Haney schools Kambosos, becomes undisputed

George Kambosos Jnr Vs Devin Haney Action9
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

In a clash for the undisputed lightweight title, Devin “The Dream” Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) scored a one-sided twelve round unanimous decision over George “Ferocious” Kambosos Jr (20-1, 10 KOs) on Sunday morning in front out 40,000+ fans at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The elusive Haney’s jab was sharp as he largely neutralized and frustrated Kambosos (and the crowd) in a very technical fight. Scores were 116-112, 116-112, 118-110.

There is a rematch clause, so they will likely run this back in the Fall.

Official attendance number 41,129. This makes it the second biggest attendance in Australian modern boxing history (behind Pacquiao v Horn in 2017). It surpasses Fenech v Nelson 1992, making it the largest attended fight ever in the state of Victoria.

Kambosos: He had a smart game plan
Fulton: I want Akhmadaliev

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  • Kambosos blows more smoke promoting this fight, but was a luke warm fire during the match. I predicted a TKO for Haney and was wrong. However, make no mistake, Haney’s speed and jab were the tickets to his victory. Kambosos, even with his reactive anemic arm punching, was swinging more at air than anything during the fight. Kinda was amusing how quiet the crowd was getting as the fight the progressed since Kambosos was basically one step behind each subsequent round. Haney’s style is NOT like Lopez’s style and Kambosos could not figure the puzzle. In the rematch, same result; Haney on a easy victory. Great fight for Haney.

  • Haney is a boring coward. He has long arms & tied up Kambosos whenever he got inside. Haney is bad for boxing!

    • Sounds like the person who made the fight boring was Kambosos. Kambosos needs to learn how not to get tied up, cut the ring off, and counter. It is not the job of the better boxer to level down to his opponent to make the fight, but the lesser opponent to level up. Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, etc never complained that taller fighters or longer armed fighters tried to jab and tie up, they went out countered and did not get tied up

      • Actually, Frazier big time bitched about it.watch “Champions Forever”.When talking about the 2nd Ali fight.

      • Wrong. Smokin Joe’s corner DID complain about Ali holding after the 2nd fight. Excessive holding is against the rules, but the lame referee was selective in enforcing these rules. Haney won, but his fights are boring. He won’t be a draw at the gate.

    • Yep, I agree. Kambosos is a great ticket seller leading up to the match with all his talk riding on the confidence train. However, the actual match was rather one-sided and maybe even a disappointment to some in the crowd.

  • So great. I was rooting for Haney to win, to beat that loudmouth. He did his talking in the ring, which is what I prefer in all fighters.

    • What did you like best? The holding, or the feinting? Because he never went for the kill or win. Do you have any idea what the punch stats were? Horrible fight by BOTH!

  • Where are ALL the Racist & Devin Haney Haters & Delusional Kambosos fans? Where you at???

    I told you all two or three weeks ago that Haney was going to win by a WIDE DECISION and he did!
    Haney pitched a shutout!!! Haney won 120-108!!! I don’t care what these inept judges said/scored . Kambosos didn’t win not ONE round. Haney made Kambosos look like a straight amateur, period!
    I told you all that Haney did/does EVERYTHING better than Kambosos. Kambosos has NO ability of adjusting and your saw that tonight. I said that Haney’s boxing IQ was far greater than Kambosos, and you saw that tonight.


    So let all the haters and racist fire away.

    • I had it 118-112. I gave Kambosos 2 and 10. All else was Haney, and easy to score for him.

    • You don’t care what the judges say, and no-one cares what you say. Racist blah blah blah. Same old sh1t.

      From an Australian – Good win by Haney, he’s on another level to Kambosis

    • Great performance by Haney. Kambosos had no answer.

      Why does someone always have to pull the race card? Boring.

    • Haney fought like a lot a American fighters with a slick style, boring boxing and holding on when close, scared to fight on the inside. And yes unfortunately a lot of black fighters fight this way, win on points and then think they did something great, delusional assholes that they are, Fulton, Hopkins, Gayweather, etc…

      • Typical Aussie, punk ass loser always losing cant be black fighters so let it go loser.

