Joshua 18.75 pounds heavier than Usyk

Anthony Joshua 240 vs. Oleksandr Usyk 221.25
(WBA, WBO, IBF heavyweight titles)

Iw5 0547
Photo: Ian Walton / Matchroom Boxing

Lawrence Okolie 199 vs. Dilan Prasovic 200
(WBO cruiserweight title)
Iw5 0290
Photo: Ian Walton / Matchroom Boxing

Campbell Hatton 136.75 vs. Izan Dura 136
Callum Smith 175 vs. Lenin Castillo 175
Maxim Prodan 146.75 vs. Florian Marku 146.6
Chris Ousley 160 vs. Khasan Baysangurov 159.5

Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London
Promoter: Matchroom

Weights from Dedham, Massachusetts
Makhmudov destroys Teper, Mbilli batters Landaeta

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  • Usyk is now in a position the world is watching to see if he can pull an upset while Joshua says “Come and take it.”.

    • It feels to me like Joshua has too many tools to lose this fight. For Usyk to have a shot, he’s gonna need to land something hard relatively early and get Joshua passive. I still question Joshua’s heart a bit, although he is other-worldly talented.

      • You question the heart of an Olympian and World Heavyweight boxing champion? You’ve never had a single boxing match in your life amateur or pro have you?

        • What has personal boxing experience got to do with questioning someone’s heart? No one is accusing Joshua of being a coward. But AJ didn’t show grit and intense determination when faced with adversity in the first fight with Ruiz.

        • Yeah, I’ve been around. I’m talking about elite, championship-level heart. Compare Joshua to Fury… I think you’d have to kill Fury to get him to quit. I don’t get that vibe from Joshua. It felt like he packed it in against Ruiz.

      • Question his heart maybe you did not see Wladimir K fight. On paper this is a very tough call if Clever Uysk, can transfer his skills to a big strong all rounder like AJ. AJ hopefully can go back to his aggressive style with more experience and technical know how now .

  • If AJ is nervous as he was at the start of the Povetkin and first Ruiz fights, Usyk will stop him

  • Looking forward to this one, kind of hard to pick a winner, although AJ is the favourite, Usyk definitely has a chance, good movement and intelligent boxing can keep AJ from getting set to throw his power punches… But can Usyk do that for 12?…an interesting one, time will soon tell.

    • I agree Jim Bob. Although most think they know I don’t think they analyze it the way you do. I think Usyk could easily win a large round decision. I could see a Joshua KO. I could see a back and forth draw. Least likely possible outcome in my opinion would be a Usyk ko win. I know Joshua can be stopped but that was by a guy with fast hands pushing a big body at him. Usyk won’t apply that type of pressure. I’m super excited a huge matchup is finally happening!

  • I see Usyk winning this fight if it goes the distance. Joshua is the one who might need a knockout. Joshua is too stiff deal with Usyk’s movement.

  • AJ is too big for Usyk. Usyk can only run & jab & hold if it goes the distance but Usyk will use all his energy keeping AJ at bay in the first few rounds and will not have anything left even if AJ will fade. I doubt Usyk gets sparked but his corner may throw in the towel. Usyk took to many shots from Dellboy and Dellboy is not a top ten fighter. It is a shame Usyk did not have a fight again a top HW .

  • I think this will be a better fight than most people expected! Can’t wait!!!

  • The picture in this article tells the tale: Joshua’s not sweating Usyk in any way, shape or form. Usyk *can* beat him, but it may take an Oliver McCall/Hasim Rahman-like upset to do it.

  • Unless Usyk had some plan not to look to great against Chisora, I have to go with Joshua. Maybe not the better boxer, but the harder puncher. He has a bit of youth on his side, also the true experience at Heavyweight. Also with the judges, Joshua is the cash cow with the record crowds he has drawn in, and if the rounds are close, that may also sway the judging of the match.

  • I like both guys. I think they’re both class acts to boxing. I like the underdog. I’m gonna go with Usyk because he doesn’t know how to lose. If he can be in there with relentless, nonstop joe Joyce and make it through to win I think he can do it with Joshua as well. I’d be shocked it Joshua knocked him out because he’s never been beat.. let alone knocked down or out. I don’t see a knockout in this fight and if it goes to points i’d favor Usyk.

    • Yes he beat Joe Joyce in a shorter schedule bout. A five rounder. But I was extremely impressed with Usik in that fight. He proved he could stay with a big man without getting run out of the ring, and trust me Joe Joyce is a big man with a big punch maybe more so than Joshua. I like Alexander by knockout. I also question Joshua’s chin.

  • One more thing. I know this is Anthony Joshua bit did you guys know that Usyk got kicked out of Klitschko training camp for handling Wladimir? I understand he asked Vitali if he wanted that work too! They kicked him out of their camp.

    • Caligula: That was a young Usyk at his natural weight. This heavier Usyk would be different, slower.

  • Usyk by split dec. He will outbox Joshua who’s too slow and the inactivity will make it even harder for him.

  • Funny, how respectful fighters draw respectful comments from the readers. Wouldn’t it be nice if it turned into a series like Holyfield-Lewis. Pulling for the smaller guy in this one as well.

    • FarAndAway: Holyfield was a pressure fighter way above Usyk’s level. But agree, also hoping the smaller guy can pull something off.

  • Usyk will win this and that will set up Usyk vs Joseph Parker, which is a boxing pugilist’s dream. After this loss I expect AJ to fight Hughie Fury.

  • Damn, this might be the lightest weight of Joshua’s career, but definitely the lightest he’s been in many years. Usyk looks like he put on weight the right way.

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