Lomachenko to be next WBC franchise champion?

WBC interim lightweight champion Devon Haney says he might get elevated to full champion status, while current WBC lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko would be bumped up to WBC franchise champion.

“We’re waiting on the WBC to make their ruling,” said Haney on Saturday’s DAZN stream. “Either they’re gonna make Lomachenko the franchise champion and make me the WBC regular champion, or they’re gonna mandate the fight (between Loma and Haney).

“As of now, we don’t really know. We’re just waiting and towards the end of this month, we’ll see the decision they’re gonna make. But if they make me world champion, I’m happy with that. If they mandate the fight, I’m happy with that. All I wanna do is become world champion!”

So far, Canelo Alvarez is the only WBC franchise champion, a special status that offers privileges in regard to mandatory obligations, holding multiple titles and competing for titles of other organizations.

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  • Haney is a great prospect, but it is kind of funny how on board he is with the WBC belting method fiasco. The quote here sounds like a madman rambling. Would he really sink to his knees in euphoria if the WBC called him at home and said ‘right Devin , we have bumped Loma to franchise champion, so you are now regular champion, congratulations’

    • And the fighters keep giving their hard earned money to these clowns to be one of multiple champions in the same weight class.

    • Well that would still make them better than the trump foundation! They had to shut it down for fraud and self dealing! The same things he lied about Clinton about. His son in law and daughter have been caught using personal email accounts for official White House business but no problem nothing to see here

  • Haney won’t get a fight with Lomachenko. Lomachenko is one of those protected guys like Manny Pacquiao used to be. The one time Manny got smoked by Marquez the 4th time, it was back to Manny the protected. Tim Bradley was an athlete that could go hard for 12, but he didn’t punch hard enough to threaten Pacquiao with a KO loss; and you aren’t going to beat Manny on stamina and athleticism. Who else besides Tim Bradley was a threat to Manny, besides old Marquez? (from the Clottey fight to the Algieri fight, not seeing that many threats, maybe Maragarito for the first 4 or 5 rounds).
    I don’t see Lomachenko fighting Tank or Haney, but I am not so sure that Haney and Tank would be matched with eachother anytime soon. Anyway, back to Lomachenko, if he avoids Tank and Haney (And he should fight one of them by mid 2020), but wants to defend the WBC lightweight belt, these are the guys he’d fight.
    2. Zaur Abdullaev
    5. Javier Fortuna
    6. Yvan Mendy
    7. Francisco Patera
    8. Rances Barthelemy

      • Bull! He got Oscar to drain down to 147 and he had to weigh 147 on fight night! They made cotto fight at 147 when he was a 54 pounder. They let him fight Tim Bradley 3 times. They let him fight all lesser top rank fighters. Arum refused to let pac fight Crawford for fear of pacs health. They put off fighting a prime floyd

    • Tom: Loma PROTECTED??? REALLY????? In his 1st 8 fights he won world titles and made 3 TOP P4P fighters quit!!!! And another tough young fighter quit as well (Sosa). PROTECTED??? Perhaps this is the one fighter today that does not know what protected means. I think you’re in the wrong site, you need to go to the site that involves those that might be related to a down syndrome amoeba.What a joke you are. PROTECTED?????

        • You’re welcome. This is part of the casual fans that never see’s the actual fight and comments on what he does not know. From the minute Loma set new records and new standards, you get these people that would’ve done anything to deride his accomplishments. There is not another fighter in the history of this game that has done what Loma has done in so little time. Not Robinson,Chavez,Pep,Armstrong,Louis,Dempsey, Marciano,Leonard,Hagler,Jones,Foreman, Holmes,Duran, Ali, Liston,or Greb. And guess what, his record might change the way we think of P4P #1 rated fighters.Hell it was UNHEARD of when Leonard made a P4P fighter quit in Duran, Loma made 3 top P4P fighters quit and won 3 world titles before his 10th fight. And I might add he shut down a very tough young Sosa and made him quit also. Nick Walters the guy that decimated Donaire was so distraught while fighting LOMA he just decided NO MAS, he was made to look like rank amateur, as was the pride and joy of of Cuba Rigo,who looked like a lost sheep in there with Loma. Hell before that fight on every site there must have been 20 to 1 supporters for Rigo and how he would shutdown Loma, well it was EXACTLY what Loma said he would do, he made Rigo look lost in there and made him QUIT.

