Klitschko calls for Olympic ban against Russians

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has indicated that they want to create a pathway for Russians and Belarusians to compete as independent athletes at the 2024 Paris Olympic games. However, former heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist Wladimir Klitschko has called on IOC President Thomas Bach to instead ban all Russian and Belarusian athletes from the 2024 Games. “The Russians are Olympic champions in crimes against civilians,” stated Klitschko. “They have the gold medal in deportation of children and rape of women. You cannot put your Olympic emblem on these crimes because you will be an accomplice of this abominable war.”


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  • Enough of the politics! Klitschko needs to stop it with the ban on Russian fighters. They didn’t do anything wrong. He’s just being an idiot at this point.

    • Yes, I agree, boxing is a sport about competition on an individual level. This has nothing to do with the political engines that fuel war and death. In fact, the US has been guilty bullying into other countries and starting wars. Can we ban them as well? Really? This whole concept of pointing fingers and stirring crap up gets old especially when some folks are blaming the wrong people.

  • Lost all respect for this loser now. What a clown and a hypocrite. if we apply his way of thinking, then just about every country on earth should be banned from the Olympics.

      • Haha Russian troll?? Quite the opposite, I’m German. I hate Russians for obvious reasons. However, I think Zelenskyy is absolute SCUM along with the Ukrainian government. They got themselves into this mess.

        • Great posts, Berserker! I can’t believe how many people have fallen for the Ukraine War hoax. The Klitschko brothers & their president Zelensky are multi, multi-millionaires who selfishly want to retain power while the Ukrainian people, who are just pawns, suffer.

      • The United States has invaded countless countries you clown lol and how do you know why Russia invaded Ukraine? Lay off the Koolaid kid

          • How about the all of the Southwestern United States. California, Arizona,New Mexico, Texas. Specifically TX. And let’s not forget Guam,Puerto Rico, Philippines. Oh remember Okinawa?

      • If you want to see a list of coup d’états that the United States, CIA has been part of in another countries for decades, all you have to do is look up “The CIA” on Wikipedia. It’s all written there in black-and-white for everyone to read. It’s quite an eye-opener! Since the JFK assassination back in the early 60s, you should be hesitant to put your full trust in our federal government.

      • Ummm. U.S, Japan,China,U.K,France,Italy,Germany,Turkey,Serbia, actually the U.N itself. Come on Colton!

    • Tell Klitschko to keep his stinking Ukranian a** out of boxing. For seven years you and your kind committed murder, mayhem, and genocide in the Donbas, now when the time of accounting comes you want to ban people from the Olympics. You Klitch are f***g hypocrite. You overthrew a government to get where you are and think its not a crime. You were not voted into power and you supported Maidan. Go to hell and rot there. Boxing is a sport about competition on an individual level. Keep your politics to yourself.

  • Fight for your rights Klitschko! Isn’t it ironic that we are warned to keep comments related to boxing, however, the column is political and its about sports?

  • Wlad, go home to your drunken wife, who thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. You don’t know sht about politics. Make up with Hayden.

  • There is no way Russia is going to the 2024 Olympics. As it relates to boxing, my understanding is that boxing is not yet confirmed as a participating sport.

    • Russia wasn’t allowed in the last Olympics. A regime in history with a conspiracy for cheating. So if you want to let Athletes be on the next Olympics not under the Russian flag I can support that. As far as anything else, I’m divided. It’s not like any Russian living in the country is going to oppose anything. They don’t live in a free country. If I’m wrong let me know.

    • Why is Israel participating when they have been killing Palestinians for more than 60 years. The world looks to the other side when they are ask about this.

  • If you don’t like the message and can’t defend your position by all means attack the messenger.

  • I do not in any way support the Russian leadership’s brutal abuse of Ukraine.

    Nevertheless, I think it is wrong to boycott Russian athletes from competing in international contexts. Likewise, I think it is generally speaking wrong to boycott Russian filmmakers, writers, artists, etc.

