Joshua: I don’t have any fear of Andy

“Apparently I’m fighting the quickest hands and the best fighter in the division. So once I beat him I want everybody to bow to me” – Anthony Joshua

Photos: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Anthony Joshua opened the doors to his training camp at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield yesterday as he draws nearer to his heavyweight world title rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia on Saturday December 7, shown live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and DAZN in the US.
Anthony Joshua Training
Joshua was in a fiery mood as he looks to avenge the first defeat of his professional career and be crowned a two-time heavyweight world champion by winning back his IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO crowns in the ‘Clash on the Dunes.’

Here are a selection of quotes taken from yesterday’s session:

“I’m fighting the best man in the world now. I’m going to whup him, and show how great I am.

“They think he’s so great, so when I beat him I want everybody to bow to my feet and tell me how great I am.

“I couldn’t beat Ruiz Jr before and get the credit I deserved.

“You saw me in the ring [before the fight] – I wasn’t fighting King Kong, was I? [I didn’t have] that mindset.

“Apparently I’m fighting the quickest hands and the best fighter in the division. So once I beat him I want everybody to bow to me.

“It’s a restart, that’s the best way of explaining it.

“We’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the rematch, I’ve always had the challenger mindset.

“I’m in for a tough fight but I don’t have any fear of Andy. I’m not gun-shy, I’m ready to swing and trade.”

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    • if he feared him he would not have taken the rematch the man has made a ton of money so far he isnt asking for a tune up he isnt asking for anything other than to go back into the jaws of the Lion once again.

      Let them pick Ruiz, I dont see Ruiz winning the rematch.

      • You undoubtedly didn’t see him KO Joshua in the 1st match either
        Reality will soon bite you in the ass AGAIN!

        • Ruiz AKA Rachman/Lewis is a one hit wonder. He had his 6 months of fame. But…………its soon coming to a close. Like I said before eating tacos while rocking his grand kid on his knee taking about when he was “CHAMP”, that distant memory that came and went like the morning dew.

          • Lmao you get lucky once andy apparently you cant count. Andy got himself 4 lucky wonder shots. Joshua’s punch was also a one hit wonder?
            Tacos give you power it’s a fact

          • The difference with Rachman is that it was just one right hand. With Ruiz it was when he finally woke up and decided to let his hands go. If he lets his hands go again it may go bad for AJ.

      • It all changes when you enter the ring. A lot of boxers sign up for an immediate rematch after a KO and claim they have no fear. He def will be carrying those thoughts of getting KO’d all through training and into the ring. He’d be an idiot not to fear him. Having no fear is one of the reasons he lost the first one.

        • I agree with this observation and with the point I do believe having some fear is the key it wasnt just having no fear of Ruiz that cost him the first fight though there are several reasons this happened

      • Joshua’s safest option was to take the rematch. Lose to somebody else would have made him lose a lot of cash.

    • Let me help Anthony Joshua clarify what he really means…..”I don’t fear Ruiz, but I am deathly scared of his right counter!”. Joshua is going to get dropped again with that counter. Ruiz knows that is his weapon to victory. Ruiz, I bet, has even improved it more for this matchup.

      • I’m not sure scooby. I don’t like that he’s supposedly losing all this weight. It may end up hurting him. Being fat with quick hands is what got him the win.

  • Whatever dude. The minute he let go of those quick hands you couldn’t handle it. The body language said it all: Couldn’t handle it. If he lets those quick hands again, there will be a meltdown.

  • No one is saying he’s the best in the division. Just saying he has faster hands than you and he KO’d your butt. Joshua is starting to turn into a clown with his comments. I thought he’d win the rematch but he needs to have the right mentality. I’m not sure this is.

    • I agree that Joshua is sounding like a clown. It makes me think he’s trying to pysch himself up. Joshua has always been one of those “exudes a quiet confidence” type of guys. Makes me wonder where he’s at mentally.

  • Recently I was going with Andy to win, but now I’m leaning towards AJ by stoppage in the early to mid rounds.

    • AJ is going to taste those Ruiz counters pretty quick in the mid-rounds. Ruiz will be even faster on those punches in this rematch. AJ has not solved the riddle to Ruiz’s counters and history will repeat itself. AJ only knows how to hold on the inside when he is rocked rather than being an efficient defensive fighter. He is not used to this type of warfare and Ruiz exposed it. The blueprint to AJ’s downfall is wide open at this point.