      • Hmmm and immediately BigO gives Ansel ammunition. BigO, you are the a$$hole, stop denigrating some truly great fighters with your nonsense hate

        • Richard I wish I could see you face to face and we’ll see who the asshole is punk, great fighters gimme a break novice.

          • Haha sure thing tough guy, keep tapping that keyboard. If Hopkins and Mayweather aren’t classed as greats, shows you know jack sh1t, novice

      • Haven’t met one black boxer that fights like that. What I see is skill and hard work being the difference. Wasn’t a boring fight. It was fun to see Kam get our-boxed and him trying to figure out how to get out of matrix.

      • Maybe a few but I guess you never heard of Tank Davis Errol Spence Terrence Crawford Deontay Wilder The Charlos Mike Tyson Lennox Lewis Julian Jackson Marvin Haglerand countless others with high ko percentages that are black.

        • All the guys you mentioned are black, I mean at least you got that part right but they were not slick boxers who avoided combat say like Mayweather in the latter half of his career, it’s not a black thing my friend, it’s a style thing but that style is used mostly by black fighters which was the point.

    • I agreed with you haney made it a shout out..not even close I wish I would had bet in Las Vegas lol to win some money but watch your language cause you sound More racist than what you think

    • Made him look like an amateur but had to hold him all the time? Jog on fuck wit I was ring side, a landslide it was not. 118-110 was a joke. He’s a poor man’s Mayweather.

    • I’m not a fan of either, Ansel, they both blew tonight, What did you like best about Haney? His holding, feinting, or dodging? If he was such an ass kicker, why were the punch stats so even? We will see you when, and this is a HUGE IF, Haney has the cajoles to fight Shakur, Loma, Tank, Lopez, Garcia, etc. Kambo dared to be great. Will Devin??????

      • Haney fought a brilliant fight. The goal is to win….. The 118-110 was still a home town score.

      • Agree…Haney did what he was suppose to do…have to finish fights like this….Kambosos did not want to fight….even great defensive fighters would finish under these circumstances…Pernell Whitaker was an example of a great defensive fighter but …Pernell would beat the crap out of fighters…watch the Chavez …Mcgirt fights..

    • You really are a member of a losers tribe. I’ve never heard anybody complain as much as your ilk. Nobody is listening and everyone is sick of it, the world over. Even people who share your same complexion. Historically, you actually have nothing to complain about regarding what’s happened on this planet for the last five hundred years. You’re also probably the most privileged person who ever existed in the United States of America. FACT!

    • I thought if it’s a boxing match it’s Haney,if it’s a ” fight ” it will be George but Haney deserved to win….. don’t get too settled mate,and the NEW …. Tank Davis !!!!

  • Even Haney fans weren’t engaged in this snooze fest! Zzzzzzzzzz…

  • Boring chess match… not 1 significant punch landed in 12 rounds… zzzzzzzzzzz

  • I had it 9 rounds to 3. I’m expecting Kambosos will activate his rematch clause unless he’s dead at the weight and I do think he can make a closer fight of it if he starts throwing actual combinations earlier in the fight, but watching this one, I do not think he can beat Devin Haney.

  • What a boring fight. Not sure if Haney can ever sell a PPV fight.

    • Probably not!
      I won’t pay $1 for one of his fights.
      At least I got insomnia!
      Just my humble opinion.
      Second thought I won’t see his next fight.
      The dream is all yours guys!

  • Crowd did not affect Haney in the least. To be honest, Kambossas is really limited. He needs the extra advantages like the hometown crowd, ect.. This was easy work for Haney. Teo won’t be so much. Teo knocks Haney out.

  • Wow…Haney used his jab and stabbed the sh*t out of Kambosos. Haney’s jab completely put a hold on Kambosos’ aggression and confidence. In addition, Haney’s jab and defense made the beers go flat for the quiet Kambosos fans. I wonder if Kambosos has any interest in a rematch??