    I even find it very questionable to boycott Russians who support the war because of freedom of speech and the importance I place on it.

    Even Klitschko has the right to express himself as he wants in accordance with freedom of speech

    Possibly, I would think it correct to boycott agencies paid by the Russian leadership to spread pure disinformation and propaganda about the war.

    Probably, I think it is correct to boycott Russian forces that want to destabilize and pit groups against each other in our own societies so that it benefits the interests of the Russian leadership.

    • Ukrainian governments start this sh!t. Blame the responsible ones. And the only that are benefiting are???? I know who. You ask yourself the questions…

      • Well, the Ukrainian government in collusion with the warhawk neocons here in the US and NATO.

      • Still, it is Russia that lined up militaries along the border of Ukraine and actually invaded the country with all that entails.

        Russia has also threatened other countries, even neutral countries, to take territories they think they have right to in order to secure its expansionist interests.

        Russia has also practiced nuclear attacks against neutral countries, it violates other countries’ territory both by land and at sea regularly, they talk about on Russian state TV how to carry out attacks against neutral countries, they even sent up military drones that hovered above nuclear power plants in these countries and in the run-up to the war in Ukraine, Russia placed several large landing craft outside the territorial waters of a neutral country for several days.

        Most of the above happened several years before the war in Ukraine.

        It’s not the best way to make friends and calm the outside world.

        Russia also has an obligation to de-escalate. More powerful countries must let other countries handle their own internal affairs. Of course, this also applies to the Western world too.

  • I happen to have met Wladimir several times as we both work in the sport. He’s always struck me as a decent guy but his behaviour regarding the unfortunate situation unfolding in Ukraine is unreasonable and hugely lacking context. If only it was as simple as all Russians being bad and all Ukrainians being freedom loving good guys but we’re not stupid. Nobody with a brain buys into this narrative.

  • I feel for the Klistchkos. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a superpower invading your country and the constant threat of death and destruction.
    That being said, the Olympics, is supposed to be devoid of politics. In its purest form it’s a place where the world’s athletes can compete, sports fans can appreciate their skills and fans and athletes alike can meet people from other countries, which break down barriers. It would have little effect on the war, but if anything, it would probably be positive

  • Ukraine is Europe. We are the western world. Can we focus on what’s going on in Ukraine, which gave so much to the boxing world, or you just let them burn, in the middle of Europe or we still bet on razing its cities and infrastructure to the ground, and leaving millions of people to die of cold and starvation in the dark. And so as many millions have fled Ukraine, and are unable to return to their homes, with their families, lest they die from Russian attacks? I’m Italian, in Italy, therefore European and the question of Ukraine is a war that concerns Us Europeans. If cowardly we leave Ukraine alone, the next will be Russia in Poland, In Hungary, and so on..we are all in the same pot! The Americans must not get emotional, they just must have a straight back and oppose not only politically, but also with the bowels that human mercy requires. Everyone must fight this enemy who denies Ukraine’s freedom to exist. What makes politics is its people. And sport isn’t an island where sportspeople don’t have civil or religious rights, they don’t pay taxes, and they are supernatural angels… The German, Thomas Bach the head of the IOC, knows it well. And the Klitschko Brothers have given and are giving so much to the cause of their nation. Sono i nostri valori occidentali. Hats off to Klitschko, this sports megaphone of freedom, and democracy of a sovereign nation’s demand. His military, the best, the youngest, the civilian, everyone is there defending the right to exist! With such heroic Withstand! Do you think the Olympics are just Games and not a weapon of power? Yep, you were born into Disney world… Of course, it should always be a benign power. But this is not the case. It’s the extermination of a nation, which didn’t start just a year ago. But of course, it must end with respect for the independence of a Western nation where international law has value! Boxing will not be represented in Paris by the IBA- or AIBA- whose Russian president, Umar Kremlev, takes the money from Putin who makes it available as an economic sponsor, the Russian gas giant: Gazprom. And so he buys amateur boxing now adrift…If Ukraine collapses, Europe collapses, and therefore the West! How can you, boxing fans not understand this? Keyboard lion, don’t you agree with Klitschko? At least don’t comment nonsense! Yours Gianna

    • You have little to no knowledge of geo politics…Ukraine is Europe!? So is Russia, idiot.

