Lucas Browne: I will fight Tyson Fury

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former WBA heavyweight champion Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne (29-2, 25 KOs) has put his hand up as a possible opponent for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) in December. Browne said on Twitter, “Wake up this morning to the awesome news that Tyson Fury is possibly looking at myself as the number one candidate for a fight in December. The Fury and Wilder fight is no longer happening and he wants some kind of warm-up fight for the Joshua fight.

“Now, if that is me, I’d be more than willing to jump in, it would be an absolute honor to jump in the ring with the Gypsy King, who I believe is one of the best heavyweights on the planet at the moment.”

In saying that, wouldn’t it be awesome for me to knock him out and have all these fans hate me at the same time. That’s something I’d love to happen.

“As I said, it would be an absolute honor to share the ring with him, I would be going in there to knock him out, that would be the plan.

“I could be losing 11 rounds and still knock you out with one punch in the 12th and that’s why I am always going to be dangerous no matter what.”

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  • Is this slob joking??? Since his ban he’s looked like shit in every fight. Fury would box his head off, exhaust him then KO him in 8 rounds tips! Browne is nothing more than a bar room brawler.

  • I’m not so sure. He’s beaten John Hopowaite in his last fight. iced him…

    Obvious challenges for Tyson are the big daddy or another up and comer by the name of Paul Gallen.

    I can see the fury v Browne fight. I can see it being a fun fight while he waits for the stadiums to refill in the US of American. Could sell out 50,000 seats in Brisbane no probs

  • I’m Australian, I’m a boxing fan, and that’s a sh1t match up. Fury should at worst fight Wallin again, he probably deserves to be a ‘tune up’ more than anyone. His element of danger at least makes it interesting

    • Wallin v AJ aka the body builder –
      I call that a 50/50 fight. Anyone that can hit a pad can KO AJ.

      Fury V Browne would be fun – like Real Madrid V The Brisbane Roars for all those ossie soccer fans. In a country where cricket and soccer are the 2 main sports Fury V Big Daddy who is clearly a household name would be massive. I’ve heard a lot about Gallen as he was supposed to fight mike Tyson. . Must be roided up something crazy first heavyweight cross over football player anyone ever heard of. Saw him v some basketball player last time out 2 min rounds – they will watch 2 cats fighting in Australia- crazy sobs!!

  • Browne would fight anybody at this stage of his career for a last ditch effort of making money and a lucky chance at a world title. The last time Browne was KO’d and man handled in the ring, it was a clear indicator his drive and hunger is gone not to mention his advancing age.

  • The same Browne that got knocked out cold by Dillian Whyte (who just got brutally knocked out himself) and by a journeyman named David Allen?

  • Browne would dominate Fury. He would crush him in dominant fashion. The only chance Fury would have in this fight would be if he showed up ready to fight. I mean, if he’s ready to fight he wins easily, but Fury’s mental health is unstable and Lucas is not an opponent that Fury would even bother training for. Hope I’m wrong. I see Fury beating all other top fighters, but subpar fights where he is a heavy favorite will be his downfall.

    • Browne had one good punch against Ruslan Chagaev. His chin has degraded, couldn’t even beat a severely limited David Allen! I’d like to try whatever it is you been drinking!

  • When Tyson Fury hand picked Otto Wallin as his opponent. Everyone criticized Fury for fighting an unknown with no chance. TF took him lightly and we saw what happened. Browne does have power in his hands so you never know. Whoever it is in December it will be someone decent to get TF ready for AJ in 2021. If TF wanted a warm up fight tho, he should try to get the third Wilder fight.

  • Delusional! Slow, weak Chin, not even a punchers chance. Fury would be out of the way before Browne even thought of what punch to throw!

  • Make no mistake about this,it will be a stew.Fury and Browne are real close mates and regardless of the money Fury will take Browne out for whenever it’s arranged !!!!

  • Is it the gypsie way to have a guy give you a title shot that you didn’t deserve and gave you a rematch to win the titles? Just for you to turn around and squeeze Wilder out of the same opportunity? Wilder should have made Fury earn his title shot considering the treatment back from Fury camp. He needs to give Wilder his opportunity back. Ungreatful

  • Lucas Browne should fight Hughie Fury on the undercard. Browne will give a few rounds of work before getting KO’d.

  • Your joking of course Lucas, your defence is shite and he will destroy you within 2 rounds! Crikey mate you couldnt beat the English bloke Allen and you are not ranked high enough to deserve a shot. You’ve got to earn the right.

  • Obviously he wants the money such a fight would bring but he has not earned a shot and there is no reason to believe he would have a chance against a Fury who took the fight even a bit seriously. Mind you, “earning a shot” is almost an obsolete concept.

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