Mayweather can’t stop Paul

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Ring legend Floyd Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) outclassed, but couldn’t stop YouTuber Logan Paul (0-1) in an eight round exhibition bout on Sunday night Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Mayweather carried Paul for the first two rounds. Floyd started to connect in round three. After that, Mayweather stalked and punished Paul, who showed a decent jaw and survived the full eight. The crowd was booing at the end.

Mayweather: He’s better than I thought he was.

Paul: I’m happy I made it out. He’s tough to hit.

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    • LOL, in my opinion, there was more hugging than fighting. In summary, no surprise Paul’s technique as a “boxer” is far from being a real boxer. Mayweather, as always, being defensive trying to wear down his opponent and chop him down one round at a time. Glad it’s over! Now, can we get back to real boxing?

  • I’m sure floyd kept him in the fight so he and big brother Paul can set up for another easy payday.
    Floyd’s a business man and it’s easy $, just don’t expect me to but it

    • Are you kidding? This was an embarrassment for boxing. Quit making excuses for Floyd. He should have ended the fight in the 7th or 8th round.

    • Being 100% serious here, and I’m probably alone in saying this, but it looked to me like Paul won this fight. He absolutely won the first 3 rounds. Floyd literally did next to nothing in rounds 6-8. The article above says that Mayweather “stalked and punished Paul”. Really?? Paul backed up and used the jab, Mayweather came forward in the peekaboo, then Paul smothered him on the inside continuously. Not many clean punches landed by either guy, but Paul, IMO, outworked him. I saw this fight WAY differently than it was described in the article above, and many of the posters here. Maybe I’m wrong. Paul actually acquitted himself well for a guy with very little experience.

      • your post makes no sense. you’re talking about an exhibition. it’s like saying a guy won a sparring session. it was not a real fight. do you understand that?

        • Well, he did better than Floyd in this exhibition, how’s that? They actually scored the Tyson-Jones exhibition, and people were here complaining about the scoring (and yes, that was a glorified sparring session that didn’t use real judges). The point I’m making…..I read posts, here and elsewhere, that made it sound like Floyd just easily handled him, or won every round. Don’t know how much Floyd held back, but that simply did not happen, at least in my opinion.

          • I didnt see Paul land a meaningful punch. He basically held the whole fight. He aqutted himself well for a novice but to say he won? He didnt win a round.

        • Floyd is the greatest boxer of all time arguably. He fought a guy who is famous on Youtube who is 0-1…. This was a complete and utter embarrassment. Quit making excuses for Floyd. Disgusting!!

      • It was a show, a fictional movie.
        Floyd could have koed him anytime he wanted but if he does that no benefit and no more exhibitions purely a sales texhnique

        • D, won’t argue much with your post, except “Floyd could have koed him anytime he wanted”. That’s not how it works with Floyd.

      • I agree. Mayweather did shit. He can’t pull the trigger anymore. He is shot. He also felt some of those punches from Paul. He was hesitant getting close to Paul because he felt those punches. I don’t want to hear Paul is way bigger than him. Mayweather signed the contract to fight him. He embarrassed boxers n boxing fans all over.

  • what a disgrace to the sport this was.At the end legacy wise Floyd and Boxing had everything to lose.

  • I don’t think Floyd outclassed anyone. Boring fight as usual. I do believe it was done to set up a fight with Jake.

  • Mayweather embarrassed the sport, and himself. The real losers are everyone who paid for it.

    • Agreed Dan. Floyd looked bad. This was an embarrassment. LP shouldn’t have lasted one rd….Shows, if he ever came out of retirement for real, he’d get KO’d! Father Time has finally caught him!

      • Floyd shoulda KO’d dude in one round? It was not a boxing match…it was an EXHIBITION. Floyd wasn’t defending a title. He wasn’t adding to his legacy with this fight. This was not a stepping stone to bigger and better career prospects down the road. Dude, It was an EXHIBITION…basically, a glorified sparring session. Get some perspective. The reason we have exhibitions is just so people can see two fighters sharing the ring in a friendly mix-up. NOT a real fight.

        • A civilian talked crap to Wilder….laced em up….10 secs later he was on his romp, begging to stop (YouTube it)…..Difference between a civilian and a professional.

        • It was a fight. When you have a man that weighs 180+ coming at you with punches- you fight. Floyd was fighting him best he could and he looked bad. Face it.

    • Completely understandable why Mayweather would do these exhibitions. He has dedicated his life to his craft. A thankless craft. I’m by no means a fan a Floyd the man. But I respect a great deal his dedication to his art. Where I’d be concerned as a fight fan is that people actually paid for this. Or where I usually come to get a read on ya’lls opinion on this abomination, and there’s more passionate opinions about this, than when it is a legitimate boxing contest. I think we all should do better.

