Maxim Dadashev passes away

Very sad to report that super lightweight contender Maxim “Mad Max” Dadashev has passed away. The 28-year-old Dadashev underwent surgery on Friday night to relieve severe swelling on his brain after his eleventh round TKO loss against Subriel Matias at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Dadashev was a very highly regarded fighter from Saint Petersburg, Russia. A former amateur standout, he won a reported 281 bouts in the unpaid ranks before turning pro under the guidance of famed manager Egis Klimas. Entering Friday night’s bout he had compiled a pro record of 13-0 with 11 KOs, was rated in the top five by two world sanctioning organizations, and held victories over two former world champions. Bob Arum, Dadashev’s promoter, stated “Maxim was a terrific young man. We are all saddened and affected by his untimely death.” R.I.P.

Photo: Sumio Yamada

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  • This hit like a ton of bricks. Had high hopes of recovery. Condolences to the Dadashev family and team. Very sad

  • This is bad new for the family, but also for Subriel Matias. Some people can never box again knowing that the last person they faced died. Its a shame corner men dont step in sooner, but the ref, corner men and even the opponent needs to be focused on the condition of the other fighter. I remember Roy jones Jr. stepping back in a fight wanting the ref to step in, but had to knock the guy out since the ref wouldnt stop it. A lot of training needs done in these cases.

  • I want to send my full condolences to Maxim’s family, Subriel Matias, and Subriel’s family.

    Subriel needs a heavy psychiatric evaluation before being allowed to enter the ring attention. We all know this is going to fuck him up.

    Attn Subriel,
    Dude, it is not your fault. Don’t let this shit fuck you up. You are flooded with talent. You went in and did your job. People die in car crashes. People die in plane crashes. People die walking the street. You did nothing wrong. We all have your back. Take a month off. Get some therapy. Keep your therapist. Add your therapist to your corner for the next 5 fights. Do not beat yourself up over this. Dude, it’s not your fault.

  • This is why people need to stop labeling fighters quitters if they feel something is not right with them during a fight. The trainers need to not ask a fighter if he wants to continue because of the label he will get ala a Victor Ortiz if he says no. Prayers to all effected by this tragedy!

    • Dadashev didn’t want the fight to be stopped, but Buddy McGirt did against his will. Buddy noticed Dadashev was absorbing too much punishment with different clean shots. Unfortunately the damage was already in place when the fight concluded. There has been similar cases like this one, where the boxer doesn’t feel well after the fight, but he was able to leave the ring with no alarming signs of what was about to come. Two cases that we can mentoion are :Pedro “rokero” Alcazarl vs. Fernando Montiel and Davey Moore vs. Ultiminio “sugar” Ramos. Hard to predict the future of boxing, but something has to be changed in order to avoid cases like this one that only help to give solid excuses to those against this great sport.

      • Caligula, I was kinda on the fence about Buddy McGirt… Now I appreciate him. RIP MAXIM.

  • I watched the fight this past Friday. After the 8 round Maxim just lost all capacity and the fight turned to be from a competitive fight to a masacre. The Audio of Buddy McGirt telling the corner (please help me here) only bought Maxim few more hours of life, to my opinion the damage was already done. Condolences to his Family.

  • It is sad. It is unfortunate. More 8 round and 10 round fights, less 12 round fights.

  • I think the ring side doctor should do welfare checks on fighters every 2 rounds after the 6th round. It seems it’s the late rounds that these serious injuries occur. If a fighter starts to look weak and especially in cases where they pretty much have no hope of winning to they should stop the fight during a welfare check. Sometimes fighters and their trainers are so vested that they not seeing with their eyes but their heart.

  • Teddy Atlas is notorious for calling fighters quitters. In reality guys like him are downright cowards because it’s very easy for these commentators to question the fighters heart while sitting wearing their cute little outfits after getting make up and powder applied to them. Teddy and Max Kellerman are nothing more than commentators who are paid more than the fighters who are the ones risking their lives each and every time they step into the ring which takes 10X the balls that these commentators will or ever had.

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