time he fought there was against Hatton.

  • Who cares what floyd says about anything. And yes he beat pacman easily. And stunk the house out. I dont know anyone that enjoyed watching it or would watch a rematch

    • Everybody would watch the rematch, but it’ll just never happen. Floyd doesn’t have it anymore, mentally. Just like Marquez, he is happy with a victory over Pacman. If they fought 4 times, Floyd would have official losses on his resume.

      • Nope! Marquez was 42 when he knocked out Pac-Man and Floyd was 40 when he whipped Pac-Man. Time just ran out on any rematches

  • Floyd was boring when he fought pacquioa cause he never went toe to toe with pacquioa he just ran like a bowl of chicken noodle soup

    • Boxing is not street fighting. Moving around is a strategy that other boxers have to get adapted to, even if the mover can be boring at times. 😉

    • It’s the sweet science. The object of the game is not to go toe to toe. It’s hit and not be hit. Seeing how many punches you can take makes people happy but has effects on the brain

  • I haven’t heard his name mentioned one time in the coverage of Manny’s win over Thurman. You were boring when you fought, and now you’re retired Floyd. No one’s interested in you any more. It’s Manny’s night, so shut the fuck up!

    • Matt, One of the first things Freddie Roach said was that they wanted the rematch with Mayweather. Do your research.

      • Probably they speak of the fight because of the payday these two will get if they rematch Money M ; but i don’t think Manny is really runing after this fight and most of the hardcore dying boxing fan’s don’t wanna see it because we all know it would be an ugly fight with an ugly win for Mayweather… Prime Manny , the one who demolished my old hero DLHoya would’ve beat Money May i’m really convinced of that.. His footwork, speed, accuracy and power between 2005 and 2010 would’ve been To much and would’ve give Manny a close UD..

          • They didn’t do vada drug testing for this fight it’s wild Wild West

          • Take that fake ass story to CNN you prick. You didn’t hear anything that wasn’t a rumor, just like it was a rumor back in 2010 when Mayweather straight up ducked Pacquiao instead of getting knocked out in the ring like a man.

        • which is why Mayweather stayed away feom Manny all those years when Manny and boxing fans really wanted to see it.

          • Freddy admitted that he and pac ducked mayweather. It is on YouTube just type it in

          • I can tell by your sjw name that you’re a stupid leftist who just makes shit up as he/she goes along. Why don’t you post a link showing us Pacquiao and roach saying they ducked Mayweather you soy boy lil prick. Oh that’s right, there is no video that says that. Busted like Mueller;)

        • His footwork is bunk, mayweather always easily beats manny any year. Manny is a great fighter, but mayweather is just a greater fighter.


    • He was not injured. He clearly had good arms and shoulders that fight he was throwing them both strong and with authority the whole fight! He raised both arms up easily and with no pain. I had a partially torn rotator cuff and it hurt like a bitch to lift my arm even a little. No freaking way he fought with a torn one. Plus they didn’t rub, ice or work on his shoulder in any way between rounds and no one said a word in the corner. Bullshit!!

      • Nobody said he had a torn cuff you delusional twat. He had a slightly injured shoulder which is enough to keep somebody from competing in a professional price fight. You sound like a spoiled little kid who just makes things up to get your cookie. We need to cut little s**** like you off your welfare, so that you can learn how to be a man for once in your life.

  • The money hungry floyd ruined the fight v Manny. 1) it should have been 5 years earlier. 2) let Manny fight injured, conning the public. 3) Took WADA illegal IV drip and sough exemption after the fight = cheating.
    It should have been one of the greatest fights but floyd’s greed ruined it. That fight was never for the fans, it was for floyds ego. If it was for the fans, it would have happened 5 years earlier.
    Manny has an old school record that speaks for itself, was the fighter of the decade in the 2000’s. Saying Manny’s name is due to floyds is typically arrogant egotistic floyd.

    • Pretty Boy Floyd had the skills and mentality to become the best ever. Money Mayweather ruined his chances. Having fought Pacquiao that late left so many doubts, man. A trilogy between them would have cleared things once and for all, but it did not happen. One fight is not enough to have a clear idea of what they could really do against each other.

