Joshua avenges loss to Ruiz, regains WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles

Photos: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing, Dave Thompson/Matchroom and Ian Walton/Matchroom

Superbly conditioned Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21 KOs) regained the WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight titles by outboxing 283-pound Andy Ruiz Jr (33-2, 22 KOs) over twelve rounds on Saturday night at the Diriyah Arena in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.
Andy Ruiz Jr V Anthony Joshua
Joshua set the tone and easily won in round one, cutting Ruiz over the left eye with a sharp right hand. Joshua was cut over the left eye in round two, but landed the better shots. Joshua successfully kept Ruiz at bay from the outside as the rounds progressed. Ruiz connected with a few shots here and there, but Joshua did more and put round after round in the bank. Ruiz was able to rough up Joshua in round eight. Round nine was close. Joshua got back to boxing the rest of the way. Scores were 118-110, 118-110, 119-109.

Andy Ruiz: I didn’t prepare how I should have
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  • Congratulations to AJ for regaining his championships with ease. This was a beautifully determined and focused fighter focused and determined to show the world just who he really is.

    • That’s how most tall heavyweight champions of the past fought. What else was AJ supposed to do? Ruiz has a good chin, so AJ played it safe and still schooled him with a near shut-out win.

    • Yes, is a win, regardless the boring way. The bike Joshua was riding is unknown in Mexico. But that type of bike will be useless against Wilder, that’s for sure

      • Riding a bike is a metaphor for running and it supposed unknown in Mexico?

        Millions upon millions of Mexicans feeing that country, or riding a bike, says otherwise.

      • It was closer to a track meet. You usually have to throw more than 10 (maybe he was closer to 20) punches a round. Call it defense if you want, but great defensive fighters don’t have to run like that. Pernell could stand flat footed in the center of the ring and make better fighters than Ruiz miss. AJ deserved the Decision, but he also deserves to be skewered for this “win”.

        As for Ruiz, he deserves open criticism too. Neither man is worthy of the Title Champion after this fight.

        • Scott, you sound like this is the first fight you ever watched. How do you get beat 10 outta’ 12 rds. by running. How much did you lose?

    • James he also buzzed Ruiz with some right hands it wasn’t all jabs. You also can’t win a fight if you don’t land and Ruiz clearly didn’t do much of that.

    • Your boy got whipped, get over it. At least fat boy got rich and made history. Ruiz was never cut out for undisputed.

      • My boy Ruiz knocked out Joshua? Did Joshua knock out Ruiz? Face it, Joshua got ktfo but Hearn put together this hoax to give this paper champ his belts back.

        • You sound so salty lol. Give AJ his cedit dude. Andy got schooled and had 12 round to put a stop to that schooling feom AJ. He didn’t because he was completely out boxed/out classed. Period. No hoax,just a retooled AJ with a great gameplan to win the fight. It’s about the science….he put on a great performance. AJ deserves the win and Andy nesds to take his fat ass to a all you can eat buffet challenge.

    • LOL. It must be true that Joshua consulted with Klitschko before the rematch. Joshua simply just loves to hold on the inside and is clueless how to move or embrace (inside) defense- much like Klitschko. You guys can shoot me down, but Wilder would have ko’d Joshua tonight had they boxed. Joshua’s footwork was terrible on the inside, very robotic with his “pushy” outside punches, and had limited head movement.

      • I’ve always said about Wilder that you would probably have to KO him to win as he needs just one punch and in most fights he will get that opportunity.
        But you criticise AJ for lack of this and that and call him robotic but didn’t Wilder look robotic for most of his fights with Ortiz (2) and Fury?

        • Yes, Wilder did look robotic against Ortiz and Fury at times in the matches. However, the way AJ looked in this rematch I am willing to bet Wilder would KO him on timing the right hand. Thoughts?

          • AJ has the boxing skill to beat anyone. Can’t see Fury getting past him based on his last sorry fight. Hes capable of out boxing Fury too especially he times his own hard shots.

