Jeff Fenech hospitalized in Thailand

Update: In a video from his hospital bed, an emotional Fenech said he has an infection on a valve near his heart. “Which means for the next few days they will try to get rid of the infection then I’ll need to have surgery.”

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Hall of Famer Jeff Fenech is in a hospital in Thailand suffering from pneumonia and the 55-year-old said he was extremely concerned he will miss his daughter Jessica’s wedding in Australia. “Every night I have been here I think I’m not going to wake up tomorrow,” Fenech told the Daily Telegraph newspaper. He added that he’s in too much pain to sleep.

Fenech has been in Thailand since last Tuesday with other boxers for a training camp. His wife is hoping to get the ‘all clear’ to jump on a plane to Bangkok so she can take Fenech home to Australia.

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  • Jeff Fenech can beat anything and he will beat this!
    Get well soon so may stand tall near your wife and daughter
    They need you – as do all of us !

  • If Jeff or his wife and daughter read this, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. You’re a bad dude Jeff, too tough for this one mate.

  • Best wishes to Jeff Fenech. He probably has to stay in Thailand for awhile, because it isn’t good to take a flight soon after a surgery. I read like 4-6 weeks. That info is pretty easy to find in a search engine search.

  • Depending on the microbe that caused the pneumonia can sometimes measure how well the recovery can go. For example, fungi growing in the lungs is much harder to stave off than bacterium in most cases. One can only hope Fenech has modernized health care in the area where he is ill. Intravenous fluids, rest, antibiotics, and a central line access (ie, PICC) is usually the protocol set in place for most pneumonia cases. Yep, I work in healthcare…..

    • I’m not sure which hospital French is in but Thailand has some of the top hospitals in the world it is a medical tourism destination

  • Fight the infection as if it was an opponent in the ring. You’ll whip it and be home shortly.

  • I would hate to know that I had a condition like that while I was in a third world country!

  • I was a doctor for 25 years in Thailand.
    I moved to the U.S. and now I drive a cab.
    Best of luck, Mr. Fenech.
    Best of luck.

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