Andy Ruiz: I didn’t prepare how I should have

Former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz commented on what went wrong in his world title loss to Anthony on Saturday night in Saudi Arabia.

“It was his night and I think I think I didn’t prepare how I should have,” Ruiz said after the fight. “I gained too much weight, but I don’t want to give no excuses. He wanted to box me around, but if we do the third fight you best believe I’m going to get in the f–king best shape and be in the best shape of my life…[the weight] kinda affected me a lot. I thought I was gonna feel stronger, I thought I was gonna be better, but I think next fight I’m going to get more prepared. I’m going to work with my team a little bit more. I tried to train myself for my last preparation. Like I said, I don’t wanna give no excuse. Anthony Joshua did a helluva a job.

“I think I was chasing him too much instead of cutting the ring. I was hesitating too much. My arms felt like I couldn’t throw my combinations. But you know what? I know next time I’m going to do a lot better. Who wants to see the third trilogy fight right here in Saudi Arabia, baby?”

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Joshua avenges loss to Ruiz, regains WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles

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  • These comments show 2 things: 1. He doesn’t respect his team, 2. He’s not very bright.

    Why he would ever think it’s a good idea to roll into this fight heavier than he’s ever been is baffling.

  • A big time loser. I do not want to pay to see you fight Joshua. I want to see Wilder KO this lazy bum.

  • Ya think….

    Definitely didn’t prepare well, this was a money fight for the trilogy. It set up a nice story line. If he comes in prepared can he win, can Joshua beat a conditioned Ruiz,. They keep making money while not having to fight Wilder, Fury, or King Kong.

  • Lets call it how it is. Andy was a one hit wonder when he beat AJ the first time. No way will be ever beat THIS AJ’

  • AJ might be the best fighter of his generation and Ruiz beat him once. I think Ruiz is content with that. Every big win from now on is just a bonus.

    • James….PLEASE!!!! You can’t believe that! AJ’s flaws are myriad. If Ruiz had anything, then AJ would have gassed out. As it was, his mouth was open and Andy was still able to land at times despite being WAY out of shape. Do you honestly think Wilder wouldn’t deposit him deep in the canvas inside of 6 rounds or Fury couldn’t box his ears off?

      I doubt AJ can beat a couple of the young lions now and most if them clearly need more seasoning.

      AJ is the quintessential paper champion.

      • Being able to go 12 rounds while waking down your opponent and being out of shape do not jive together.

        Ruiz lost because AJ changed his style to keep Ruiz from drawing a bead on him. If he had fought like this in the first fight he would’ve won that one as well.

        Parker is a solid fighter and Ruiz hung in there with him as well. Ruiz is better than you give him credit for and fat or not, he can go 12 rounds which out of shape people can not do.

        • Joseph Parker outboxed Ruiz silly, too. He needs to learn how cut the ring & to be lighter on his feet. To weight 287 lb. for this fight was ridiculous.

      • — AJ the longtime unified 4 belt champ.

        Deyonce the TBA skirt holder.

        Kiddies musta forgot!

    • Indeed….and he’s a multi millionaire to boot. Hopefully more so if a third fight is made. And Ruiz still made an entertaining fight today.

      • Only top 10, maybe huh? I guess your mommy never told you ‘no cookies’ and you got your way all your life and never really grew into a man. Well, what happened tonight skippy is you lost. Your boy got beat up and schooled by the current heavyweight champion of the world, and it is up to Fury and or Wilder to dispute that. The ball is in the winner of their fight to make a deal with team AJ. Ruiz is as old news as your soon to be former username in this comments sections 🙂

  • Just like stealing from your employee with no coincidences
    We all would get fired or lose are job if we we came in to work unprepared doing other things instead of are job!

    Learn from it, I can only imagine how difficult it’s to be put on a pedestal and seeing money fall from the sky into your hands.