  • Easy fight. I knew he had more pathways to victory. Better athlete, more powerful. Not sure why there was so much debate.

    • The debate was because Joshua got knocked out by Ruiz. Did Joshua knock out Ruiz? No. So, where is the revenge? REMATCH in America or boycott all events promoted by Hearn. He picked the judges who didn’t penalize cheating.

        • No, I mean the illegal wrestling move Joshua kept using. The entire press has covered this up by using the misnomer “clinch” Joshua didnt clinch he used an illegal wrestling hold. Maybe that’s why they had an MMA type announcer there. I guess the press wants to make money in the future writing about paper champ Joshua who can’t take the punch of a little fat guy from so cal– truly pathetic and lame.

        • Yeah I do know something REGIS, I know Joshua got KTFO but got a long count. Then he quit. In the next fight he never hurt Andy where is the revenge? Truth hurts? REMATCH IN AMERICA Joshua didn’t WIN a single round in the rematch. I’m a real fan no one pays me to post comments. Who pays you to help cover up the hoax REGIS?

      • The revenge is that Joshua is walking away with his belts. Of course Ruiz’s KO was more spectacular and glorious, but Joshua executed the perfect fight plan and outboxed Ruiz. The way Joshua fought shows he respects Ruiz and knew he couldn’t just go in there and bang with him. He was afraid of Ruiz and it showed. That’s why boxing is a chess match and not a street brawl. Ruiz didn’t do anything to earn an immediate rematch. Maybe down the road, but Joshua should have his dance card full for the near future.

    • Agree 100%! This is how Jousha fights, this how he became champ. He had no respect for Ruiz in the 1st fight and got caught by a punch behind the ear from which he never recovered. Tonight class was in session and Ruiz couldn’t do much other than try to land a bomb and he dis land some hard shots l, very few, but he took more. He was outboxed by a fighter with way less experience but way more athleticism. AJ showed the mental strength to win.

  • Dominating performance by AJ. I never doubted the outcome of this fight, despite all the criticism of Ruiz backers who thought that the fight would end the same way as the first.

    AJ messed up in the first fight, but he fully redeemed himself by practically schooling Ruiz. At the same time, Ruiz is very tough and much better conditioned than would assume when looking at his weight.

    Good but definitely not an exciting fight. Hrgo vs. Molina was more fun, and even Hunter vs. Povetkin had better highlights.

    • Joshua fought a disciplined fight and changed his style which made it hard to draw a bead on him. Good on him.

      Ruiz may have come in heavier but anyone who said he was out of shape was wrong; he wasn’t breathing any harder than Joshua was at the end of the fight.

      Styles make fights and Joshua changed his enough to make a difference.

      • I don’t think AJ changed his style but rather I think in the 1st fight he just didn’t fight the way he was supposed to and we saw tonight was who he is as a fighter.

    • Lol. I think most should’ve predicted this. But he’s still overrated. He’s not as good as Lennox which was a comparison. And I think he’d lose to Wilder and Fury. So he’s still overrated. Ruiz was too.

      • Nice Joke!!
        After watching Wilder get battered for 7 rounds by the old Ortiz, do you seriously think he has a chance against AJ???

      • Don’t compare AJ to Lennox,Lennox is a Hall of Famer dude. And let’s not forget,Lennox got BETTER when Emanuel Steward toke over as his trainer. Same for W Klitcho,BOTH of those guys go better as big men after they switched their games up. So don’t say he’s not as good as Lennox. AJ is still young and learning….let’s give him the credit he deserves for making the adjustments needed to win the fight with ease. I guess we all can say that Wilder is OVERRATED as well right? Because trust me,Wilder has a very hard punch….but i have watched slow guys be well ahead of him in fights. And because he can crack,his power bails him out. But make no mistake buddy,Wilder can and will be beaten soon enough. And i believe he’ll be KO’s when it happens. But we all can see that Wildeee can be out scored in fights. All someone have to do be able to not be in front of him long enough for him to not be able to land that heavy punch. His KO luck will run out. To be very honest with you,AJ boxing the way he did last night,that would easily be enough to beat Wilder. Fury clearly out boxed Wilder,Twice before getting caught,Ortiz was leading in BOTH fights do to out boxing Wilder. A few others have as well,OUTBOXED Wilder. So let’s not call AJ overrated,all the current HW’s have a lot of flaws.

