Kambosos to return in June

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former undisputed 135-pound champion George “Ferocious” Kambosos (20-2, 10 KOs) and currently IBF #7 rated will return to action in June against IBF #9 Maxi Hughes (26-5-2, 5 KOs) in an IBF eliminator for the vacant #2 position in the lightweight division. The vacant IBO title will also be up for grabs. Contracts have been signed for this fight to happen it was reported

“I don’t know how much longer Devin has at 135 [pounds], Kambosos Jr. told Fox Sports. “I think he might move to 140, God willing that opens up some doors for us and I’m a big, big name in the world of boxing still.”

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  • Kambosos is a big name for fights maybe in places like the UK (can’t have a worse crowd than Mayweather had for his exhibition). Hughes fought his last 10 fighters and came out 8-2. The guys had a combined record of 177-17-6. Kambosos after the first Haney fight fought his last 10 that had a combined record of 195-25-6. Maybe this fight looks good on paper.

  • A big name is Australia maybe. But here you’re just known as the guy who got battered twice by Haney.

      • He “smoked Lopez” in the past but was blueprinted in the present by Haney. Can’t live off one past success forever.

  • George Kambosos…keep training & fighting champ..you’re still up there with the world’s best in 135lb division. All the best, championship fight will arrive earlier than expected.

  • He might still a good name, but his chances to succeed at 135 are very limited, lightning never strikes twice in the same place. There will be no other Teofimo miracle for him, instead, a pack of wolves are waiting for him, some of them: Isaac Cruz, William Zepeda, Frank Martin, Lomachenko, Tank Davis, Shakur Stevenson and some others very talented as well, so, good luck to him and sooner than later he will find out that he is not at the elite level

  • I’m expecting Kambosos to win, but Hughes is a good fighter, a spoiler and he has been on a good stretch lately – would not be the biggest upset if he won this one in my opinion.

  • Kambosos Jr is still a talent in the division and has plenty of fights left in him, losing to Haney is no means of being a bum. Would live to see him fight Loma or Tank.

  • If Kambosos doesn’t take this fight seriously he’ll struggle. Long way back if he makes a mistake here.

  • Dont let the Haney fight fool you. He’s exceptional. Ive been saying Kambosos will knock out a lot of the top lightweights.
    He fought Haney twice so you gotta give him the respect.
    Loma only agrees now because he has nothing to lose and everything to gain (undisputed). And Haney still calling Loma out to show that he can beat him. Thats a True champion!!!

  • I would not write off Kambosos. He has gone Lopez and Haney (2x) in his last 3 fights i.e. excellent opposition. If he has learned from the 2 Haney fights there is no reason why he should not come back a better fighter. The fight against Hughes should be a decent test.

  • Kambosos was blueprinted twice. He’s waiting for Haney to move up but he forgets so is everyone else. With Haney out of the way, there will be a huge rush from guys like Davis, Lomachenko, Cruz and possibly Stevenson to grab the titles. Kam has a snowball chance in hell to overcome that type of opposition. He might be able to beat Cruz but that’s about it. We can’t live off of the past Lopez win. This was before he was blueprinted. Haney only needed a jab and occasional cross to beat Kam.

  • “I’m a big, big name in the world of boxing still”
    – Maybe in the Land Down Under….

  • It’s interesting how fighters fight a lot less frequently now than they have in the past. His return in June will make it 8 months out of the ring since losing to Haney this past October. IMO it’s a good thing they’re giving their bodies and brains a chance to recover.Back in the day, they were right back at it a month or two after a brutal fight, giving the body and more importantly the brain less time to heal. Added time off between fights makes for for a healthier, more productive life after boxing.

  • good option taking on Maxi pad, no punching power and nice confidence builder

  • This dude career is over as far as any big time money or fights. He’s a gate keeper now.

  • I am a life long Kambosos after how he beat and Teofimo showed his true colors in the aftermath. My advice is to get more wrinkles in your game. Become familiar with all three fight ranges

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