Kabayel KOs Sanchez in WBC eliminator

Frank Sanchez Vs Agit Kabayel Knockdown
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

In a WBC heavyweight final eliminator, WBC #3 Agit Kabayel (25-0, 17 KOs) knocked out WBC #2 Frank Sanchez (24-1, 17 KOs) in round seven on Saturday night at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Kabayel pressed the action from the start and walked down Sanchez the whole fight. Sanchez simply wasn’t able to handle the pressure and workrate of Kabayel. The end came in round seven when Kabayel floored Sanchez twice with a body shots. He was counted out at 2:33.

Sanchez, also rated WBO #3, WBA #4, IBF #6, was more than a 2:1 favorite. IBF #7, WBO #8, WBA #9 Kabayel now has consecutive upset wins against Sanchez and Arslanbek Makhmudov, who was a 9:1 favorite.

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  • Kabayel is one tough dude. I always suspected that Sanchez was a bit over hyped.

    • Very few guys at any weight bang the body as well as he does.

  • Impressive, Kabayel is tough and relentless. Not sure though if that was the fighting fit Sanchez a person normally sees, having that bad knee by the looks of it he fought with tonight.

    • Not buying the knee excuse. Great fighters can overcome that handicap: Michael Spinks fought with a bum knee and knocked out Gerrie Cooney. If Sanchez was truly great, he would have compensated with other skills.

  • I knew it be a tough back and forth fight but I did not see that kind of domination. Great win for Kabayel and Frank can will take some time of and come back more determined.

    • Same. I knew it would be a tough fight to call but favored Sanchez. I didn’t see Kabayel just walking across the ring and beating him up like he did. That was domination.

    • Sanchez is overhyped! Not coming back from this one my friend.

  • My question would be the knee. Sanchez had no movement tonight and kaybel just stayed in front of him. Hurt knee no lateral movement. Kaybel did his job. When does an injury become a valid excuse? I think we saw a bit of that tonight. It shouldn’t diminish kaybels performance, but ultimately, I think it does a little.

    • You don’t even know what was going on with his knee. Kabayel dominated. Blame it on Sanchez’s knee if you’d like to, but Sanchez would’ve postponed the fight if he was injured.

  • kabajel was the better man,but Sanchez didn`t look well trained. he had a bit of fat around his guts. i think Kabajel has improved a lot since his fight with Chisora a few years back, I think he would Stop chinny Joseph Parker if that match is ever made.

  • I’d put kabayel in as favourite in a bout with Joe Parker . Those sapping body shots are something else

  • Wow! I admit, I thought this would go the exact opposite way. Agit must be legit!

  • I expected more from this fight.

    Or to put it more accurately, I expected more from Sanchez in this fight. I didn’t recognize him, he didn´t move, he looked fatigue, almost no will-power. The real Sanchez wasn´t in the ring I feel.

    At the same time, Kabayel lived up to expectations, partly made Sanchez look bad, as it developed it could only end in one way.

    We will see more of Kabayel. Would love to see more of the real Sanchez too.

    Congrat, hats off and well done.

  • Sanchez should not have fought on saturday night. His mobility was zero, due to his knee injury. It became a Tony Bellew vs David Haye I fight. It was just a matter of time

  • If they fought 50 times, Kabayel would beat Sanchez every time because he’s the better, hungrier fighter. At this point in his career, I see Kabayel beating Fury; Kabayel is bigger than Usyk, and hits harder.

    Kabayel is a polite, well-spoken gentleman, and a breath of fresh air for the heavyweight division!

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