        • Wilder can throw further and move better than Ruiz. He didn’t do anything to show he can beat Wilder. He still got hit with some flush shots. That the end of the night. And I didn’t compare him to Lewis. Others did. Tae Joshua was overated he’s not so much now. But he’s distant to Fury and Wilder right now.

  • First fight was the biggest upset of the year while the second fight was the most predictable result of the year.

    • Regis – AJ was the bookies favourite but from the opinions I’ve seen of fight people the predictions were mixed and it seemed to me that more were going for Ruiz.
      Also – and this surprised me – many neutrals said there was no way it would go 12. I thought AJ’s best chance was to fight long and either soften him up for a late rounds KO or a points victory.

  • What a classless fight from the Brit. All the cheating Joshua got away with because he was with his Muslim people. Clinching is wrestling not boxing. REMATCH IN AMERICA, no more championship fights in the middle-east no matter how much in bribes they offer.

    • Joshua and his muslim people? 🙂 LMAO!!
      This poor little boy Harrison has a real bad case of Joshua derangement syndrome.
      Sounds like you lost a bundle on Pancho the mexican buffett champion 🙂 Bwaaahaaahaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

      • Thats right Chris, you dont beat the champ by running. This the opinion of a real boxingfan. No one pays me to post. Who pays you lol? Trump? Can you say industry plant?? Hahaha got your number jokster Rematch in America!!!

        • What about Mayweather? What does Muslims have anything to do with it. Your like a Jehovah witness. Very devout, but no idea what you talking about.

  • Yawn!!!!

    You don’t need to take your shoes off to count how many power punches AJ landed. I found myself hoping the judges would screw him.

    With that said, it’s hard to root for a fighter who clearly didn’t bother getting ready for what most of us expected…a track star! Cut the ring off! Sell out and get rough if you have to, but Ruiz didn’t do either.

    AJ ran all night, but he was a clear winner. I’m formally declaring myself a hater though. I’ll always root for the aggressor. If you can’t handle a fat Ruiz, then how will you fare against Wilder, Fury or any of the young lions?

    • Yawn? He put on a boxing clinic. I like aggressive fighters too which is why Canelo wins all the time. But whatever haters gonna hate. I don’t even like Joshua but it’s funny his fan base on this site went from 95% to 25% now to looks like 45-50%.

      • Yes, yawn! If this is really what boxing is about, then it’s future is bleak. AJ didn’t throw enough punches for this to qualify as a fight. I don’t think he landed 10 power punches. If you count jobs, then maybe 10. LOL!!!

        He deserved the nod, but beyond that he gets no credit for running laps.

        • It’s called boxing and he wanted to prove it. Awesome job. Not a great fight but a great boxing performance. This is not for fringe fans.

    • Can’t handle Ruiz? He did handle him…with ease,won all but one round. Yeah,you damn right you are a hater. Common sense is,he took Ruiz fat ass to school. He put on a show,what did you want him to do,fight small and go toe to toe again? Don’t be stupid,he did what a champion does,he lost,went back to the drawung board against a guy that is much faster with his hands. AJ did an excellent job. He did what you called BOXED you idiot.

  • Coming in as fat as Ruiz, he deserved to lose on principle alone. As for Joshua, a less than impressive win. He treated Ruiz like a Mike Tyson.

    • You’re not wrong Pete. Part of me wanted the judges to screw AJ, but Andy’s preparation clearly didn’t deserve the gift.

