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Jorge Linares tests positive for Covid-19

The World Boxing Association (WBA) has announced that former world champion in three different divisions Jorge Linares has tested positive for Covid-19. Linares has no symptoms, and doctors recommended a break of at least 10 days before a second test to confirm that he is free of the virus. Linares is scheduled for a fight against Javier Fortuna on August 28th in California, but promoter Golden Boy has not given any information about what will happen with that fight.

Linares has been training in Japan for that fight but now he will have to stop training until the doctors give him permission to return to the gym.

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  • Some subjects will not display symptoms of COVID-19 as demonstrated by other viral strands (ie, HPV).
    They can be carriers of the virus and be a threat to others. However, some subjects will have a sensitive immune system and develop a cytokine (defense proteins) storm when COVID-19 takes effect within their systems once exposed. As a result, these infected subjects will develop life-threatening reactions such as gross sepsis, organ failure, and increased blood clotting factors. Hope this makes sense for your learning. I am sure some people will counter me and tell me it’s a hoax and/or government control.

    • Scooby Doo, it’s not a hoax I believe. Problem with shutdowns and stay at home orders is that as soon as those are lifted people will let loose again and infections spike up again. Unless there is a cure, they are just postponing the inevitable.

    • Im 100% with u scoobs. The only people that dont care are the ones who havent been impacted. Until folks stay clear and clean, its gonna be around. Thanks for the good info brutha!!

  • I recently had a Covid 19 test, the one where they put a swab inside your nostrils. Results came out as “Not Detected”. Then it says “A negative test does NOT completely rule out COVID-19 infection or preclude
    the possibility of recent exposure to COVID-19. “. I have been with diarrhea for the last 4 days, and have dry coughs and fatigue, so doctors asked me to stay isolated as much as possible and if my symptoms go away later I need to retest again. It’s quite an uncomfortable feeling.

    • Arturo, did they actually swab clear back into your nasopharynx (approx 3-4 inches) inside your nasal passages? Swabbing inside that deep will even make your eyes water, but that is a very accurate sample. Yes, some testing has failed or false results. Why? Inaccurate sample collecting, poor technician training, cross contamination, and actually poor quality control with equipment. This is a work in progress and we are still developing a better system(s). I have not been tested where I work with COVID-19 patients daily. I do wear maximum PPE and have had no symptoms. Blood sampling with antibodies sounds like a great tool for exposure rates, but it does not indicate current infection rates. Reports coming in are saying late 2021 before a vaccine is up and going. Based on trends, some vaccines for other diseases work great or fair based on developments. Let’s all hope the COVID-19 vaccine is a good one! We are striving for herd immunity, but that wont happen overnight. Maybe like a few years!

      • @Scooby Doo Yes they went way up in their and my felt my eyes watered immediately. It was the strangest feeling…

        • It could be possible that you have a totally different viral strand such as one of the main influenzae strands that can pop anytime. However, I have seen patients test negative for COVID-19 via nasal swab detection and then develop the actual COVID-19 syndrome a few days later. How is this possible? Simple, the incubation period of the COVID-19 was in effect during the testing and then the viral load increased after the testing was completed. Sorry, but research that support this testing is not absolute. It may take a few years before we get a good grip on the improvements. You are doing the right thing by staying quarantined to be sure nobody else is exposed.

  • my prayers r with Jorge and his family. Hope the champ gets rid of this beast of a virus soon.

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