Juarez ends Contreras win streak

Photo: Damon Gonzalez/ Latinbox Sports

In a brutal slugfest, two-time world title challenger Cesar “Corazon” Juarez (23-10-1, 19 KOs) ended the improbable win streak of WBA #8, WBC #15 featherweight Dennis “El Martillo” Contreras (24-11-1, 22 KOs) by taking a ten round unanimous decision on Friday night at the Whitesands Events Center in Plant City, Florida. Juarez was extremely aggressive, often preventing Contreras from getting the distance he wanted. He hurt Contreras in round two and battered him the entire round. Contreras’ best round was round eight, but Juarez put the heat on again in rounds nine and ten to pull away 96-94, 96-94, 97-93. Juarez wins the WBA Fedecentro featherweight title.

In other action, unbeaten heavyweight Stephan “Big Shot” Shaw (15-0, 11 KOs) needed just 102 seconds to knock out Nicholas Davis (6-3, 4 KOs).

Also, undefeated Top Rank welterweight prospect Omar “New Era” Rosario (5-0, 2 KOs) defeated Marc Misiura (2-2) by unanimous decision over four rounds (40-36 3x) and super welterweight Bryan “The Hunter” Polaco (5-0, 4 KOs) stopped Justin Gunter (2-2, 1 KO) in round five.

Najee Lopez KO1 Wallace Nass Silva (cruiserweight)
Otabek Kholmatov TKO3 Carlos Diaz Ovando (featherweight)
Luis Caraballo TKO3 John Portal (super welterweight)
Christopher Galeano W8 Marcus Willis (middleweight)

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Sanmartin defeats Carmona
Claggett KOs Lopez in four

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  • Records don’t mean shit. Anyone who thinks so does not understand boxing.

    You see, boxing is a business. Records are not about ability. They are about marketing and promotion. Like selling cars, the industry is replete with lemons. Dennis “El Martillo” Contreras squeezed a few lemons, and obtuse followers thought he was all that and a bag of chips. Cesar “Corazon” Juarez might not have an attractive record, but he is a better fighter than Dennis is, and Dennis’s people made the mistake of putting him in with Juarez. As a result, Dennis got his ass beat. Plain & simple. Well, at least Dennis’s people took the loss with class. It was not like the Jardon vs Tomlinson fight when one of Tomlinson’s ghetto punk thugs tried to sucker punch Jardon, because Jardon refused to go by the script.

    Congratulations to Cesar Juarez & Dante Jardon. Two class guys who deserve bigger paychecks in the future.

    • Solid post about records. Protecting a fighter’s record is really not a great course for a fighter. From a management and business perspective it is a good course but boxing history is full of undefeated fighters who wee guided to a title fight only to lose soundly and never be heard from again. Guys whove been in tough and lost a few times often get more valuable experience than a guy with an inflated record. Even guys at the top would be better off if they just risked their records more often and fought each other. Its pointless to have 3 or 4 guys at the top of a division all title holders, all undefeated and all afraid to get into the ring with one another.

      Back in the Golden era Robinson, Armstrong, Griffith, Tiger, Ross, Canzoneri, Pep etc would repeatedly fight the other top guys and sometimes only win 2 out of 3 or maybe 1 out of three but their legends grew even in their losses.

      Now a guy like Sven Otke or Samson Dutchboygym retires undefeated and nobody knows or cares who they are.

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