    • I agree with you for most part . Bigger question ,would current level Floyd be able to beat Thurman the way Paceman did? Hard to say seeing as how his last two fights were against bums. Manny needs to retire and Mayweather needs to retire his$! mouth

      • Yes I agree Manny needs to get out while he is on top and Floyd just needs to shut up!!

      • 40 year old Floyd beat Pac-Man let’s see how good Pac-Man is pushing 43

    • Exactly, and I guarantee anybody who wants to bet that the boxing record books 25 years after both of these guys are officially retired, will garner more praise and adulation to Manny Pacquiao than Floyd Mayweather. Undefeated records in boxing don’t mean that much to the aficionados who write history.

  • Floyd needs to seriously get a life or a hobby already, dude is yesterday’s news and yet this insecure bastard feels the need to jump in and try and steal the limelight off every big fight there you’ll see him typical attention whore. No doubt he’s just jealous and hating so he’s lashing out at Pac-Man for the attention and respect he garnered for the Thurman win.

    • Only counts when you retire, loads have gone past 49-0 before eventually being beaten.

    • Sugar Ray Robinson was even greater. He had a series of over 90 victories in a row at some point in his career. 😉

      • Actually Robinson went 131-1 before he lost his 2nd fight, and the 1 loss was to Lamotta who he beat 3 weeks later in a rematch. And of course Ray at that time was a welter who in order to get bigger fights had to basically fight and beat all the Middleweights. When Ray was a welter he was unbeatable. The one loss was to a middleweight. Basically P4P was named after the best fighter there ever was, S.R.R.

    • He didn’t retire undefeated and most of those wins were Mexican bar room bums. First live dog he faced beat him. Frankie Randal

  • Lololol no way in the world did Floyd write or type this! Dude is an ignorant 5th grade drop out! Yo Floyd keep it real man

  • You wouldn’t go anywhere near manny when he was in his prime
    You waited until he slowed down and looked vulnerable
    You will forever be remembered as a business man
    Your fights are already forgotten
    You protected your 0 and that’s all you cared about

  • Very well worded Floyd. No body can ever take away what you accomplished and you shall forever remain atop the history charts in boxing. Are you my FAV boxer, oh heck no but you did walk the walk and I take my hat off to you for that. Ray Mancini holds a place in my boxing heart as well as “Paz”. But must never count out Sugar Ray Leonard, all class acts.

  • Floyd has done well in his career and he is right ,he made 70% his Money with out a Money hungry thief promoter..he Managed and created MWP which he employed Blacks from the Streets Prison and other Nationalities As his Security Team ,,he spends money because he has it to spend,he made all of his Investments rubbed Elbows with Billionaires who told him when and where to invest such as Bill Gates and Mike Buffet and Al Haymon told him how to invest his Money as well..Bob Arum and DeLaHoya is Jealous of him and many others,,he made it and that all we need to be Proud of,,he out smarted a lot of his when he is Flashing Millions and driving new cars ..he worked for it..he is such a Commodity that he can return and get $500 Million for a rematch with Pacman because people like yall want to pay to see him lose..which he wont

  • I’ve always liked Floyd Mayweather and have rooted for him, including when he fought and decisively beat Pacquiao; but the racial overtone of his unnecessary post, pisses me off.

  • Ultimately you have to give the guy his due. He fought all the best fighters in his era and of course unarguably so, some C-Class fighters. He won them all and went 51-0. Regardless if you like him as an individual, you can’t dispute what he did was quite amazing regardless of skin color.

  • Interesting that the douchebag Got his historic win, to break the record, fighting a guy who was in his boxing debut! Go back to “Thuglife” where you’ve always belonged!

  • We might hate to admit it but there is some truth to what Floyd is saying. If we do our research, his name has actually been brought up a lot when talking about Pacman. Hell Freddy Roach even brought it up. We also may not like him as a person which some times clouds our judgement on reality but inside the ring he was “one” of the best and outside of the ring from a business standpoint he can not be compared to any one right now.