    Great job by Haney, and a great job to the folks who picked Haney to win in Australia.

  • Reminds me of Roy Jones Jr. too damn quick for anybody right now…he wins his next two fights.
    Amazing quality.

  • Not the most thrilling display I’ve ever seen, but congrats to Haney. Easily outpointed him and never let the crowd into it. George couldn’t figure out a way around that jab, and I doubt much changes if they fight again. A rematch seems like such a waste of time.

  • Oh look!.. shocker!.. (For casuals).. like I said when Kambosos won his last fight against Lopez. Lopez was not himself.. Kambosos makes way too many mistakes. I said everybody was going to go after Kambosos because it was the easiest fight to win all the belts. They jumped for the opportunity.. did you see that when Lopez had the belts?.. he caught him on an off night after covid and it was a perfect storm for Haney to get all the belts with an easy win. I could’ve typed it but I pretty much called every single fight since then. But most people don’t know sh** about boxing so I’m not surprised that most people on here are usually wrong. When I read comments there’s like two people who get it.. sry you lost your bets but this was an easy call. Peace

    • Nah, it was Teo who caught Loma on an off night!! Commentators, fans, every one was saying it, something definitely off about Loma tonight, he hardly threw his right hand. And it was such an off night for Loma that he went and got shoulder surgery 2 days later to repair that right arm.
      Did Teo get his ruptured lung, stomach and chest cavity repaired after losing to George on his off night?

      • As a fan of boxing I’m not giving any fighter an out or pass after they lose and say they were injured, if you elect to fight and don’t disclose it prior don’t mention it after you lose. Off night or night if you lose you lose hopefully you get a chance to redeem yourself with a rematch. Fans don’t seem to understand some boxers match up better against your favorite fighter and when they win they deserve the proper credit that includes Teo over Loma and Haney over Kambosos.

        • As a fan I understand.. but as a gambler and someone who pays attention to detail. You have to take things into consideration.. including weight.. and preparation. Under the circumstances, a casual would assume that Kambosos would dominate Loma because Tiofemo beat him and Kam beat Tio. But if you look closely Kambosos should be an underdog to most of the Top guys in that division. If not everyone.. I’m simply stating the facts and the results proves it. You guys are stuck on emotions and can’t read boxing properly. Just like Canelo that was an easy pick.. he’s the only fighter Canelo fought on an even playing field since the first GGG fight. I understand styles, matchmaking and potential. I can look at an amateur for one minute and know if he has what it takes to match up with a champion. People on here are not true fans because a true boxing fan will appreciate my comments. All they want to do is disagree but I’m at least 90% right and sometimes break down fights like I’ve watched it already. A little more respect and maybe I would’ve taught you guys some tricks. Now I’m like.. good luck . But I don’t need that because I know boxing

      • Look, you can make comparisons between fights all you want. You guys are stuck on me defending fighters.. I’m a boxing fan. I pay attention to all fighters and judging on Kambosos last fight I could tell that he was going to get dominated. Lopez was off but Kambosos still went down and had to dig deep. It’s not about giving anyone a pass it’s about analyzing the situation. You guys aren’t very smart people when it comes to boxing. I bet you think I’m Tiofemo.. just like when I used to comment on YouTube on my papicuerpo name people thought I was mayweather because I’d predict him to be the winner. I called the Canelo fight.. UD. Called the Tank fight 6th round KO.. if you guys weren’t haters I would have called this fight for you and you guys would’ve made some easy change. Crawford vs Spence.. easy pick. For me.. tough for a casual. The bottom line is you guys took the bait and thought that Kambosos could even compete with Haney. I called it before the fight was made.. you don’t know how to read boxing. I can tell by the way you talk about it.

  • I couldn’t tell if they were training sparring or boxing or fighting but I know one thing I could tell it was boring

  • Why on Earth is there gonna be a rematch? Who’s gonna pay to see it after this?