      • JIMMY Are you able to focus before blathering away… I wrote: “Ukraine is Europe. We are the western world.” Russia 25% of the territory is in Europe yea, but Russia is not part of EUROPE as a community. Russian autarchy, Putin, is not European democracy…! And you can rest assured that until the next millennium in the 27 countries that join the European community, (the United Kingdom is eating its hands over Brexit) we will defend democracy …We Europeans are not Putin’s children… Europe has a millenary history. Athletes from Russia and Belarus, in my opinion, only if they deny belonging to Russia and Belarus, can compete. That will be impossible to get back to Russia. So Russian and Bilorussia, should not be allowed to compete in the Olympic Games. After all, how to compete with a nation that poisons, and kills, her children who dare to speak of freedom … You understand well that it is Russia that has invaded Ukraine and not vice versa. If there is no firm resolution from the IOC I believe that Ukraine itself will not have to participate in the Olympics…There is no basis for any “game” in a war of extermination going on in the heart of Europe…Better keep the best of them on the frontline defending family, children’s houses, independence of sovereign State, and Freedom! The foundations of democracy.


      • Actually 80% of russia0is in Asia and the Ukrainian sits entirely in Europe. Me think its why Russia wants Ukraine.

    • Actually we giving too much to Ukraine. We have American suffering over here and we can’t take care of these people, but we were about people across the world

      • All Western countries are paying the price for supporting Ukraine. United we win and thrive. Succumbing to Putin’s Russia is not an option at stake…

        • Zelensky can start his improving his country by cleaning up the corruptive officials that work under his supervision. I do believe there is pressure from NATO to push him in doing so. The US taxpayers are supporting this proxy war through paying higher taxations pushed by the current administration.

        • Your first sentence said it all. Why should we suffer for some Eastern European nation’s corrupt government? Just so you know, I lived in Ukraine two different times for 3 months and was there right after Zelenskyy got sworn in, and was back two years later. The Ukrainians are not all Gaga over Zelenskyy like Western media portrays that they would be. They actually didn’t trust the guy several years ago. If anything, he is the totalitarian of the nation. Far so more than Vladimir Putin is to the Russians.

          • Zelensky was planted. He wasn’t elected. He’s not eve true Ukrainian he is a JOOOOO. Biden has to keep his end of the deal with Ukraine, which is why we’re sending them so much money and material.

          • A Jewish person can’t be a true Ukranian? You probably think the same of Jewish Americans, which is all anyone needs to know about your opinion and intelligence

          • Wow: You might ask yourself why it is that you should be so consumed with hatred for the Jewish people. Your sentiment ominously reflects those of a certain Reich that swore to exterminate every Jew from the face of the earth. VERY disturbing.
            While you’re perfectly free to believe whatever you wish, and to publicly express those beliefs, I’m just as free to disagree with whomsoever I choose; and to express opposing views. and I must oppose such an unwholesome viewpoint. We shouldn’t we take instruction from history’s dreadful mistakes—-in order to help preserve us from tragically repeating them?

            senstivetinsert your toxicJew-jatred into this

          • If your life sucks it’s because you’re stupid, lazy or both. It’s not because of some other group of people. But it’s easier to blame others than bear any responsibility for your crappy life.

    • You are right on the mark! When Communist China invades and occupies Taiwan this real WAR will hit home in The U. S. A .. The “American” youth are delusional, are members of a long lost evil IDEA.