          • Rigo was two weight classes smaller than Loma and way shorter and older so how some can brag about that is beyond me. Loma hasn’t done shi☠️ really. He has like 10 wins and 1 loss and hbo helped to turn him into a myth. Most of the guys he beat weren’t extraordinary guys and it’s been too few to really gauge his greatness.

    • Tom….. Saying Pacquiao was protected is like saying the earth is flat, extremely stupid. You even said it yourself, “after the FOURTH Marquez fight”. If he was so protected Marquez never would have got a fourth fight. It took him 4 times and he had to juice up like the hulk to beat Manny. Anyways, Pacquiao has fought them all and continues to do so. He’s protected yet he’s fighting Keith Thurman at 41 years of age, sounds about right.

      • He fought Marquez 4 times because he thought it was going to be tough but safe. You lie about Marquez and anyone else who has beaten pac every time. Marquez told pac in the lead up to the fight that he was totally ready to take drug tests if pac was and pac turned him down. Marquez weighed in at welterweight just like pac and really beat pac in one of those previous fights. Plus they made Oscar drain down to 147 and he had to weigh that on fight night and looked dead and skinny the whole fight. Floyd fought Oscar at oscar’s ideal weight of 154 and was outweighed by like 18 lbs on fight night. They made cotto drain to 145 no rehydration while Floyd let cotto come in at -54 and rehydrate. Pac got to fight Tim Bradley 3 times but wouldn’t rematch Horn in a fight where he supposedly got robbed. Arum protected him from Crawford saying he was worried about pacs health. Pac refuses to fight Spence but fought Thurman after he saw him get his butt kicked by gate keeper Lopez who was knocked out by berto! Safety first! Now he’ll probably fight Mikey Garcia afire Spence whipped him easily. They tried to cheat Floyd by getting toridol injections before fight which makes you extremely energetic and gives you stamina enhancement but when they got busted and told they could take any approved pain medicines they refused. Then he lied about his shoulder after old Floyd beat him easily. I like pac but let’s not lie

    • Tom you’re absolutely correct Pacquiao just like Bradley only fought Top Rank fighters this is a fact. Bob Arum is a genius in the way he handles his stars they only fight fighters in his stable and are usually tailored to fit there styles. PAC only fought Marquez repeatedly because most observers felt Marquez won the first 3 fights that’s the only reason a fighter continues to do rematches because in his heart he felt he lost too.

    • Is that the same Manny Pac who gave Marquez 4 fights? Then when he got KO’d wanted a 5th fight? But Marquez refused….
      The same Manny that fought DeLa Hoya (And was given barely any chance of winning)? The same guy, that at 40 fought the undefeated Thurman?
      Yeah, that guy, he was so protected.

      • Yes! He wanted the 5th rematch when Marquez was 43 and nursing a chronically bad knee. He drained 254 lb Oscar who usually weighed about 165 on fight night to 147 with no rehydro plus he ducked Crawford and Spence to fight Thurman after he saw that Thurman struggled to get a gift vs Lopez the fool who got koed by berto. Yes protected

    • You’re an idiot for calling Loma protected. This guy has done done nothing but take risks his entire career.

    • Here we go with this bullshxt again about fighters being protected.

      See the career Of Floyd Mayweather, respect to him, he took control of his matchmaking and earnings, but he fought like two people in not even their primes, but close to their primes and had most of his opponents weight drained or too old by the time he gave them their payday.

      Loma cannot be questioned on this, period!

  • CB: I agree. Pacquiao has never been protected. Elite Fighters don’t get “protected”. That only happens in Rocky 3..lmao. sometimes we feel as fans that fighters are protected because they are not fighting who we want them to fight, but in reality, the promoter will hold the fight for the right time to get as much money as they can (which sux for the fighters AND the fans). The fighters do wanna fight the best but they have their hands tied with management and promotion.

