Floyd Mayweather post fight presser highlights

20210606 Showtime Mayweather V Paul Fight Night Westcott 146
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Ring legend Floyd Mayweather spoke to the press after his eight round exhibition on Sunday night in Miami.

“The people wanted a show. I could have [got him out of there]. I could have pressed real, real hard and started throwing these crazy combinations, but it was fun…his whole goal wasn’t to come out here and knock me out. His whole goal was to survive. And that was a win for him.”

“When I come and do an exhibition or come out and box to have some fun, I do it because I want to do it, not because I have to do it. Whereas Pacquiao at his age, which is sad, he has to fight. I’m financially set. And I wanna let everybody know this. You’re gonna hear stories, ‘Floyd has to do this.’ No. I’m well off.”

“The best thing about this week was my youngest daughter graduating.”

Mayweather-Paul to air on Showtime Saturday
Mayweather can't stop Paul

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  • Mayweather was completely wrong about one thing. Manny doesn’t have to do this. Manny can do this. At a high level too.

  • Floyd doesnt want to do that extra hard work,fighting real fighters..afraid of losing..he’s old and had a hard career fighting Wars where he took alot of damage…He’s retire and hes now an entertainer something he wasnt when he was a pro fighter..

    • What wars? Lol He had the best defense in the game. He fought EVERYBODY, took little punishment, and made hundreds of millions of dollars.
      Toe to toe fighters don’t have long careers but they have many losses.
      Just look at the career of Arturo Gatti.(RIP) Good fighter but he wasn’t great because he chose to slug instead of using his boxing skills. That’s what made his trilogy with Mickey Ward great and exciting, but he took so much punishment.
      Everyone wants to see a slugfest but it’s called “Boxing” not “Slugfesting.”

      • Floyd just hustle the boxing industry. Great defensive fighter but boring as hell. He is not the greatest boxer but a very smart financial man.

    • “…..and had a hard career fighting wars where he took a lot of damage”.
      – What wars has Floyd, Jr, ever been in (besides JL Castillo 1)?
      – What damage has Floyd, Jr, ever taken?
      – Sounds like you do not know what you are talking about.

    • Floyd fighting wars? He was ALWAYS safety first. I think he was only knocked down once. I dont recall Floyd being in any wars.

      • I never heard of any war being fought without safety first. Oh, but because its Mayweather saying that he fights with safety first, the concept sound foreign. Every fight is a war. David and Goliath in the Bible fought a war. David was an archer, Goliath was a hand-to-hand combatant. David thought safety first. He beat Goliath the best way he knew how, from a distance. Mayweather is a boxer. The sport is called boxing. He has beaten every one he’s faced by boxing them. He doesn’t hit hard. So why in the world would he stand and trade shots? End of story.

  • Poor Floyd letting Pacman take space in his mind rent free. He knows he’s a joke beating up 110 pound kickboxers in Japan and youtubers who are known for pokemon cards and vlogs. Meanwhile Pac has defeated undefeated champs at 40 and is fighting the most dangerous P4P fighters in the world because he actually is still elite, unlike Floyd.

  • What kind of stupid people will pay to watch this fight? This is another reason for no to the stimulus check.

  • Mayweather hasn’t knocked anybody out in many years, and I didn’t expect him to knock out Paul. With his height and weight advantage, along with his impressive physique, the only question was whether Paul could land that lucky punch and either hurt or knock out Floyd. Many paid big money for a chance to see this happen in real time. All in all, it was a good exhibition that I didn’t pay to see. There was no knockout, but the anticipation of the unexpected happened is entertainment.

  • Otherwise classy, dignified comments by Floyd ruined by his referencing the great Pacquiao in a negative manner. That was unnecessary. Pacquiao must be respected for what he’s doing. He must! Floyd needs to publicly apologize to Pacquiao.

    Floyd must be bothered by the fact that at 44, he fights exhibitions against someone like Paul, whereas at 42, Pacquiao is going after Spence, after beating Matthysse, Broner, and Thurman. Frankly, I’d rather see Mayweather come out of retirement and face Pacquiao once again, than get in the ring with YouTuber sideshow Jake Paul.

  • Pacquiao’s net is close to 400 million. Not as much as Floyd but while Floyd is a laughing stock, Pacquiao os a true boxing legend.

  • Sounds like Floyd is trying to set up another mega fight with Pacquiao the easy way by fighting U Tubers.

  • He took a shot at Pac? Pac has one thing he’ll always have that Mayweather continues to lose, our respect.

  • Floyd needs to learn a lesson that a lot of us need to learn. He has to quit worrying about what Pacquiao or Canelo has or what they do not have and move on with his life.

  • Mayweather is destroying his legacy. To be honest I was never a big fan of his but he was a great fighter. Now he’s a freak show. Blue collar hour podcast.

  • Floyd is so shameless. Mentioning that Pac HAS to fight. He fights because he is a MAN. Unlike Gayweather who lost to Jose Luis Castillo but said “the judges said I won” instead of saying “I lost, but I’ll win in the rematch”. Floyd with all his money and skills, still a little girl who gets his lunch taken by the 50 Cents of the world .LOL. (See: Miss Johnson. LOL)

  • MayFeather using the same old lines. Never took too much of a risk once he rose to 147. The fact that Pacman is still bringing smoke bothers Floyd because of jealousy, period. Manny is fanancially set and does it because he’s a fighter.

    If Floyd wants another huge payday, the rematch is his only option. But, he would get bagged this time around.

    • That’s what the fans thought the first time they met. NOBODY knows the outcome of they met again.

  • Sorry but Mayweather was embarrassing-and Logan would be knocked cold by any professional Heavyweight-what a circus

  • Mayweather the Warrior…good one. Never a fan but I’m all for letting the guy have his fun in the spot light. He obviously still possesses a product some people are willing to pay for. Maybe he’ll harm his legacy or himself at some point but that’s doubtful. He defintely won’t do any lastng harm to boxing which has seen it all over the past 100+ years.

  • LoL @ all the Mayweather haters inflating Pac’s skills. Mayweather beat Pac and did it easily with toe-to-toe action. Stood right in front of Pac the whole night and outboxed the boxer.

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