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  • These odds are retarded. A junior olympic kid will destroy Silva. Has anyone seen him box? He’s horrible.

  • I thought I seen it all but this is by far the biggest embarrassment in the history of the sport.

    • Not even lol. At least Silva is a mma legend. Mayweather fighting a YouTuber is a way bigger embarrassment to the sport


    Henry Armstrong was once an undisputed boxing champion in 3 weight classes, at the same time, and almost won a 4th, but was robbed, and that fight was called a draw.

    Oscar De La Joya had 3 different women pregnant at once.

    • That was when there were only eight divisions instead of the seventeen or so of today.

  • This will be the greatest fight since ‘85 when Tyson fought Secretariat 16 miles out in international waters.

  • 3-1 is generous this should be more like 25-1 odds in favour of Chavez Jr., I’m guessing that Anderson didn’t get any better at boxing in the last 10 years, and he was pretty bad in the fight I saw. Heck Chavez Sr. probably deserves 3-1 odds in a boxing match in spite of the height and weight difference.

  • Silva has championship fighting blood but Chavez has that inherited monster left hook to the leever.
    Should be a decent scrap actually. Silva gets in top shape, doesn’t quit, and fights the very best. Discipline vs non discipline = Silva wins

    • Except, Silva is not a boxer. He is a MMA fighter who should be retired from that sport already.

      Sending a MMA fighter into boxing is like sending a cricket player into MLB baseball. It’s different sports that have similarities but still different. Silva is not a boxer. Would be the same problem if junior got into a cage with Silva under MMA rules. Makes no sense at all.

      • That is assuming that the fight is real and not a staged circus show. They probably agree before hand to collect the money from anyone foolish enough to buy it and then put on a show for them.

  • Gosh, boxing is just becoming a freak show between a bunch of has been and never was’s. Roy Jones Jr calls out Oscar de la hoya, Marco Antonio Barrera is talking about coming back and now you got the underachieving Chavez Jr versus in ancient MMA great. Well when this joke of a sport won’t pit prime fighters on the elite level facing one another, we have to put up with this crap instead so that the suits can make money. You can also hold accountable the low IQ casuals that have taken over the sport”s spectator dollars. I don’t spend a dime with this business anymore.

  • Anderson v Chavez… it will be “zone war” a fight for space and timing. In a zone war the victor is normally the player who adapts and applies. I have 2 questions.

    Will this fight be held in a ring or a “ramp” like they had in the movie bloodsport?

    Second and final question even though Spider-Man has won only one fight in 10 years does Jnr know his opponent is considered the king of Zone battles?

    And the question I need to answer – is this thriller or showtime?

    Next question when and where will this battle of the ages commence?

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