Loma-Lopez Final Press Conference

Stage Loma Lopez
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Two-plus years of bad blood ignited Wednesday evening when WBC Franchise/WBO/WBA lightweight world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez shared the stage for Wednesday’s press conference in advance of Saturday’s super fight on ESPN.

Lomachenko and Lopez had not been in the same room since last Dec.14, the night Lopez knocked out Richard Commey to win his world title. Shortly after that sensational knockout, Lomachenko entered the ring and welcomed Lopez to his club.

The lightweight champions sat 12 feet apart on a stage inside the ring. The tension never boiled over, but it was palpable.

This is what they had to say.

Vasiliy Lomachenko

Lomachenko 99
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

“I won’t know {how the layoff will impact me} until Saturday night. I have never been out of the ring for one full year like this. Ever. I don’t know how it will be.”

“I think it’s just a ring and judges and TV. That’s it. And, of course, four belts.”

“I’m thinking only about my future fight and the fight on Saturday. That’s it.”

“For me, I think it will be a chess match.”

Teofimo Lopez

Lopez Thumbsup
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

“Hard work pays off. Eighteen years in, and it’s just the beginning, You haven’t seen anything yet.”

“The Takeover is not just a phrase we throw out there. This is the part where I’m leading the new generation. Winning this is a stamp and a mark to put on for the new era.”

“Get your popcorn ready and just enjoy the show. It’s ‘The Takeover.'”

“A true champion can adapt to everything. It goes for both of us. He fought in arenas sold out. I fought in arenas sold out. My job and my thing are having all of these belts wrapped around me.”

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  • Chess match? Lopez carrys cannons for hands and will pull the lanyard from the get go. Loma’s chin will be tested and he has to load up with his punches to weather the storm. The moment of truth could come early.

  • Lopez talked the talk, but can he walk the walk by using his size and heavy arsenal. Does Lopez have the mental conditioning, 12 round endurance and chin to handle a complicated Loma.

  • I see a frustrated, fatigued, outclassed Lopez being TKOed or quitting in 6 or7…

  • I know it was at lighter weight but this feels similar to lomachenko/Nicholas Walters when Walters was coming off a great win vs donaire. I feel like lomachenko will dominate like great fighters do.

  • Can’t wait for this… I don’t know why but I have a feeling Lopez is going to win late.. Loma is on the slide…I think age may make a difference in this one! Of course though, I could be wrong 😉

  • Lopez.and his Dad need to be humble..be confidente yes that the way should be .but i f lopez get beat..it will be devastating after you talk so much..
    ..lopez y su padre tienen que actuar con humildad..nada de malo en sentirse congiado a s i debe ser..pero despues de hablar tanto si pierden esa derrota podria tener un fatal negativi psicologicamente y jamas volver a ser e l mismo peleador….le paso a tito trinidad y a Big George

  • You all know this Loma has written a new book, since he turned pro. It’s unfortunate that this fight could not marinate for a few years.However with the way boxing and sports are today, we’re lucky to get anything resembling a huge fight. Is this a Leonard/Hearns fight ? Is this Arguello/Pryor? Well if this comes close we’re in for something special. I believe that this Loma at this stage of the game is just to special for Lopez,but I also believe this kid can crack. Still Loma has become the P4P champ, the guy who makes great P4P fighters say NO MAS, and the guy that no matter which style comes at him he knows moves that nobody has ever brought to the table. Loma stops him by round 9.And becomes the ruler of that division.

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