Fury-Usyk Update

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson stated today that he doesn’t want any rematch clauses if there is a deal reached for a unification fight against WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

“I’ve been speaking to the lawyers today,” stated Fury, “and Usyk’s people have been talking about rematch clauses and all that bollocks. Here’s one to up the antes. How about there is no f**king rematch clause? For both of us. Let’s up the antes completely. They’re worried about what’s in the future and how many more dollars they can get after being defeated. Worry about the fight, April 29th, no rematch clause, the winner takes the glory, the loser goes home with his d*ck in his hand. How about that? Agree to that, you f**king b*tch!”

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  • Rematch clauses should be banned. Mandatories end up waiting years sometimes whilst these things drag out, damaging their careers. Utter bullsh1t. Winner takes the glory, loser drops down and has to climb up again

    • A rematch clause was in the original contract. Fury’s shyster lawyers are now trying to sneak in more changes, besides the 70-30 BS.

  • Sad how Tyson Fury is acting. I get that there should be no rematch clause but his language is horrible. First he praises Jesus Christ but talks like this?

    • Fury tends to use Jesus as an instant forgiveness button whenever convenient for him, while not making a single effort whatsoever to change his behavior. That’s not how the whole thing works.

      Compare how he conducts himself to someone like Usyk, a devout Christian. It’s like night and day.

      And it’s not like Usyk is some boring stiff either, he’s a pretty funny and animated guy inside and outside of boxing.

      • Once again, that’s not a fair assessment to compare Usyk and Fury. They’re different people.

        Fury has mental health issues and Usyk has not stated the same. Perhaps because Fury knows Jesus it restrains him from doing further damage to himself, his family, and his image. Not making excuses but its a factor.

        • If Fury has legit mental health issues as bad as you say, he needs to be off social media/boxing entirely and getting consistent professional help.

    • You also forget the man has mental health issues. He’s been open about this for quite sometime. I’m not excusing his behavior, I’m just saying its a legit issue.

  • Fury wants to retire soon. That is why he doesn’t want Usyk making back to back paydays against him. If Usyk is so good, he’d beat Fury and Andy Ruiz Jr back to back. Fury is pushing 35. Ali’s was almost done around his fight with Shavers at 35. Hung around too long.

    • Ali fought the very best guys in their primes without a 50lb advantage.
      Cant compare Fury to Ali.

    • Then he ought to stop screwing around and take the fight ASAP.

      Imagine being so concerned about the other guy not being allowed to make money when they came up from a lower weight class and accepted a ridiculous 30-70 split despite having more belts and just as much if not more legitimacy.

    • And if Fury was so good, he’d beat Usyk back to back, so he shouldn’t be crying about it. But he wants out of that – even though it was FURY that put it in the contract to begin with. There should be a rematch clause. This is the biggest fight in boxing and is optional, not a mandatory. Fury just moving the goalposts again. He likely wants to have the chance to retool just in case he loses. That way he can do something different, test it on a couple live opponents, and try again. Usyk meanwhile just wants to fight asap.

  • Fury fought Derek [ D-level ‘glad to -be -here,’ I’m not putting forth top tier efforts ] Chisora three times. Yet, the reputable in-ring psychologist in Usyk, he is bickering onwards.
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

  • Fury wins this one-Joshua would have won had he not run out of gas-he had Usyk on the run but could not finish-no gas

  • Where’s the mute button for this guy? Stop talking shit and just sign the damn contract you drama queen.

    • Hah, soooo true. And can ANYONE, please, write an algorithm to keep jon furry out of my feeds. Hitting the spam button just seems to fuel it :-p

  • Usyk agrees…then belly will come up with another request if not agreed upon by Usyk & his team then no fight hehehe…can’t wait for Usyk to really paint belly’s body blood red & shut up his foul mouth.

  • What a decent and kind the way Fury speaks, he should change his name to Charming Fury. Nonetheless, he is right because rematch clauses SUCKS!!

  • Hahah I love Fury, dudes hilarious!! This is the fight game and you guys are worried about a few curse words?? Give me a break!!! Remember all the great shit Mike Tyson would say??? Get over it, these are fighters not poets!

  • Usyk is a very likeable and genuinely humorous guy. Fury is showing himself more and more to be a vulgar loud mouthed lowlife. The original contract had a rematch clause. Now Fury’s trying to sneak in changes like this. He probably figures the fix will be in in the UK with the usual ref and judges on the payroll, and a rematch might be held someplace else.

    • What else is new? He’s always been a vulgar loud mouthed low life.

      Fury is probably just looking for more time to prepare, or possibly trying to avoid this fight. Usyk agreed to 70/30 split because he’s an excellent technician and knows that Fury is not. He’s watched the slow, clumsy Fury enough to know that he should be able to beat him if he can keep from getting mugged like Cunningham.

  • Unification fight?..if they do end up fighting shouldn’t it be considered “undisputed fight”?

  • In the video from Usyk: “Greedy belly Fury, rematch clause comes from your side, not mine. Stop whining and ducking, be a man. Ink the contract or vacate the belt, I need undisputed and not to play your stupid games.”

  • Fury is ready to be taken by a smarter , trickier , fearless guy who hates to consider losing. Usuk is the edge of mental toughness as most east europeans are . Usuk w12 pretty easy with Fury swinging and missing all night..

  • Fury is a blowhard. Shut up and fight him already or go back to your Gypsy caravan. I’m sick of this nit wit

  • It’s hard to believe but Fury is looking afraid. He’s doing everything he can to back out of this fight. I think I’m now rooting for Usyk to win. This nonsense from Fury is giving me second hand embarrassment.

  • I hate rematch clauses. If you lose then take a route to get back to the title. I hate just as much the “A” side and “B” side nonsense. Prize fighting should be for the prize, winner should get 80% of the purse, loser gets 20%…..imagine the incentive that would give fighters.

  • What’s Fury going to want next? Fight naked, arm wrestle, the winner gets to bang the loser’s wife? Come on man, let’s go.

  • Winner takes all, loser goes to the bottom of the ranking list. In order to deserve a title shot, loser must fight the top 10 and earn a spot at the tittle onced more!

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