  • The exhibition was not scored, but Floyd easily won. Rather than noting this, the headline reads “Mayweather can’t stop Paul”. This is disgusting and shows obvious bias towards Paul. Paul didn’t win because he wasn’t knocked out. He had 34.5 pound weight advantage and more than a 5 inch height advantage. Floyd is 44 years old. Give credit where credit is due. Good for Paul for putting up a fight and lasting, but give Floyd the respect he deserves.

  • It was a close fight. Logan used his size to his advantage and showed a good chin and heart. Mayweather was hesitant at the beginning but starting stalking Logan. It was a close fight not a domination. Logan did great considering he was a just a YouTuber. Overall, I enjoyed it.

    • Once Floyd started stalking all Logan did was hold on, if this was a real fight he would’ve been deducted points or dq’d for excessive holding.

    • The perfect spectator you are james.. ready to order Money May vs. the brother ?
      #PT Barnum

    • You’re the kind of suckers Floyd loves: The ones who pay for a joke. You must be under 32, son

    • You realize Mayweather was playing with him right? And won basically every round. It’s people like you who take this stuff seriously that allows this nonsense to continue. Mayweather is not going to go all out if he gets 100 million regardless of outcome.

      • Regardless of the fact that it was an exhibition, and whatever Floyd’s level of effort was, he absolutely did not win every round. Not even remotely close to that. I watched the replay on YouTube, kept waiting to see Floyd “stalk and punish” this guy, and never really saw that (well, he was stalking him, just not punishing him much). Couldn’t tell how much of this was Floyd taking it easy on him, or him just getting old.

  • Floyd was not going to risk damaging his hands. He made a quick and easy payday, that is ALL he cares about.

  • i hope this garbage kills these circus sideshow acts(they didn`t even score the damned thing)….if mayweather was being paid by the punch,he would`ve owed the audience money……

    an utter embarrassment..don`t give these idiots your money…they`re turning combat sports into wrassling…

    • Since when do they score exhibition bouts? Is scoring exhbition bouts a common practice where you come from? or is that just special rule you wanna make just specifically for floyd mayweather exhibition bouts? I mean, you DID know it was an EXHIBITION, right? or did you think they were just kidding?…people are acting like this was floyd vs canelo II or floyd vs pacman II. When floyd fought those guys, it was NOT an exhbition. This fight actually WAS an exhbition….and they told you months in advance, so you should have known the fight it would not be scored. Or maybe, you believe boxing exhibitions are basically the same as wrestling. I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • this fight was lined by sportbooks all around the world…no one said it wouldn`t be scored(that was purposeful,deceptive and disingenuous)…

        stop with the “exhibition” b.s…..if it were stated ahead of time that it wouldn`t be scored,nobody would have bothered(free or paid for)…this was done deliberately…..hopefully the obvious bait and switch tactic spells the end of these sideshows …

        btw,thank you mr arias…gutty performance…saved part of the night…

    • There are real cards that deserve your money. Like the Gervonta Davis PPV card, I’m sure that’s ganna be amazing, lol. The fact that people gravitated towards this crap tells you all you need to know about boxing these days.

  • I had Paul winning – he landed the bigger shots. Backed Mayweather up in the last round. If anyone missed it Mayweather had absolutely nothing in the tank. Pac-Man would take him out in less than a round McGregor in 2. He’s done, cooked, burnt out, past it, shot, fried, over the hill, limited reflex’s, Father Time has caught up, zero speed, zero power, was super boring the last 10 yrs of his career – this was his worst performance and should never step foot in a ring again.

    • First of all, it was an EXHIBITION bout. That means NO SCORING. even in the case of a KO, it wouldn’t be on either fighter’s record, because it’s an EXHIBITION. Floyd is a 44 year old welter. Paul is a 26 year old heavyweight. yeah, floyd couldn’t knock him out, but it was not a close fight. paul didn’t “win” a round and floyd didn’t even start working til the 4th round. people desperately grasping at this exhibition to detract from mayweather and his performance and legacy…it shows the depth of rage and anger and hate people have been dealing with all these years. take a lesson from Naomi Osaka and start attending to your mental health.

      • As a boxing purist that farce put great shame on the sport. A self professed idiot gave a completely past it champion that never lost a fight, and calls himself the best ever all the trouble he could handle. It was a disgrace. Mayweather didn’t do a single training session – his timing was so far off it was embarrassing. Pure trash. As for the tennis reference, that has nil to do with it. Paul took away Mayweathers undefeated record in many peoples eyes today.