  • This was a horrible fight….Credit to Haney for winning and being professional…The pre fight questions involve Kambosos using athletic pressure to make it a fight….Kambosos had to be in supreme condition to do just that as Haney …as expected is a slick boxer.,..Kambosos was listless from the start, flatfooted, open for any right hand to be thrown by Haney…Kambosos showed no sense of urgency., Nothing….Look as if both had a silent agreement not to press each other for the knockout….I gave Haney credit but to be great…if a fighter is showing you that he does not want to fight ….then you have to find a way to get the K.O. …Kambosos was upright the entire fight with his left down open for a right hand….Haney has to learn to be a finisher…obvious that Kambosos did not come to fight tonight….weight drain..rematch clause… whatever the reason Kambosos did not want to fight…and if you ask me …to have a rematch…you must have an initial fight….do not know if you can call that a fight so definitely no rematch needed….

    • Some people don’t know boxing and that’s clear!!!! People are talking like Kambosos is a K.O. artist, he has less than 50% K.O’s. That Teo knockdown was a flash knock down and now he thinks he’s a finisher? I salute his performance against Teo but I personally never thought Teo was the #1 lightweight but he got lots of credit for the Loma win.

    • Sean I agree with everything you said. Kambosos had a game plan that made no sense. Yes, Haney jabbed well, but Kambosos never showed any urgency. I would have thought that he would have jabbed his way in and went to work, body and head. But he just stood on the outside, right in position for Haney to work however he wanted to. He made no adjustments, just kept doing the same thing and attacking the same way (at least on the limited times he did attack). Certainly in the last few rounds you would have expected Kambosos to go all out. You’re fighting for the Undisputed title, and you don’t throw punches or combinations? A shopworn Linares and JoJo Diaz at least troubled Haney, but Kambosos could barely scrape a round.

  • How many fight of the year do you think Haney will ever be involved in? The same as Mayweather none. They are masterful pure boxers, Mayweather maybe the best pure boxer but they could never be considered on the level of Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, JC Chavez and many other true great in this sport. They are just not exciting. Glad the title is coming back to the US however

    • Mayweather was in some dogfights early in his career…and Mayweather knew how to throw punches to finish a fighter when needed…. Mayweather was always a master boxer …and Mayweather could punch…don’t forget Mayweather beat Canelo..Haney is certainly no Mayweather…yet to be seen if Haney will be Mayweather like as for now Haney is a slightly above average slick boxer…

      • I really wish Haney would sit down on his punch a little more. Mayweather was a KO artist earlier in his career before he started having hand problems. Master boxer who would look to finish his opponent. Haney did very well but his style was risky on foreign soil. Always try to keep it from the judges if possible.

      • Sean: Agree. Mayweather was actually exciting in his earlier career, I enjoyed those fights. Did not enjoy his later career fights at all, just too much running then, but he looked after his health and of course the money. Haney already now fights like Mayweather at the later stage of his career.

    • You don’t put him on that level but most do, do you know that Julio Chavez was 82-0 and fighting a guy 10-10 who had just lost 7 straight fights? Records mean nothing it’s who you fought, Maywether fought less than half the fights Chavez did and fought more champions.

      • Those old school fighters stayed active…by being old school fighters were battle tested… activity keeps your reflexes sharp, keep a fighter in shape and condition focused… irrespective of their opponent s record..nothing like realtime experience…not to much in the ring that the old school fighters with alot of fights have not seen … Currently studying Duran and Chavez defensive style..learned from fighting many fighters

  • Kambosos should watch the way Isaac Cruz fights or Mike Tyson, that is the way to defeat a fine technician with no punch like Haney is. Kambosos was guessing all night in what direction the jab was coming, right at range, honestly I expected from him to be more aggressive not the sitting duck he was.