      • You wanted the judges to screw AJ because he boxed circles around Ruiz? Really? You are definitely a HATER saying some silly,hating dhit like that

    • AJ fought smart…give him credit for the resetting and making the adjustments needed to outpoint Ruiz and get the EASY win. Give AJ credit,he boxed circles around Ruiz,plain and simple.

  • I was wrong. Ruiz blew it in unreal fashion. Not only was he fat as hell, he allowed Joshua to keep him at a distance, and to run around all night at will. He didn’t cut off the ring at all, and he was waaaay too slow because of the extra weight. Go home to cali and hit the all you can eat mexican buffet Ruiz!! All that being said, Joshua wasn’t that great either. He ran like a bitch and didn’t close the show against a incredibly overweight moron that wouldnt even cut off the ring. AJ aint shit and will get pummeled IF he fights wilder, which everyone knows wont happen. He will continue to cherry pick ….super LAME!!!

    • Fair play for your 1st few words but you’re saying AJ is where he is because he’s cherry picked opponents and Wilder because he’s taken on all comers?

  • Joshua did well. But Ruiz disgraced himself. His weight and his i inability to cut of the ring was a shame to the fighter he was before winning the title. Highly unprofessionel performance.

  • Wow, I felt like they read my comments.. he corrected everything that was wrong in the first fight and his old habits. I was surprised how he was able to box the entire 12 rounds.. for a heavyweight that’s impressive. The left hook was there.. the jab was there.. he used Ruiz size and slow movement against him.. there were a few body shots but not as much as I expected. But if you notice Ruiz became aggressive every time Joshua landed a right hand to the body. To me that’s a sign that Ruiz didn’t like it but like I said before it’s difficult to land clean body shots for the taller fighter because then he can be in range for Ruiz counters. AJ played it safe and fought smart against a fighter with a good chin. The only thing I can see Ruiz do in a third fight is lose some weight.. get better movement on his feet to cut the ring and let his hands go.. this time he was too slow. Good job for AJ though this was Boxing. Beat him with his brain. I like it.

  • He did what he had to do to win, he was gun shy which you can’t blame him.
    Neither one of them looked like champion caliber fighters.

    Fury & Wilder must be Laughing out loud

    I give Ruiz credit for being so fat and going 12 rds. Definitely not a Buster Douglas

  • Get in shape Ruiz.
    Just terrible
    He gave himself NO chance to win
    Excersize between fights, eat less, change your diet.
    He should drop 40lbs before he fights again.

    • Also,
      So glad i didnt watch. I knew he had NO chance to win
      Will he be over 300lbs next time?????

  • When Joshua said before this fight I know I will fight Ruiz for a 3rd fight, then I knew the script was written. And when I saw Ruiz on the scale I knew it was going to be a decision win for Joshua. There was a time when Boxing had honor from it’s champs. Ruiz proved beyond doubt that his meatballs and Tacos were more important than any honor or championship. You could say he pulled a Riddick Bowe and ate himself out of the title. Now if Hearn mentions that a 3rd fight will be on the way, I’d suggest that they look for a group of down syndrome amoebas to actually watch it, because no one with a brain needs to see this a 3rd time. Joshua knew he was going to be track star, and Ruiz knew he was going to be the punching bag, sorry but this was another waste of my time. A B.S fight from the world of the WBC/WWE.

  • I also like how he was patient and didn’t rush in when he got him hurt with a right hand. Ruiz seems to recover quickly. That’s what got him in trouble in the first fight.

  • Here’s hoping we aren’t stuck with a rematch and that someone deposits AJ into the former title holder sooner rather than later.

    • Can understand re the rematch but just wondering why you’re so keen for AJ to lose?

  • I’m so sick and tired of DZAN and others playing up the Mexican angle, I know it’s a business decision but it’s divisive and dangerous.

    All these fighters (Molina, Ruiz, and the other kid) were born in the U.S., their families fled that country for a reason, if they were real warriors they would have stayed and fought for their country, their families and their rights.

    Seems like the more you abuse or take someone the more they love you and the more you offer and give them the more they disrespect you.

