Kambosos: He had a smart game plan

Formerly undisputed lightweight champion George Kambosos commented on his loss to new champion Devin Haney.

“This was amazing for the sport,” said Kambosos. “It was amazing for the country. At the end of the day, I wanted to take the best and hardest tests. I’m going to give him full respect after his victory today. Let him have his time, and we’ll do it again. I have to implement a few things, but I thought the fight was very close. I’m not going to wreck his moment. I’ll let him have his moment. Last November, my moment was wrecked, so let’s let him have his moment, and I’ll see you again real soon.”

[On Missing Weight] “That definitely was not a factor. He boxed his game. He moved. He boxed. He didn’t really want to come into the fight too much, but that’s his game, so I give him respect. I’m going to change a few things and get him back at the end of this year. All respect to him.”

“I take the risks. I fight the best in the business. At the end of the day, I didn’t have to fight him. Not many wanted to fight him. But I gave him the shot right away, so I’m sure we’ll do it again.

[On His Right Hand] “It landed a few times. I worked it to the body, but he had a smart game plan. He grabbed and held a lot and did what he had to do to win. That’s what it’s about. You do what you have to do to win, and today they gave him the decision, but I’m sure it will change when we get it on again. Respect to him, and respect to boxing. This is boxing. You fight the best. Win, lose or draw. This is what it’s all about. F*** protecting records. I’ve always been about fighting the best. I gave him a shot, and we’ll do it again.”

[Rematch] “We’ll do it again. Look, I gave him the shot. If I hadn’t given him this shot, he wouldn’t have had his moment right now. So, we’ll do it again.”

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  • Took the loss like a champion, unlike Lopez. Congrats to Haney, magnificent jab.

  • Boring as heck. Haney justJab and move away and then hold . Then Kambossa just swung a missed and kept do the same over right hand and check left hook all night with no success. He didn’t know how to cut of the ring. Nothing impressive from both.

    • The jab to the body and head and the ring generalship and complex slipping from Haney was impressive. The way he forced Kim to fight the way he did was impressive.

  • Congrats to Haney. I wish him the best going forward as undisputed. Kambosos should in the future focus on making weight and training properly, rather than running his mouth like a ghetto ignoramus.

  • Props to kombosos, he went to the dressing room and gave his respect to the new champ, that surprised me. He is not like Lopez, Lomo, Romero and Canelo, who never took their lost like men.

    • First- Romero has no business being included in with Lomo and Lopez.

      Second- I don’t recall Loma bitching and moaning about the decision. He may have said he didn’t agree but for the most part he was fairly respectful.

      • If you watched the fight, Lomo didn’t throw a punch until about the 7th round and still made it a close fight. Lomo should not of gone into the fight injured which showed lack of judgement on his part. If I recall, he had shoulder surgery the next day after the fight. Big money makes people do things they ordinarily would not do.

  • …last November, my moment was wrecked. This is a sad truth, because Lopez was beaten more convincingly than Kambosos was against Haney, but despite that he showed a high degree of decency and respect “I’ll let him have his moment , all respect to him”
    That’s all Teofimo Lopez had to say to leave the ring as a true man, but his behavior made him a truly jackass.

    • Teofimo and his dad later doubled down blaming Eddie Hearn and DAZN for the loss.

    • “He didn’t really want to come into the fight too much”

      “Look, I gave him the shot. If I hadn’t given him this shot, he wouldn’t have had his moment right now.”

      Kam didn’t simply give him his moments. He threw in a few backhanded comments. I’m not sure why he talked about giving someone a shot. If Lopez didn’t give him a shot he wouldn’t have been in the position he’s in. Just say congratulations, and that it.

      • True. I think those ‘backhanded ‘ comments were more about saving face than digging at Haney.

      • Kambosos was Lopez mandatory, a well earned shot, Haney just sized the opportunity, but Kambosos had no obligation whatsoever

        • Which means nothing. A 20 years old Devin Haney was once Lomachenko’s mandatory and he didn’t get his shot. By that same token Lopez “had no obligations whatsoever.” Doesn’t matter Haney is the king of the mountain in the division.

      • I was ringside mate, I don’t think he won every round. 118-110 was a stretch. But all respect to Haney.

      • Yes, he won every round.the fight wasn’t close at all. He doesn’t know how to deal. with a good consistent jab. He looked super slow in comparison to Haney.

    • Everyone knows Lopez lost because he didn’t train much and wasn’t focused for the fight.

  • From a promotional standpoint, this might prove to be a difficult fight to stage as a rematch due to the one-sided nature of it.

    • Really no need for a rematch based on what I saw in this fight, and cowardly to get all the concessions and request the rematch be held in Australia. He knew he was gonna lose and now Haney as a champ has to go back and beat him in his backyard again, salute to Haney for swallowing his pride and conceding to prove he was the superior boxer.

    • Bruce Kielty
      yes i agree 100%.
      will 40-50,000 people pay to see this again right away, in 3-6 months?
      i dont see it happening.

  • Congrats to Haney, well deserved.

    I wish Kambosos would take the “L” and do away with talks of a rematch. Kambosos didn’t want to fight Haney in the first place he was trying to get Lomachenko. The result will be exactly the same. Kambosos simply doesn’t have the skills, ability, or power to disrupt Haney’s plan.

  • haney got a bad jab i dont know about a rematch kambosa bettercome up with a better fight plan if he wants haney in a rematch

  • Rematch if it does happen will be with only the two camps families…on a Tuesday afternoon

  • It wasn’t a great gameplan, he was just boxing from long range beautifully and do a step back when attacked.. Nothing great in term of a strategy but Kambosos and his team were as one dimensional as Lopez when they fought a few month ago.
    He didn’t even try to cut the ring off or to rough him up but with bad intentions not just 10 seconds time go time..
    Great win for Haney like i expected it but what a shitty fight it was..

    • How wasn’t it not a great strategy? He won the all the belts because of the strategy. Let’s not forget the way he moved away and slipped Kam’s punches. Truth be told that strategy takes discipline and skill which is why many fighters don’t fight that way. Not because it’s boring ( I thought it wasn’t boring), but because it’s hard to do.

  • No one is looking forward to watching Haney defend his belts. He was very boring, there was no excitement at all in that fight. Good luck making it on PPV

  • Kambosos has to change his punch angles. Watch Robinson vs Fulmer 2 for the angle of “ the perfect left hook” delivered by Robinson that ko’ed Fulmer. The right hand can be sent in the same way. Haney saw those overhand rights before Kambosos’s mind triggered the launch. Over and over same attack.

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