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  • Takam was beaten one-sided when he fought Joshua and was even stopped in the process. Takam talking trash to pump his confidence and ego up right before he is smeared in the ring again. Takam has no power to even hold Joyce off coming at him.

  • Joyce moves and punches like he’s submerged in molasses. The lack of speed has got to catch up with at some point, but it won’t against Takam. Those slow combinations will probably bludgeon Takam out of there around the 7th or 8th round I’m guessing.

    • Not as slow as he looks. He is calculated. Usyk never really out manoeuvred him. He didn’t have trouble with Dubois.

  • No chance takem hype it up to sell tickets, AJ struggle beet , the engine room train , so no chance bruv sounds good , thoe lol

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