        • You still don’t seem to understand. Whether mayweather trained for the fight or not is not the point. whether he ko’d paul or not is not the point. whether you scored it one way or another is completely irrelevant. exhibition bouts do not exist as a separate category of boxing matches. they exist for one purpose only…to be a non-competitive event. if you’re gonna watch an event that is intended and advertised and administered (notice there were no judges?) as a non-competitive event, then you insist on treating it like a competitive event, it is more of a reflection of your state of mind than anything else.

      • What these people don’t understand is that in an exhibition, there is an understanding that no one will go for a knockout. This is done to protect the commission and the fighters from being liable because the fights are not subject to the same regulatory scrutiny (weight classes, the same medical testing, etc).

        When you buy an exhibition, you’re buying a sparring session. The fighters can say anything they want to hype the fight, if you’re stupid enough to buy into it, that’s on you.

        • Finally, somebody who gets it. it’s like the dudes posting on this thread have no concept of what an “exhibition” bout is. it is NOT meant to be a real fight. if it was, it would be a sanctioned bout. exhibition bouts are not real fights. i don’t know how else to say this. but then again, people delude themselves because they want to believe what they want to believe. it’s a question of mental health.

          • i think people were led to believe that this would actually be scored…there were lines posted at bookmakers foreign and domestic on this fight…the fact that it wasn`t disclosed that this would be unscored shows that there was a bit of bait and switch at play here…

            bottom line,it was a travesty….arias saved the night by working his ass off to get a decision over a totally shocked jalen hurd….that was a gutty performance from an outsized,believed to be overmatched vet…..congrats on a hard fought,well earned victory…i hope it earns you a few more lucrative paydays…

      • defending floyd to the death..relax,he made millions…he even duped the sportsbooks who actually lined the fight…..hopefully this spells the end of these soap operas…

  • Mayweather can’t stop guys in his own weight class, did anyone really think he was going to stop a 200 pound guy??? Also, LOL at how empty the stands were!

  • Floyd couldn’t even knock out a guy in his own weightclass imagine a guy 30lbs bigger. Couple that with 20 years older and you get what you got. He aint no pacman who although lost to him is a straight up alien whos not doing exhibitions but beating young champs. That’s TB of all time.

  • Are you kidding me? Floyd didn’t wanna KO this bum so to set a later PPV “fight” with another bum. Only millennial closeted kids could possibly paid for this. I watch this circus on YouTube just out of entertainment. Totally Ru Paul material

    • Ru Paul would have turned up in better shape than “TBE”, they do have one thing in common Mayweather pioneered the Philly Shell and Ru pioneered the full tuck technique.

  • There have been many great points made on here. But listen! That man just made $100 million for a 8 round Exhibition. Nuff said!

  • “The crowd was booing.” If you’re stupid enough to pay money to go and see that fight, you don’t deserve to boo.

    • I was there and I was booing. I paid good money to boo. First i booed at the you tube moron, at the end of the fight I booed the TBE for letting boxing fans down by not pulling out the stoppage we paid to see.

      • I suggest you look up “caveat emptor.” The joke is on you. You realize in an exhibition, a fighter pledges to not go for a stoppage because they are not subjected to the same regulatory scrutiny as real fights, right? If anyone gets injured in an exhibition, especially if a seasoned fighter hurts one with zero skills, the commission and other parties have a serious liability issue. You got EXACTLY what you paid for, a sparring session. Shame on you for not being diligent enough to understand why you have no right to complain.

        • Hmmmm – what was the result of the Mayweather v Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa “exhibition” again??…. Oh yes .. I remember.. people paid to attend to see Mayweather knock out the you tube gimp that once streamed people after necking themselves to kids. Goes to show karma doesn’t always go around. Mayweather 50-1.

          • Enjoy your brief moment of self-delusion. The record books will show that floyd remains at 50-0 because exhibitions are irrelevant. but, i would advise you to actually watch the fight…so you can see a heavyweight grab onto a jr middleweight for dear life in the hopes of going the distance.

          • Did you actually watch that fight? The guy clearly took a dive. Plus it was not in the USA. Different countries have different commissions and rules. You honestly consider that a “real fight?” Do you watch boxing at all?

  • There is so much stupidity on here. This is exactly why I refuse to buy in or watch any of this nonsense. Floyd is getting a boatload of money to spar. Yes an exhibition is a sparring session. It’s unscored, and in an exhibition, many of you don’t realize, you are supposed to pledge to the commission you WON’T go for a knockout. Anybody thinking they can judge Floyd based of this or anyone expecting a real fight. Floyd could literally be held liable if he hurts someone in an exhibition. But the joke is on all of you treating this seriously. They’re laughing to the bank after a light workout, while a bunch of you are trying to take something from this.

  • This write up is not indicative of the actual exhibition. Logan flicked out a jab all right and clinched when Floyd got close. Logan stayed busy while Floyd took shots one at a time. By round six, Floyd had no problem dealing with the wrestling by using underhooks which kept Logan from leaning on him (like Fury did to Wilder). Floyd had decent work to the body, but was very inactive. If Logan worked the body more, he would have made it a closer match.