  • Sorry, Andy! Nobody wants to see another rematch. Everyone deserves another chance, but you need to earn it in my book. Get in shape and fight beat a legitimate contender and then maybe I’ll tune in to another title shot. You lack of training was blatantly disrespectful!

    BTW, does anyone think the 15 extra pounds made the difference in this fight? To catch a running man, Andy probably needed to be 15 pounds lighter than his winning weight.

      • Ruiz would kill Kownacki.

        Kownacki has NO defense and takes too many punches, and Ruiz can take and deliver a pinch so Kownacki doesn’t even have a punchers chance.

        • Agree, if the polish mug and Ruiz ever fight Ruiz takes him out as the polish dude is there to be hit and doesn’t have movement (head or footwork) to make it difficult for Ruiz.

          That would be an entertaining fight for about 7 rounds though.

          • I’m not saying he wouldn’t win, but he needs to earn my viewership again. First, the scale and then a legitimate contender. I picked Kownacki, because like Ruiz he needs to rethink the scales and I think it would be a great marriage stylistically. Plus, Kownacki has earned contender status imo.

    • He needed head movement more than he needed to lose weight. This isn’t a beauty contest.

  • Get in shape Ruiz.
    Just terrible
    He gave himself NO chance to win
    Excersize between fights, eat less, change your diet.
    He should drop 40lbs before he fights again.

  • How about giving some money back? Win a fight, party like a rockstar get really fat and you aren’t embarrassed taking your money? Embarrassment to your fans, boxing and the Mexican people. Go fight Hughie Fury! I’m sure the result will be an “L” for the both of you!

    • What an embarrassment. Andy Ruiz should just disappear.

      What an idiot. Spent most of that money on stupid shit. Eat shit Andy. You are an embarrassment to Mexico you disrespectful asshole.

  • Get in shape Ruiz.
    Just terrible
    He gave himself NO chance to win
    Excersize between fights, eat less, change your diet.
    He should drop 40lbs before he fights again.
    Soooo predictable

  • Ruiz trained for power just like AJ did for big baby.. AJ didn’t let him get close enough to use it in this fight though. They both used excuses. AJ said he couldn’t recover from his lucky punch and now Ruiz is saying the weight affected him. Of course, because it didn’t match up good with AJs strategy. Believe it or not I still feel like Ruiz is dangerous for AJ .. the way AJ fought it proves how hard he had to work to get a win. Ruiz style is not easy.. every time he went after AJ it was scary lol.. imagine if he lost some weight. Good fight though for me anyway.

  • 100% “Not” interested in a third fight. Joshua should now becalling out for either/both Wilder and Fury. Wladimir Klitchko was the dominant heavyweight from days past, but he had a few reminders in Corrie Sanders, Lamon Brewster and even Ross Puritty that let him know he needed to ALWAYS be on his “A” game. I was willing to give Andy Ruiz credit for having real talent, but anyone who follows up success with a non-effort on such a major stage the very next time out ( * i.e. Buster Douglas v. Evander Holyfield ) will only be remembered as a footnote in heavyweight history. * which is fine by me because, even though someone’s physique is not a tell all for boxing ability, it was shameless that he would immediately admit to not being prepared for this fight. Part 3 ? I’ll pass.

  • What utter nonsense. He ate all he like buffets and thought that he could use his one plan against a disciplined former champ who clearly knows how to box when needed AJ was all class and movement. He lost for what ever reason and did what he had to do to regain his title. No need for fight 3 this one was not even close.

    • Only if it’s at Staples Center or in Mexico City. Then they’d get a huge gate. But I wouldn’t watch it. Time to move on.

  • For those of us who love and respect the sport of boxing…..Andy Ruiz was a disgrace to the sport tonight…Showing up 283 pounds while defending the most prestigious title in sports—Shame on him.