  • You never know, Joshua just has to know if he hurts Ruiz, drops him again, that trying to finish him off my not work again. Other than that, he looks like he is trained good for this to prove something. Ruiz doesn’t look like a world class fighter, but he is a fighter that is used to winning too.

  • I can see Joshua taking a different plan in this time.Ruiz’s trainer told him last time that when he got in closer just let your hands go which he did .I think Joshua will probably stick and move and if he gets a shot he’ll take it ……….hard to say on this one but probably Joshua if he doesn’t get caught !!

  • I have been around boxing for 40 years and when I finish my comments there will always be someone that will dislike what I say

    Joshua was not himself last fight, the environment was not comfortable, regardless he was a champion and never came across that way ( this is not my first rodeo something happend in sparring or mentally leading up to the fight) Joshua is a very robotic fighter, not fluid for a champion type fighter
    too much bulk maybe not sure. When you are not relaxed in the ring tour body does some crazy things, I believe that was also part of it, it’s hard to explain but kinda like anxiety that messes with your body endurance etc.. Ie klitschko when he was younger

    With that said, this should be an easy fight all things being equal, must keep the stick out and keep his distance, if he does that I believe he will Ko Ruiz because he will get sloppy and get caught somewhere in the middle of the fight because in his head he will watching the 1st fight. Big mistake if he does that.

    Ruiz has always been a very good fighter but in my opinion is just short of the top echelon (fury, Wilder & soon to be Dubois) he did not have to be technical in last fight due to Joshua not fighting off of the basic 1-2. And Joshua made him look like a world beater which he is not!

    Boxing gurus please apply let’s make this a great discussion

    • I agree 100% I would compare it to when Corey Sanders beat Kiltchsko. Every one kept saying he didnt have stamina etc. I think Ruiz though has a very good chance of repeating only because he seems so determined, Joshua almost seems like its a forgone conclusion.

    • Very good observation on not only fighting for the first time out of his country but what might have been the main reason was the knock down. He tried to make a statement and that’s when he forgot he was fighting with a fighter with something to prove. No joke Andy Ruiz jr is how I expect a Mexican heavy weight to look cause that’s how we are built after 200 pounds lol But you are right if Joshua sticks to his 1-2 use his reach movement height and fights big easygoing for him and boring win.But if he gets caught and wants to trade to show that he’s not scared might bite him in the butt cause Ruiz got good chin and Cajones

    • Darrel I’m with you but what I wonder is if that night had a negative toll on AJ mentally. And if so, will he recover from it? If AJ is ok mentally then I think he won’t have a problem winning.

    • What bugs me is Wlad had him first, dead on his feet, and let him get away. That was the worst boxing finishing job I’ve ever seen.

  • Aj, you may not be afraid of andy, but your horrified of losing to him again. Let’s be honest.

  • Between the two of them, they’re going to be about 50lbs lighter than the first fight! I predict Joshua takes this one by a close, but unanimous 12 round decision.

  • Firstly , I wish AJ wouldn’t talk like this even if he’s feeling it.

    I’m picking AJ but not a 100% confident prediction. My worry for him is that he over compensates on caution I would even prefer him to disregard the comms about going for the KO when he hurt Ruiz.
    To me there seem to have been far more cases where a guy has another guy hurt and not jumped on him and gone on to lose than cases where a guy is hurt and KOed by another fighter when going for the finish.
    AJ has been hurt/floored before and must take something from that. Wlad (who is a bigger puncher) floored him late in a good paced fight and he got back up to get the KO. If Wlad had caught AJ with a similar shot to that which Ruiz caught him he would surely have got the same result? You can’t odds a shot which hits the sweet spot and messes up your balance and recovery ability.
    So all in all I wouldn’t change too much other than realising that AR is more of a threat and that will naturally be there. As will the thought of who he fights next

  • Re taking the immediate rematch , I’d say it was a no brainer. He wins and he takes 3 belts back (2 of which he keeps). Going another route could mean a long and protracted way back as we have seen with Whyte how politics can work. At least this way destiny is in his own hands.
    Just one more point. I worry about how the weight loss for both fighters will affect them. But with Ruiz it’s more odd because he put weight on for the first fight. Now I presume a big reason why fighters do this is to improve the ability to absorb a shot which may even have been a factor for the first win?

