Benn eyes Khan or Brook after Vargas

Rising welterweight Conor Benn(17-0, 11 KOs) is eyeing a huge domestic clash with Amir Khan or Kell Brook should he get past Samuel Vargas as expected on April 10.

“He’s an experienced fighter,” said Benn. “He gave Amir Khan hell. Amir Khan got saved by the bell and by the grace of God three or four times in that fight. He had him on the deck. I know Khan’s chin isn’t that credible but he’s a well-respected fighter. He’s achieved everything that I want to achieve in the sport. This is going to be a harder fight than people think in my opinion.

“I made the mistake once of overlooking an opponent and I hit the deck twice. I can go back to that fight because it was a career-defining moment for me. I had to ask myself how badly I wanted it. It taught me to never overlook an opponent. I thought, ‘what’s he going to do to me?’. Boom, straight one-two. That was a massive reality check for me. Since then I don’t overlook opponents.

“I’m not overlooking Vargas, but what doors open after him? I want a big domestic fight still. Someone that I can take that experience off. The Amir Khans, the Kell Brooks. The Josh Kelly fight is still there if he’s still fighting. The Amir Khan fight would be one hell of a fight. That would be a great British clash. Amir Khan was a fighter I looked up to and so was Kell Brook. Why not put me in with one of them after Vargas?

“This is definitely going to be an entertaining fight for the public. This is going to be one that you don’t want to miss. This is going to be a steppingstone in my career. It’s going to be a massive fight. It’s going to be a great fight. It’s going to be a hard fight. I’m going to have to show grit, determination, hunger, skill and power – the full shebang!”

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  • Ok this must be the part of the game where his Pops is showing how to stack EASY bank for the future.
    Both have excellent credentials, but are SHIZZZZOT.
    One can be knocked down if the wind blows to hard.
    The others orbital sockets will break after two jobs.
    Get that $$$$$ tho fam.

    • They are not the fighters they were, but Brook shouldn’t really be underdog against Conor Benn. He has lost to GGG, Spence and Crawford. If Brook gives a shit about the fight, I would pick him to beat Benn.

  • Is Aamir khan still fighting these days? Thought he retired, hasn’t fought since Billy Dibb fight

  • Brook is still a solid guy but it’s not a fight that the British is public is clamouring for is it ? If Benn wins it’s not gonna move him that far forward as both guys are on the downside of long careers , especially Kahn

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