    • You do realize Kambosos “has no punch” right? His KO percentage is less than Cruz, Tyson, and Haney so why would a guy “with no punch” like Kambosos study fighters that can punch (excluding Haney). That makes absolutely no sense. I’m not sure why you expected for from Kambosos when he clearly didn’t want to fight Haney, to begin with. He was trying to run away and fight Lomachenko. He literally had nowhere to run.

  • Great win for Haney, and congrats to two young champions getting it on in their prime.

  • Congratulations Haney undisputed hugger headhunter of the world.

  • That was a fine win by Devin Haney and he showed a lot of discipline in sticking to his plan for all twelve rounds, which takes some doing on any soil much less foreign soil. I know there are fans who wish it were a more exciting fight but why would any fighter make it more difficult for himself if he doesn’t have to, especially if he has Haney’s agility and speed? Makes no sense against an opponent as ordinary as Kambosos, who still has the power to make things dangerous. A rematch seems absolutely pointless; it wasn’t even close. Haney has bigger fish to fry now in Ryan Garcia, Tank Davis, and Loma, all of whom will make Haney work hard and make him have to dig deep to have any chance of winning.

    • Please tell me of this “power” Kambosos has? He only has a 50% KO ratio, less than Haney. Haney was disciplined but when you’re on foreign soil one should think about keeping it out of the hands of the judges. In the rematch, he may not walk out of there with those titles even though he’s the superior fighter if he doesn’t step it up. As for those bigger fish scratch Ryan Garcia off that list. He didn’t want to fight Isaac Cruz so tell you isn’t looking for any resistance. He’s a clout chaser.

  • Boring as heck. Haney justJab and move away and then hold . Then Kambossa just swung a missed and kept do the same over right hand and check left hook all night with no success. He didn’t know how to cut of the ring. Nothing impressive from both.

  • Just as I predicted. Haney would use the jab to control range. Tied up Kambosos on the inside. I was kind of disappointed with Haney. I thought he could have stepped it up and made a better statement but his gameplan was superb. However as masterful as he was, he just isn’t entertaining to watch. But congrats to him. Hopefully he won’t be on PPV.

    • Same, I thought he would try to stop him considering he’s not fighting at home. He could have gotten robbed.

  • Were are all the boxing specialists lol ?! And the Aussies saying kambosos was underrated!

  • Made easy money on this fight. All Kamby had done was beaten an unprepared teo controversially.

    • That is Teo’s fault, and you need to take that loss like the man you wish you were. Your boy got beat and has done nothing since, and will likely do nothing ever again in his overrated career. All teo did was beat a one-armed Lomachenko who would have whooped his ass like he didn’t even exist if he came in the ring healthy. Lopez had a full healthy body, unlike Lomachenko, when he got beat by George. Then he had the audacity to go get some fake doctor to make up some condition where he had holes in his esophagus, LOL. Puh-lease.

  • Boring fight. Haney won by outpointing with the jab but thats it.. it wasnt a boxing masterpiece as the commentators wud hav u believe. He was scared to let go and mix it up and fought that way. Now i get it
    that you do what u do to win but he aint gettn my money down the road to watch his boring fight style. Kambro made it easy with little to no head movement. Loma wud eat his lunch!!!!

  • Boring fight. Haney clinched constancy frustrating his opponent and while boxing authorities allow this “defensive skills,” to be done, the “victors” will continue going to the back at the fan’s expense…

  • Black excellence!!! Congrats Haney. Against all odds, he pulled it off!! I never doubted Haney’s skills but I doubted if the judges would be fair.

    Now we gotta get this rematch shit out of the way. Haney beats him again and it’s almost judgment day. At the age of 20, Lomachenko avoided his mandatory Devin Haney so fighting anyone else would be a coward move, Lopez keeps talking about 135 when he was supposed to be at 140 so he’ll have to see Haney if he still has that itch. Tank and Devin have a grudge and he claims he wants bigger fights. Haney has been the most avoided guy in the division and after he beat Kambosos…again they will have to see him.

  • Very uneven fight. The rematch will be the same or worse for Kambosos unless he lands a lucky shot that changes the course of the fight.