  • Andy hasn’t even tested his chin. He’s Only tested His noggin. And that shit cracked. So yea. All Andy.

  • Def a PPV event. AJ will sing his swan song if he looses. I still believe AJ has overwhelming physical advantages and should at least box Ruiz’s ears off. However if AJ does not take caution he will get KO’d again. Ruiz has quick hands and power and can take a shot unlike AJ, who is vulnerable. Does AJ even know how to attack RTuiz’s soft belly? AJ will never be able to drop Ruiz for a 10 count or a stoppage. If AJ fights a perfect fight Ruiz’s corner will have to stop the fight in the late rounds

  • Bow down to me?!?!? HA!! I’m not going to bow down to shit!! I said the first time around Ruiz was going to win by KO and I’ll say it again. It’s over AJ!

  • I have a feeling it might end even earlier, unless AJ keeps Ruiz at the end of his reach. That said, anything can happen in a HW fight.

  • Remember AJ took him way to lite the first fight.he beats Andy this time bad.i like Andy but I’m just being real.andy is going to lose.

  • We all know styles make fights, i mean the true fans of the sports know this.

    But what we tend to avoid looking at is the reality in that, if I were fighting lets say Floyd Mayweather I would not set up a camp focused on a Mike Tyson like Style I would hire slick defensive counter punchers with hand speed and great footwork because thats the style I am going in there against.

    Joshua had 2/3 of his camp focused on the style of Miller, it was not announced that he would fight Ruiz until May 1st. that leaves Joshua with only 3 weeks to revamp his entire game plan and find sparring partners who have that style of fighting.

    Good sparring partners are not easy to find much less sparring partners with this kind of style at Heavyweight. I would say it took a few days for them to find sparring partners this left Joshua with about 2 and a half weeks to make major adjustments not enough time IMHO.

    Now I know you are all going to say well what about Ruiz he didnt have time either.

    in a sense that is true however Ruiz went right back into the gym after beating Dimitrenko who is a tall Eastern European fighter a similar style to Joshua so he was better suited going into the fight because basically he had two camps facing two guys with similar attributes.

    Then comes the fight itself, Joshua scoring a early knock down was my biggest fear because I knew Joshua would be tempted to match the performance of WBC Champion Wilder just weeks earlier and thats exactly what happened.

    Joshua went in for the kill stayed in there too long and got nailed with a shot that changed everything. it was a shot he simply could not fully recover from the right shot on the right spot and it forever changed history.

    However what I do NOT understand is how people are questioning this mans chin and heart, he got up four times he fought back even when hurt he wanted to continue when it was stopped.

    What is disturbing to see is how so called true fans are making such statements when you know they are simply not true, if Joshua had no chin he would have been counted out that did not happen and some of you make Ruiz out to be a monster puncher look at his record he has a 64% knock out ratio not exactly a big banger but he is a heavyweight and in this division it really only takes one shot.

    with all of that said Joshua has had a full camp focused on one man and some of you forget Ruiz was dropped he was rocked after being dropped and he was hit with clean shots along the way he just had a guy in front of him who happened to not be fully prepared for his style.

    Now I know some of you are going to come here and discredit my claims some of you will resort to trash talking and name calling I get it some of you are team Hayman no matter what and some of you are just haters to you I say this, the message here is not meant for you its meant for the true fan who wants to discuss the sport.

    All I am going to say in closing is this there are no excuses this time around and I havent made an excuse for Joshuas loss the last time around this is a sport where anything can happen, I would have rather Joshuas people post pone the US Debut but you know what thats the business aspect of the game.

    What I will say is that this time round we are going to have a different Joshua in there one who is prepared for that style and who has had a camp 100% dedicated to the style of Ruiz, He will not be fooled by the flabby fatness he sees he will not be tempted when he scores big in the fight he will not be fooled by the soft spoken Ruiz he will know the real dangers here and that is what will keep him honest enough to get the job done

    Let Ruiz continue to run his mouth as he has been lately so far he has learned that No he is not the A side in this, the evidence in that is the location of the fight and the purse that the so called B side is making in this fight.

  • I was once (or twice) in A.J.’s corner. However, I have to agree with earlier comments: A.J. is spewing forth nonsense. Furthermore, he’s also POSING those muscles a little too much. I’m not hearing or seeing a truly confident fighter…

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