  • Baffling, Andy bragged about what he did in June with only a few weeks to prepare and then quips, imagine what would happen if he had the regular amount of training time…………. Well we now know exactly what would happen. Thanks ex-champ. You said you trained for anything Joshua would bring, you should have practiced portion control at the dinner table. You capitalized on a golden opportunity last June, only to toss it all away in December. I don’t believe you became champ by a lucky punch/s, but your lack of preparation for this fight seriously puts any demand for a third fight at about 0 stars. It’s not just getting the belt that makes you, it’s keeping it/them. James, Busted his chance at greatness and you very well might have Destroyed yours. You will have to prove that you are more than an asterix or footnote in the history of boxing champs before you will ever get close to that kind of $$$$$$ again, if ever.

  • “Who wants to see the third trilogy fight right here in Saudi Arabia, baby?”, Ruiz asks. “Baby”, my arse. Not me. I don’t like blubbery, obese, undisciplined fighters. Ruiz got lucky in the first fight, had his 15 minutes of fame, and during that time, did his best to become a humpty dumpty. He succeeded. Now he wants a third fight, for the money of course, promising to do something he’s never done: train and get in shape. Not interested.

  • Didn’t prepare for the most important fight of your life? Ruiz doesn’t deserve another shot: AJ won 10 out 12 rounds, and decisively. Ruiz went from being a hero to an embarrassment in 6 short months.I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t want to a see a 3rd fight!

  • Too bad James Toney isn’t fighting anymore. Those two could fight for the KFC championship.

  • Andy Ruiz lost the title by putting on 15lbs the day of the weighing. Obviously he thought that Joshua would fold after a few solid punches. Take being a champion more seriously Andy

  • Anthony Joshua fought a smart fight, this time around; moving, sticking the jab, firing the right-hand from time to time, and tying up Ruiz on the inside. Andy sure didn’t do himself any favors coming in so heavy; and sadly, his comments about training better “next time” and coming in lighter “next time,” tells the story here… Andy Ruiz knows better than anyone that he cheated himself, and f*ed up.

  • It should be obvious that coming in with an EXTRA truck tire around your waist is a bad idea but boxers are notoriously non-objective when it comes to themselves. It is a shame as Ruiz has better hands and better skills than AJ. This is reminiscent of Kirk Johnson, another very skilled fighter who could not focus mentally, who won one fight at a high weight and thought he could beat Vitali the same way.

    • Ruiz more skilled than AJ? That’s absurd.
      Ruiz has fast hands, the end. He has slow feet and cannot move laterally at all. He got lucky against an unprepared and distracted AJ in the 1st fight. Simple. Also, Kirk Johnson was in phenomenal shape when he upset Oleg Maskaev, so I don’t know why you’re comparing his shape to Vitaly as the same. Totally different physiques in the two fights.

  • Usyk gets a shot now, Pulev and Kownacki waiting in line for a shot too. Andy Ruiz can look for the winner of Joe Joyce and Marco Huck. There is a road to Wilder that Ruiz has to take now, at least 3 fights at 255 lbs, no heavier, and we’ll see. Top Contenders in the WBC that may fight Ruiz.
    3. Luis Ortiz
    5. Oscar Rivas
    6. Alexander Povetkin
    7. Adam Kownacki
    8. Joseph Parker
    11. Filip Hrgovic
    13. Agit Kabayel
    14. Michael Hunter

  • and obviously gun shy…
    …no way he beats an opponent who comes through with his punches let alone hits him hard…
    …and there are waiting a lot of them, even besides Wilder. Dubois e.g.
    “Paper champion” sounds unfair due to his resume but probably is true.
    even a Klitchko north his 40s gave him great problems to solve.
    AJ is not showing all that what the managers say and papers write about him.
    Seems to be a nice guy, but with no chin. I hope he won’t get hurt seriously in the ring.
    Way not in the league of Lennox, Vitaly or others.
    Please stop writing about legacy in terms of history before there is really one.
    So far not.

  • not to happy with ruiz weight, I really thought he could do it again until I seen his weight, AJ on the other hand looked lean and mean, and boxed very good, at least one of them was serious about winning

  • What did you guys make of Ruiz saying in front of his trainer in the post fight interview that he “trained himself” for this fight?