    • Ok, you can stop with the Russia will invade Poland, Hungary, Italy and then the UK. Russia won’t even invade Estonia for Chrissakes. They wouldn’t have gone full breach into Ukraine had the US and NATO not started a proxy war. The Donbas region had a referendum almost 9 years ago that didn’t go the Ukrainian oligarchy’s way, and the ethnic Russians that have been trapped there since the fall of the Iron Curtain have always wanted to go back to their mother country. Had there been a diplomatic negotiation, which has also been tried during this war and completely ignored by the power-hungry zelenskyy, then this full invasion would have been over last year. If the Zionist and communist EU would stop trying to take over Russia then you wouldn’t have such an aggressive Russia. If NATO and the War Hawks in DC would stop trying to put NATO on every single bordering Nation with russia, you wouldn’t have an aggressive Russia. We have to ask, why was there never one time an aggressive Russia while Donald Trump was president of the United states? The reason why is because president Trump didn’t sabre rattle against Russia during his presidency, and coincidentally there was never any aggressive action toward Ukraine that entire time. Ukrainian people were safe during that period, but that all changed when the globalist communists took over. As a leftist talking Italian I’m going to guess that you don’t support the new prime minister Meloni, and if that’s the case then you’re nothing more than an EU stooge and a globalist who hates your country. By the way Russia would never invade hungry because they’re brilliant and nationalist prime minister Orban is in good talks with the Russian government in regards to energy transport. Europe will be okay without Ukraine, trust me.

      • Chris the natural…How can you accuse me of being a leftist if you don’t even know me? To be Democratic in Italy, in my Italian language means following Democracy and its principles. You don’t know our History. We came a long, long way for centuries, and we still give you lessons. You don’t know me. If you read me you would know I’m not and I never was leftist. I talk public, it’s not a mystery I’m not sinister… I bet you can’t speak any Italian…instead I can speak and write in your language… Forget it! You dropped down a lot of, too much, nonsense…

      • Another idiot who supports dictators, while spouting off against communism, while his beloved Putin tries to reassemble the Soviet Union.

  • “Let’s prevent innocent athletes who just happen to belong to a nation we disapprove of at the moment from making a living!” Retards.

  • Zelensky is the scum of the earth. What does he care if 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed, he’s not even Ukrainian; his parents live in a $multi-million mansion in Israel. Zelensky & his CIA-installed puppet govt have killed 14,000 Russians in the Donbass since 2014.

  • You know, I really am sorry that I ever defended glassjawed and scared fighting Wladimir Klitschko. He came out as Mr super woke during the George Floyd riots and now he’s just continuing on with this b*******. His brother is a corrupt mayor and part of the oligarchy that has ruined Ukraine so he shouldn’t really talk. And to ban two countries from being able to compete in sports is just a bridge too far. F him.

    • Don’t you like the Class inside and outside of the Ring, these two great Gentlemen? Don’t fake history. We don’t take any falsification! What George Floyd has to do with Klitschko…The American police have their own rules. If you don’t like them, go to your American police, your Government…

  • I like Klitschko and he is in a political position now so I can understand why we are hearing his voice in the issue, however he is unfortunately blaming the wrong individuals in this matter. These Russian boxers are victims of these political power plays as much as anyone else.

    • Wladimir Klitschko is only trying to win the war even with the consent of sports lovers. One cannot think that the democratic rights of a nation, Ukraine, in the heart of Europe can only be defended by arms and its soldiers and civilians at the front. But how many fake Russians are circulating? It is right that such a great athlete as Wladimir was, exposes himself and speaks to boxing lovers. Very right! Listen to him, he is simple and direct.

  • My favorite part of the Olympics is the parade of nations, and athletics waving flags in friendship. I didn’t like it when President Carter boycotted the Russians in 1980, I do believe to let the peaceful folks of the world show us to come together. Easy for me to say I guess, I’m not in the middle of the war like one of my favorite fighters of all times, Wladimir Klitschko.

        • There is no Russian propaganda. All the propaganda is coming from the West. I hope Meloni throws you out of Italy.