    • After what we witnessed last night who wants to see a repeat, Lomachenko would be beat them both with the greatest of ease.

  • ESPN telecast, constant babel endless commercials before they televised a fight, then end up with one of the most boring title fights I have ever seen. Kambosos the Spartan warrior, what a joke, looked amateurish, hesitant, and totally predictable stuck in one gear. Made one long for the lightweight greats like Roberto Duran, Shane Mosely, & Carlos Ortiz

    • HTH
      ESPN needs to learn how to televise fights. They cut away before the bell and then start the round again well after it rings. We need to see the fighters at least begin to walk back to the corner. Especially no excuse for cutting away at the end to Sports Top 40 and not showing the post fight in the ring interviews which really help to round out what we have seen. The sheer incompetence in whoever at ESPN directs these fights is truly inept and

      • Not to mention an hour long run before Moloney-Palictes where they just gabbed instead of showing live fights.

    • Like Mark Kriegal and Andre Ward… analysis…Kriegal is a no nonsense ….don’t bullshit me .no fluff..commentator ..Andre Ward …very professional…keen eyes..well spoken …always logic in Ward’s analysis…otherwise ESPN could do better…what did you think Teddy Altas? Actually miss his insight…

  • There was no fight. Haney bored us to death vs a very limited opponent.A couple of so-called Champions. Where are you Roberto Duran, Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns ? In those days, they earned their money. Nowaydays, you become a”Champion” with less than 20 fights and fighting nobodies.

      • I think Lopez might still achieve greatness, but he wasn’t close to the level Tyson was when he lost to George.

    • totally agree, Robert. Haney
      ‘s record padded with 10, count’em 10 paid for wins in Tijuana… so in my book, he was only 17-0, not 27-0.

  • One-hit wonder Kambosos reverted to his true form, the fighter who barely beat Bey and Selby. His win over Teofimo was a one-off. Haney knew he was way out of Kambosos’ league and accepted any terms to get the belts. Let’s see if he can keep them against Loma.

    • People seem to forget Lopez poor performance against the Japanese fighter Nakatani, who Lomachenko absolutely thrashed. The Ukrainian came into the Lopez fight injured and only fighting with one arm. Haney will have to see Loma before he can truly say that he is undisputed.

    • Lopez came with only one fight plan and that was to blast Kambosis out with one punch. Not only was it the worst plan for any fight ever, but it was the perfect thing to happen for a counter puncher. Lopez managed to get decked in the first round and just couldn’t change his mindset.

  • This isnt the fight to pat yourself on the back for getting it right. Everyone predicted a by the book Haney fight where every round looked the same.

  • Haney stunk the place out with his holding, and Kambosos just followed him around all night. I’d rather watch a haircut! No one remembers Ali vs. Frazier 2 because of all the holding Ali did whenever Frazier got inside. Last I checked, holding was illegal in boxing. Referees should start taking points away for holding. Last night’s “fight” was garbage. I turned it off after the 8th round it was so bad.

  • Styles make the fight and this fight had no chance of being entertaining. Personally, I hate seeing a title changing hands this way, but when the Champ lands virtually nothing all fight long there’s no other way to score. Please don’t bother with a rematch. It’s pointless, because stylistically nothing will change.

  • Please cancel the rematch–nobody wants to see haney jab and run for another 12 rounds…BORING.

  • Be good to see Bill “poor man’s Escobar” Haney v Big Jim “ I’m George’s dad” Kambosas on rematch undercard.

  • Haney is a boring fighter who relied on clinching, running and his jab. Yawn. Kambosos needed to take more risks and be more aggressive. He needed to come in more like Maidana and less like Algieri who never got out of his cage.

  • I’m just sad Lomachenko had to let the fight down because of the war in Ukraine. Lomachenko would’ve beat Kambosos any day a week and be undisputed. Anyway Haney vs Lomachenko needs to happen this year, at 34 in the lightweight division he’s no more a young fighter..

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