Kingry injures right hand

Undefeated lightweight contender Ryan “Kingry” Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) sustained an injury to his right hand during a training session. The 23-year-old Southern California native will undergo surgery on Monday, October 18, to repair his right wrist by the renowned orthopedic hand specialist Dr. Steven Shin at the Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Surgery Center.

“I want to thank my fans for all the continued support,” said Ryan Garcia. “We are postponing my next fight for a couple of months as a result of a significant hand injury that requires immediate surgery. I will undergo surgery at Cedars-Sinai on Monday. I promise early 22 I will return better, faster, and stronger than ever. I love you guys!”

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  • He probably drank that tea, and needs time for it to go out of his system.

  • My goodness! This generation of divas who do nothing but talk crap and challenge one another endlessly to no avail….. Ryan, Teo and Devin! Meanwhile, say what you want, Tank keeps fighting!!

    • Borimex. I agree 100%. Never been a big fan of Tank, but as of now, he is the only one being the “actual boxer”and not just acting like one as the rest. If devin does not take the JoJo fight, all respect out the window for Haney

      • Haney fought lineres and Tank fights. Why don’t you ever criticize the one guy who never fights. That punks ass Ryan Garcia

      • Chris the Natural. Have you ever had a positive thing to say In your entire adult life? I know you still can’t get over your 0-7 amateur career and the fact pizza face or pimple boy was your high school nickname. Any Mexican or black fighter, and here comes the hate train. You’re pathetic.

  • This Primadonna kid is so soft. First his feelings were hurt now he has to have surgery because he injured his wrist? When you coddle people their whole life they never grow up to be tough. I think anybody who fights this Punk from now on needs to get an escrow account set up in case he pulls out of the fight for a vagina tear or something. Mark my words, other f
    fighters will see him as risky business from now on and won’t care about his Twatter followers.

    • Chris, it gets worst by the day. I’m afraid that in the near future, EVERYONE gets a belt, just for the participation.

  • In the 80’s, there was a big scare over how bad butter was for us. People started using alternatives like margarine and soy based spreads like country croc. We now see the effects estrogenic products such as soy has had in our modern warriors.

  • Too much typing on his mobile device damaged his right hand (fingers). It takes a lot of energy and stress to the fingers to keep his Twitter, IG, FB, TikTok up to date.

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