  • Lol The burden shouldn’t be on a 40 something year old to stop a bigger, stronger 20 something year old. That burden was on Paul to stop the old man smh. You can tell this writer who wrote this don’t like Floyd lol

  • I’m surprised to see so many comments like these on fightnews. I thought people on this site knew a little more about boxing. If you watch the fight you can see that it’s not a real fight.. it’s a sparring match.. arm punches with no knockout intentions. It was for show.. it’s not a real fight. I caught a few seconds of it because I have to work and that’s all I needed to see. It’s not real.. boxing doesn’t look like this. Just a fun time for people to drink and get excited to see a living legend mix it up.

    • after reading about a dozen or so of these posts, i have come to the inescapable conclusion that a lotta these “fans” on suffer from mental health issues. how else do you explain that they insist it was a “real fight” and floyd shoulda ko’d the dude in one or two rounds? i wouldn’t assume that they know is not a “real fight.” When it comes to floyd, it’s ALWAYS a “real fight” even when it’s not. It’s a lot of unresolved issues going on.

    • This is why boxing is in such a precarious position. The fans consistently pay money for this nonsense with ridiculously inflated expectations. The trouble is these fights are outselling better fights and offer higher margins, so they tend to make more business sense. I don’t see how any of this bodes well for the sport. You have a situation where the sideshows are attracting more interest, and the fans are consistently disappointed in these sideshows. So, it’s probably not tenable. I don’t see how it raises attendance/viewership of real boxing in the short or long term.

  • What a joke, can’t believe any real Boxing bought this PPV BS…these 2 made millions for an exhibition..and shows Money is done, he couldn’t KO chump like this..imagine him with Crawford or anyone not over I heard Paul ran..I didn’t waste my time on this BS.

  • You guys would really have been clutching your pearls if, like me, you’d been around for Ali/Anoki and Wepner/Andre the Giant. Somehow boxing survived. And it’ll do just fine today too.

  • That was “Safety First” Mayweather in full display. He threw one punch at a time, stalked but didn’t throw any combinations and got smothered every time he got within punching distance. Paul held up well, but that was because he was never subjected to any sustained offense from Mayweather.

    It was a pretty tame affair, much like a sparring session. I never saw Paul hurt during the fight and he finished strongly.

    Those who shelled out their money for the PPV event got their money’s worth from the Hurd-Arias fight.The Mayweather-Paul fight, not so much.

  • When I read; “The crowd was booing at the end”, I think, wow, there was actually a crowd? Why?

    But then already 60+ comments shows the interest in the fight though no one admits it.

    No, I didn´t watch. I just hoped to open up the page to read something that surprised me.

    Just a regular monday it turned out to be.

    • I took the experimental vaccine and went into 2 weeks quarantine to see that garbage. Mayweather the fraudster caught me again. Even when he’s retired he’s catching fight fans.

      • A lot of this is on you. I could have told you exactly what would have happened. Why did you expect something more? That’s the part I can’t understand.

  • What’s with all the pearl clutching calling this an embarrassment to boxing? It was an exhibition. Ali fought a bunch of them against Lyle Alzado, hockey player Dave Semenko, his couple of forays into pro wrestling. It’s a way to bank some money. No one is making you buy it or watch it

  • It was a real fight, whether or not they called it an exhibition. Floyd doesn’t want to risk his undefeated record, but can’t face not being in the limelight, so he takes on easy opponents in unofficial fights. He was trying to KO Paul, and Paul was trying to KO him. Ultimately it was a diabolical fight, and if the old boy keeps taking these fights someone is going to land the big one on him.

  • Real boxing fans either didnt watch or didnt pay for it. Non boxing fans watched, paid and booed at the end. Doesnt that say enough about this? I guess some were hoping for an 8 round war when it was only an exhibition.

  • Leave it to the walking black eye of the sport to further its demise….. boxing is on the level of pro wrestling and the guy who eats glass at the carnival

    • You only noticing what Floyd does an exhibition? Tyson and Roy just did one, Barrera is about to do one, Chavez, Camacho jr. Delahoya and a bunch of others! Hell! Ali did one with Lyle Alzado the football player

  • The facts are that it was a close fight and the only rounds that were clear were the first 2 for Logan Paul. A lot of people are mad that reality doesnt align with what they think should happen. Get over it.

  • 44 years old= 18 years older, 40+ lbs lighter, 6 inches shorter, 12 Oz gloves= Duh!

  • Let Paul fight a boxer his weight and size, stop fighting shorter and lighter guy. And will you stop giving Paul praises. Fight an exhibition with Tyson

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