    • They do try to play up the Mexican angle. How about that interview with Canelo before the fight? It looked like he stopped off at the gas station and picked up a pair of shades on his way there.

  • Uh I’m waiting…………………..Hello? Lol ahhh hahahaha. Time eat crow. lol Oh this and oh

  • Ruiz is a hard man to KO!. I predicted an AJ UD but when Ruiz showed up as Butterbean Jr I was sure it was 2 or 3 rounds and Ruiz either quitting or getting rescued by his corner. AJ showed he can change his spots and keep to his game plan to perfection.

  • Ruiz has nobody to blame but himself. If AJ was slimming down for this fight for speed and agility then why the heck was Ruiz fattening himself up? He looked every bit of the 280 plus pounds he carried into the ring, slow as a tortoise and couldnt catch AJ. This was played right into AJ’s game. Nobody wants to see this crap again, please no 3rd fight.

  • Shocking that Joshua wasn’t able or willing to put Ruiz away in the first few rounds, like I predicted. He used his height advantage and stayed alert, to jab his way to victory like an amateur, without the apparent ability to get his man out of there. He just doesn’t have that killer instinct. Credit to the blubbery Ruiz for adding the additional weight so he could survive, and occasionally getting the best of the robotic gentlemanly Joshua. Joshua seems very mediocre, and I gave him too much credit. Never again.

    • Don’t be foolish….he fought a smart fight and won a very impressive fight with a great gameplan. And you are talking about how AJ didn’t knock Andy out? E er heard of what’s called the sweet science? That’s what was on display Saturday. L Lewis,K Klitcho,M Ali and and F Mayweather have all won games by simply out boxing their opponents. Fat ass Ruiz lost,like he should have the first time. AJ bests Andy 9 out of 10 fights,FACTS!

  • This was a setup period. Storyline, champ lost legitimately, comes back against an overweight fighter who is seemingly unprepared, just to bring up the question and setup theb3rd money grab, what if he was prepared, could he beat the Joshua that showed up tonight, did Joshua answer all the questions from the first fight…tune in for round 3 as we avoid Fury, Wilder and King Kong while still taking in the dough.

    • YOU SOUND STUPID….You hater. Why don’t you go ahead and train and face AJ. Would that be a setup when he stretched your hating ass also? If Andy was 20-30 lighter,it would not have mattered. Sane result because that’s a difficult style to win against how AJ boxed.

  • What did I say and what did I say???
    First of all, well done and Big respect to AJ for getting his belts back and schooling Ruiz.
    What have all the haters and Wilder girl scout fans especially Jon Mentalson have to say now??
    Long live the King

  • Regained his losed titles/belts is most accurate. Only a KO “avenges” a KO, especially when you drop someone hard, they get up, smile and put you down 4x in return. Andy never looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but in the ring during the second fight like Joshua did in the first. A W is a W I guess.

    • He didn’t have to win by a KO to avenge a lost you idiot. He won the rematch,period. The lost has been AVENGED….that’s common sense.

  • Ruiz made his millions from hitting the lottery. He doesn’t deserve any more big paydays. He plays boxing SMH

  • Tonight’s fight proved that the 1st fight was a fluke, and a properly prepared and focused AJ beats Ruiz 10 times out of 10. There was no doubt in my mind, as I correctly picked yesterday on this site, that AJ would regain his titles by UD. Ruiz and his fans cannot make excuses, because Ruiz had PLENTY of time to prepare for this fight, but he knew Joshua was focused and prepared specifically for him and Ruiz knew AJ was the better fighter. I honestly think the extra weight on Ruiz kept him from getting KO’d tonight. No version of Andy Ruiz Jr ever beats AJ
    again. Not interested in a 3rd fight. AJ needs to make a fight with the winner of Fury/Wilder for undisputed at heavyweight. It’s time the division
    sorted this out and it should be done by this summer. No excuses!

    • Thank you sooooo much for telling it like it is. My words to a tee to all the AJ haters and Andy bandwagon jumpers.