    • I think it meant that once he won the title he got a big head, listened to the hype of his homies, and thought he was the anointed one and could do it on his own. And today he realizes he was a fool.

  • Andy shocked the world with the first fight, still is young, and strong. However, honestly, there is NO way he could ever come close to beating AJ. The AJ that won tonight is the SMART AJ. Yes they could fight a 3rd time and AJ would again win easily, but let’s be honest here for a minute. The AJ that fought Andy in the first fight was not fully prepared and focused and learned the hard way. Not calling Andy a fluke, but THIS AJ will never lose to a guy like Andy.

  • Ruiz has himself to blame for the loss and everybody should have seen it coming. He was so wrapped up spending the millions he won and living a new lifestyle he forgot to get back to work. Lewis said its hard for some people to crawl out of silk sheets at four in the morning to run miles. Still AJ looked afraid to take a shot. If Ruiz scares him hes going to have a hell of a time now. All the heavyweights out there know to pressure this guy.

  • Andy, Andy, Andyyyy. Shhhhhhh. Nobody cares now. Your 15 minutes is up and you can go and open up that mexican buffett in the commie-fornia desert now, and tell everyone how you were the 1st mexican, who got taken in by America but still pledge allegiance to mexico but whatever, to win the heavyweight championship. And then lose it in the 1st defense 🙂
    That’s your legacy gordo.

  • Fat, embarrassing POS should have to beat 5 guys in the top 10 before gets a sniff of another title fight! Estes if space, he should be fined half his purse! How can h look in the mirror! Hughie Fury, the second!

  • Andy is the new Oliver McCall, wins the heavyweight title by knockout and in the rematch just seemed like he didn’t want it as much, congrats to AJ, i don’t think he needed to move around as much as he did but then again I’m not the champ of the world! Wilder! Let’s go baby! ;p

  • “Who wants to see the third trilogy fight right here in Saudi Arabia, baby?”


  • Nobody should want to see this borefest again..You should be ashamed to come into the ring at that weight…I would not pay to see you fight again…you should pay me…

  • Don’t you just hate it when boxers mention lots of excuses and then say, “I don’t want to take anything away from my opponent”

  • Look we KNEW when Joshua announced before the fight that he EXPECTS to fight Ruiz a 3rd time that the script was written in stone. THIS B.S WWE production was a sham, and Ruiz was only there to pick up his dinner check and tell everyone that he did not train enough, because this damn fool was partying. Now he tells everyone he will be prepared for the 3rd fight? Look this guy won the lottery twice. As for Joshua he and Hearn, Dazn and the King of Saudi Arabia wrote the script, this was a fight that unless Joshua broke an ankle or had a heart attack he was the winner automatically. The damn fool announced the plot when he said we will have a 3rd fight before they even fought the 2nd fight? Who would watch another snorefest, and Joshua now needs to pick opponents who box ORANGES for a living, this Mayweather dance will only last so long, because it’s becoming clear he has a very suspect chin. As for Ruiz, he now has enough to pig out until he reaches 600 lbs and explodes, no honor, no class. Another guy that basically PISSED on the sport. Boxing has cancer, and it’s spreading.

    • I disagree with you. I don’t think AJ will give Ruiz a 3rd fight. There’s more money if he fights Tyson Fury and they can both dance around the ring with each other while making millions in the process!

  • I actually want my money back. The photos of Ruiz in camp having slimmed down were obviously photo shopped and was therefore a lie. True champions don’t scam the fans and that’s all he has done. Took us for fools, ate and partied, came in fat and slow and pocketing $13m and all he could say was “3rd fight, 3rd fight..” he doesn’t deserve another $ in fact I want my $50 back!

  • I didn’t realize until this fight what a bullshitter Andy Ruiz Jr. is. Can’t believe a word he says.

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