          • Chris the natural…I firmly believe that you are a pathetic, narrow-minded ignoramus. Beware don’t try to mystify in any way because I am suing you for defamation.

  • I have lost all respect for the Klitschskos-They have supported a coup d’’Etat against an elected Ukraine President and have been supporting the zionazis of the US Pentagon and the present illegal regime of zelensky who has helped himself to nearly a billion dollars in his accounts plus a 30 million dollar property in Florida —apartments in London South of France —Tuscany-Read ‘The Pandora papers’’ on google and you will see the facts about the illegal President of Ukraine who attacks even the Christian priests in a Christian country-sad

  • And Ukraine is a democratic country? Sorry, but your country is just as corrupt as others. Anyone that looks to Biden as a hero must be loony or part of his crime family. Anyways, let these fighters fight!

  • The Olympics Vladimir are a Greek ideal when all war was suspended and people came together to participate’PARTICIPATE’ -the essence is ‘participation ‘’ in a congenial and friendly atmosphere-not turn the Olympics into a political fray and an bazaar for profit and just ‘’winning at all costs’-NO -Just PARTICIPATION is the essence of the Olympics

  • Is olympic games still happening? It’s past its pure form & irrelevant nowadays. I’m a fan of boxing & all its controversies hehe

  • What a clown stop doing this kind of nonsense video athletes don’t know nothing bring your war or hatred on putin not on their athletes dumbass.

    • You, like all marxists, don’t have the intelligence to come up with a counter argument so you just name call. If you’ve been reading these posts, you will see that the overwhelming majority are in lockstep against the corrupt globalist powers which your hero, and fake Ukrainian, Zelenskyy represent. I must say that I am pleased with my fellow fightnews compatriots right now.

  • Let each country manage its own internal affairs. It is no more difficult than that. No other country has the right to rule over other countries.

    Russia should instead reflect over why there are around 8 million refugees from Ukraine recorded accross Europe. To me it seems obvious why.

    Russia should also reflect over why so many of there previous friends are turning there back against them. Talking about countries. To me it seems obvious why too.

    • Russians don’t reflect. A perpetual pariah state. That’s why most of them are miserable and poor.

  • I disagree with Wladimir. If he’s going to blame Russian athletes for something they had nothing to do with then Ukrainian athletes should be banned as well for throwing African exchange students off the trains who were seeking to flee Russian military aggression. Is one life more valuable than the other? The USA, German, Japan, Rwanda etc should have been banned. Almost no country would be allowed to compete if we were holding them politically and socially accountable. Keep politics away from sports. If Wlad wants to do something he needs to run it back with AJ lol.

    • Well said. But why would Wladimir run it back with AJ? AJ already dealt with him.

      • True, but it appears Wlad has nothing to do with his time except snatch the dreams of amateur boxing simply because he doesn’t like the region in which they were born. I figured he was bored so he might as well go after the last man who defeated him now that he’s on a 2 fight-losing streak.

  • The definition of “Xenophobia” :

    Dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

  • Ukraine is so corrupt Paypal won’t even do business there. And the U.S. govt simply gives them 100 billion? WTF.

  • Maybe if your country Ukraine wasnt killing people since 2014 in the Donbass region this would of never happened Vladimir ,maybe if you brother had not been part of the illegal overthrown of the elected Ukraine government at that time you could be taken seriously by people that actually know whats really going on and dont listen to the western medias lies.

  • I’m glad the vast majority of boxing fans are not on the side of Wlad. Stay out of politics and leave innocent people alone.

  • I’m enjoying the comments on here, which shows that many people have not fallen for the Ukraine hoax. Wlad’s brother is a corrupt politician in Ukraine, so he obviously wants $US tax dollars flowing into his corrupt nation. As for their leader Zelensky, the dude is an actor/comedian who wears that smelly green t-shirt 24/7, acting like he’s fighting on the front lines. Zelensky’s wife recently went on an extravagant shopping spree in Paris, while a good part of Ukraine is without electricity!

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