  • 283lbs? You have got to be kidding me. Fan of Andy’s, thought he would win, but he deserves this loss.

  • Joshua should fight Fury two big heavyweights with no nuts. No heart whatsoever must be the British pedigree. Wilder will murder both of them so will Ortiz. They don’t want nothing to do with either of them especially AJ he knows what the outcome will be.

    • No nuts? AJ has just gone straight back in with a guy who gave him a mare in June. Fury travelled to Germany to fight Wlad and US to fight the biggest puncher on the planet.
      There was absolutely no media clamour for the Ortiz rematch which he conveniently announced was happening just before the 1st AJ/AR match but the date/venue wasn’t finalised until Sept.

    • What planet you living on???
      Wilder the Bum Squad got schooled by a rusty Fury, he’s going get KTFO in the rematch. He will get smashed by AJ too , thats why he keeps ducking him. You’re just another casual american fan.

      • I’m American but i TOTALLY agree with you,Wilder is soooo overrated. And hia time is coming. I can’t stand that FRAUD Wilder. Fury beat him and got robbed,and i prey that Fury beat him this time and get the decision. Congratulations AJ!!!!! I’m beyond happy for you!!!!

    • Stop swinging on Wilder’s nuts dude. Wilder gets out pointed in every damn fight it seems like. He has great power yes,but Fury beat him with ease really,he just ran out of gas. Ortiz out boxed Wilder twice before getting caught by the big shot. But he is old….Wilder’s time is coming,he has serious issues with a boxer. All someone has to do is box him and not get caught,easy UD for them. He is overrated as a boxer. His time is definitely coming.

  • Mexico has such a proud boxing heritage. Sad to see someone like Ruiz rip off the public, collect his money, and discredit the sport.

  • And last but not least loved all the expert opinions from all the “EXPERT”, trainers, boxers, and media. Sadly……………….you got it all wrong.

  • Re prep for this fight and those citing Ruiz’s poor prep for the AJ win , both fighters had the same amount of time to prepare and they were both preparing for the full camp to fight each other.
    Last time out AJ was preparing for most of his camp to fight BBM and had to change it all with 4 weeks to go.
    And there were many on here who said that AR would do a better job with more time to prepare.
    The facts are that AJ had a full camp to prepare for this specific fighter and so did Ruiz but whereas AJ made the sacrifices and adjustments and came in well prepared Ruiz did not. Discipline in training is surely a big part of boxing.
    Ruiz told us all that he’d do everything to keep those belts. Apart from training and conditioning then?

  • Congratulations to AJ.
    Fought the perfect fight and followed the game plan to the letter.
    I’ve never wanted someone to box and move so much before!

  • Well done AJ. Although I had certain doubts I had belief he could do it.
    It’s strange that after the first fight there were so many who said he couldn’t box and now he’s shown he can he’s dull and unexciting.
    Just a shame it seems that those who give their “mark my words” predictions can’t come back on here and say he proved me wrong.
    There may still be clamour for a rubber match given time but for that to happen Ruiz needs to beat someone of note and in style and before that get back into a better fighting shape.
    I’d like to see Ruiz vs Whyte. If Ruiz wins then he’s back in the picture and if Whyte wins can they still keep freezing him out.
    As for AJ , it seems he’ll have to relinquish either the WBO or IBF. I’d be very surprised if it’s not the WBO as Hearn would want to match Usyk and AJ (should they both win their next fights) in a unification. AJ needs to forget totally about Wilder and Fury and see it as a bonus if he gets either fight.
    I see the only other scenario – other than AJ fighting Pulev next – is that he fights Wilder in a unification fight whereby the alphas often make exceptions.
    So Team Wilder – you were saying that Ruiz beats AJ and were keen to fight Ruiz , if you’re serious about AJ , call him out now and not the usual timing of just after AJ has signed to fight someone else.

