Lomachenko back in the gym

Top Rank has announced on social media that former three-division world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko is back in the gym. A brief quote attributed to Loma is as follows: “I have my back, I leave no room for doubt. 2021 I can’t wait to [fight].” Not sure if he means “payback” or “comeback,” but either way it’ll be good to see him in the ring again.

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    • Me too.

      He’s a helluva fighter, be great to see him rematch Lopez, or fight some of the top guys at lightweight/super feather.

  • Lopez wants no part of Loma again. Although I do feel Lopez won the fight just due to Loma being too passive early on although i would say that during both fighters best moments Lopez appeared to be visibly more shaken then Loma ever was I just seen Lopez unravel more during the late rounds but he mustered up the youth and strength to win the last round although the pathetic and biased scorecard of the extremely incompetent Julie Ledderman made me want to puke!

  • I believe he contributed to his defeat by Lopez with an unusually slow start. I see no reason why he should not go for a rematch. Lopez’s size and power will always give him problems but surely Loma can make the adjustments.

  • I don’t see this case as those where the champ loses to a youg lion, and then in the reamatch is defeated more decisively, no, I believe Lomachenko still great and if the rematch takes place, we might see the real fight we were expecting in the fist encounter. I can’t not predic a winner, because is gonna be a complete different fight.

  • Loma is a helluva fighter! Give him props!
    And it’s true, he made Lopez’ win easier by “giving away” the first half of the fight…..
    Same as he did with Salido in his 2nd pro fight….
    Maybe he’s just a little “stymied” by certain styles and takes longer to adjust his fight plan?

  • I am looking forward to hearing Loma’s next move. Deep down inside, I would like to see Lopez vs. Loma 2. The world awaits.

  • He’s proved his greatness in amateur and professional boxing. Looking forward to seeing his next fight…

  • I believe he is going to be more aggressive moving forward in his fights “he got his own back” he knows what changes he needs to make he only has been boxing for more then half of his life. I believe the rematch would be great I still like Lopez in an action pack fight 🙂

  • I was told Loma has had two surgeries on his shoulder. So we will probably never see him at his best again. Shame, being the P4P No. 1 guy prior to the last fight.

  • He’s got his back because Arum doesn’t. Who doesn’t protect your number 1 fighter with a rematch clause? Someone who wants a new number 1.

  • Look at Loma dance, look at his foot work…yeah, but when is he going to throw a punch? I think the Loma hype has probably nearing an end. It seems similar to GGG. GGG is a great fighter but after a draw and a loss to Canelo, the GGG hype has faded.

  • First, Loma vs Lopez 2 isn’t the fight Loma should be looking for. I believe he gave away the early rounds hoping it would take enough steam off of Lopez to stop him late (because he was tired and stressed). Lopez proved his mental toughness by decisively winning the 12th round. I think he’d beat Loma more impressively in a rematch. Remember, the 1st fight wasn’t that entertaining. If the fighters had different names, then most on here would dub it a boring fight.

    I love Loma! He is a GREAT fighter, but Lightweight is too heavy for him. His injuries might occur at 130 as well (due to age), but I wouldn’t rule out his body is breaking down because he’s hitting too large of an object. Remember, when Loma stopped opponents? Now picture what a raw fighter like Garcia did to Luke Campbell. Luke, who gave Loma all he wanted and more! Despite catching Garcia, Campbell was still steamrolled. Size matters and Loma is tiny at Lightweight!

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