  • That’s the right answer keep it tha way for ever you don’t need to show nothing else just a retired champion enjoying life.

  • Mayweather is classless. You dont see the likes of Bezos, Gates and Buffet bragging how much money they make and their fortunes dwarf Mayweathers.

  • Why does he bother issuing such statements? Very few people care to go over such ground again but more importantly, why is it important to him? What is bothering him?

    • If you are 5’7 and all the other american athletes are 6’2 plus, you will always feel insecure and bothered, no matter the money in your closet.

  • — Manny should fight Khan in Saudi Arabia for a $30 mil purse and retire. He has nothing left to prove.

    TUE 50-0 ducked Khan after Khan won his people’s poll over whom he should fight next.

    Khan wants it and both with the last laugh over BitterMay…heh, heh…

  • The real fools in this saga were the ones who paid the pay-per-view fees for the first Mayweather-Pacquiao bout. You can’t blame Floyd for milking the system. He always said that for him it was the money first and the money last.

  • Pac is a champion in 8 weight classes. That’s enough for me. Mayweather’s now like the kid we all went to school with who was talented and wore the coolest clothes but you knew he was shallow. Manny was the kid who didn’t have the cool clothes and he also wasn’t a flog. He was the kid that went home and punched the bag nobody knew he had. Floyd would shadow box in the school yard. W.a.n.k.e.r.

    • Manny lied. Any fool who watched the fight can plainly see that there was nothing wrong with his shoulder

  • Floyd, Talk about the 1000cc Saline IV you took after the weigh in, and the commission had to give you a retroactive exemption when they “busted” you in your hotel room, even though the max allowed is 50 cc (not 500). 20x the allowed amount……now what would be the reason for 1000cc (when only 50 is allowed)? You are never out of shape, so rehydration is never an issue with you like others who have to cut 30 plus pounds and look like a zombie at the weigh in. Your weight is always on point year round…….so, we all know what it must have been used for, to mask something. At any rate, you got the retro exemption, you get lidocain injections in your hands which no other commission would authorize yet your commission wouldn’t allow Manny a toradol shot in his back because his doctor waited till the last day to request (which is always granted). Talk about that Floyd.

  • Floyd has never been respectful and also very childish. His boxing talent can’t be denied but his saying that Pacquiao’s career is just tied to his is moronic. Pac has fought far more memorable fights than Floyd and a greater class of champion. Any real fan would rather watch a Manny fight than one of Floyd’s overpriced exhibitions.

  • Technically Mayweather is around 100-0 if you could women on his record. A true POS!

  • I have to admit Mayweather is smart. He got my 100.00. His business ploy was built around Muhammad Ali. Get people to hate you and get people to pay to watch you get beat. I wish I was born with his talent. Always trained hard at sports as good as the next guy, but I didn’t have inborn talent and genetics. But……………………..if its any consolation we all die no matter how rich, famous, or powerful we become. All that matters at that point is where your relationship with God is and most who strive idolizing fame, power, and money won’t make it because they wouldn’t be happy in God’s coming kingdom. If I had Floyds money what could be a greater joy than helping the disadvantaged. Hell, I’m broke half the time helping prison inmates get their lives back together. If I had his coin I would be building apartments and educating single moms for free and etc. I’m sickened that I have the desire and not the funds.

  • Great boxer but an absolute tosser. Pacman won more titles and moved up more weight classes and took more risks than this fool.

  • There is a guy that went undefeated in both the amateurs and the pros. If being undefeated is the marker for greatness then this guy is the definitely the greatest of all time. Ricardo “El Finito” Lopez. The only person in the history of boxing to never lose a fight at any level. I personally believe that you have to lose a fight to be the greatest. It shows you were tested and the loss should come to another all time great and you should come back to defeat him to cement your legacy.

  • Damn right Floyd! U beat everyone of note in your era and beat Oscar and Cotto at their own best weights and with your dad helping Oscar! Spanked a young canelo and made the Pac-Man fight look easy. Salute

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