  • Has Joshua redeemed himself? I don’t know but there’s definitely no need for a 3rd fight. Not anytime soon anyway. I think Joshua needs to look impressive against a quality opponent before there’s talk of him taking on the winner of Wilder-Fury. He fought a good, smart fight but really didn’t turn heads

    • Like the user name but just a couple of points.

      1 – AJ is the cash cow here by a million miles so he doesn’t need to chase those guys. He is the fighter who generates the money and you can tell that by the numbers that each of the 3 fighters did. Hell , just compare the numbers of any AJ fight with any Wilder or Fury fight.

      2 – If AJ needs to redeem himself then it works both ways. Fury looked way below par in his last fight and Wilder struggled vs a 42 year old last time out

    • You don’t know if he’s redeemed himself? That’s a joke….of course he did. Look at what all He’s done to get prepared and installed a great gameplan to REGAIN his titles against a guy that he should have never lost to. And will beat Andy 9 out 10 times regardless of how much Andy weights.

  • Lets not forget AJ had only 17th fights when he fought against Wladimir and the then novice fighter took on a champ the experienced Deontay Wilder was too scared to fight. Before AJ and WK put on that super fight the heavyweight division was dead, those 2 put it back on the map. Wilder was this vastly experienced fighter was part of this dead division. Mostly unknown is the usa
    and only boxing fans knew who he was in the uk. Deontay may have power and the brilliant Mark Breland in his corner but until he actually beats a better prepared Fury or AJ , and displays some of the boxing ability shown by the two brits , his power alone does not represent him being the best of the bunch he must earn it. My bet is he will struggle with both . Now the good news is we could have a great series of heavyweight fights coming up.

  • AJ fought the right kind of fight I felt he could have turned it on a little more in the 9th but Ruiz is always going to be a danger in shape or out of shape.

    The one thing you could see in this fight is on occasion is AJs want to mix it up he tried a few times in there and you could visibly see him force himself back into the game plan Temptation vs Discipline as Joshua boxed.

    I am glad that cuts did not play a role in this fight and that it went on its natural course. Though people are mad at AJ for not standing still and letting Ruiz knock him out again these are tools he will need to continue to improve going in against the likes of Wilder and Fury.

    and I am not trying to hate here just being real Ruiz does hit behind the head allot I mean those were the best shots he landed all night.

    and lets be honest I really dont want to see a 3rd fight not unless Ruiz gets some solid wins and earns it

  • I heard a rumour, that sounded like bullshit, that Joshua is going to be forced by the IBF to fight Usyk within 180 days. That would be a bad fight for Usyk. If I were him, I would target Wilder. He would outbox Wilder, penetrate his porous defence, and Wilder would have a very hard time catching him with his ever present right hand. Obviously Wilder is taller, but size wise, they are essentially the same. They are both natural 215-220lbs.

    • It’d be the WBO that forces it. He has rights to a challenge for the WBO. Ruiz is garbage and will go away. Wilder is the man right now. Not just my words listen to the Snake and Brian Kenny talk about it before the fight. Joshua is number 3. Live to see him fight Ortiz but he won’t. Wilder and Fury for the number 1 champ in February. Can’t wait.

  • HHHHmmmmmmmm the out spoken Ruiz fans are as rare as the passenger pigeon. I know I know pride is a horrible thing to swallow. But………the sun will come up again as it always does. Life will go on. Mexican heritage took a hit like a yellow belly cur dog, but hey you got Canelo.

  • AJ isn’t the cash cow, how do you figure? There’s no way Wilder ducked him. They didn’t want to fight or they wouldn’t have offered Wilder that slave contract, nobody would sign that and they new it. Wilder beat Fury almost knocked him out how do you take a title like that? Ortiz would beat Fury and AJ easily that’s why they don’t mention him. Nobody wants none of Wilder that’s why he gave Ortiz a rematch. Fury signing with top rank says it all. He’s a 6″9 almost 300 pound fighter who slap fights. Him and AJ deserve each other. That wouldn’t even be a ppv fight in the US. Maybe in the UK but in the US I don’t think so….

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