    • i even think Pacquiao was risk friendly. After get one draw and 2 wins again Marquez a lot of guys would have closed the door on that. But if you fight someone you’re evenly matched with they beat you eventually.

  • Can the stench off these sanctioning bodies get any stronger? The answer is “yes” as long as television and streaming outlets underwrite them.

  • The WBC should be put on an island surrounded by sharks, and made to live on poisoned boars, because this org is so poisoned it has a problem knowing if they are actually in the boxing business, and not in the WWE or CIRCUS clown business. How many of the 40 belts per 40 divisions mean anything except more shakedown money for these vampires?

  • These organizations must have everyone by the balls. Boxers continue to play their game

  • wbc franchise champion.All fans who love this sport should demand no more of this.All fighters who hold a belt must fight each other to make 1 champion.Promoters and governing bodies you will lose fans which will lose revenue.Either go back to the old ways or your greed will catch up with you.

  • Be a franchise champion is the best can happen to Loma, in order to avoid the two fighters that can defeat him. Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney are definitely the best opponents he could possibly ever faced thus far at 135. At 130 he was amazing and maybe at 126 we could have been able to see the best of him, if the right time to turn pro would have happened (right after the Beijing games) when he was 20-21. Now, even though he has only 15 fights, we can consider him an old fighter that struggles more in almost each fight at 135, and clear signs of vulnerability are coming to surface more often. Lomachenko will be protected by Top Rank from fighters that can hurt him at 135, and IMO, Devin Haney at 21, is too big and skilled for Lomachenko to handle. Beyond 2020, I expect him involved in winnable fights only, and one of them is the winner of Commey vs. Lopez, also Berchelt at 130.
    Sorry Loma’s loyal fan, but your hero is beatable too and not the best boxer around.

  • This would be horrible. Stop with the extra titles. Loma needs to fight Hainey and David. They will try anything to prevent him from taking the best fights. He’s great, I’ll admit that. But he hasn’t had a great matchup yet. Walters was overrated, Rigindeux was small, best win was Russel(split), lost to Salida whom Mikey Garcia smoked. He’s no P4P #1. That’s a fact!

    • Tank is gonna have his treads blown off when he fights Loma. Watch Haney’s mouth carefully, Haney is chickenson, not even trying for a real fight deal, waiting around for an aging champ to retire. So-Called Billionaire Havey never even beat a B level fighter. Another May hypebag/AB hypebag. Its not the Loma’s that need to be corrected, its the May/AB/Haney fools.

      • Great! If he beats Davis he beats him but that fight needs to happen. Same with Hainey. You can’t be P4P #1 without having huge fights. If Canelo beats Kovalev that will be a bigger feat than anything Loma has done. If Canelo wins especially in a big way he will be P4P #1. Not really any debate there.

    • Anthony: you mentioned Loma got a split decision win against Russell. Do you even know what you’re speaking about??? Did you see the fight???? He made RUSSELL QUIT!!!!!! You casual fans who speak about fighters without even seeing their fights is getting extremely boring. Your comment about Salido also shows me you never even saw the fight. If the ref would’ve have disqualified Salido for the continual low blows, in every round. As it is in his 2nd PRO fight for a world title, he basically had Salido out on his feet in the 11th and 12th rounds. And Rigo and his fans wanted that fight so much so that Loma had no choice but to fight him, and he was considered another Floyd P4P#1 fighter. Loma said he was not in his league, and made him QUIT like all the rest of the P4P ‘ers that he beat up.

  • How funny Davis and Haney get credit for being great fighters, where Loma is trashed for being protected? Let them fight and see. I don’t think either fighters beat Lomachenko right now. Loma being protected is a joke. F’n haters.

    • The Franchise title is BS and it allows fighters to avoid challengers. Loma needs to face Hainey or Davis and I think people think he may pass in those fights. As soon as Davis moved up there was talk of Loma moving back down. Now he gets the Franchise belt with Hainey knocking on the door. He hasn’t ran yet, but looks like he might. I actually like Loma. But he doesn’t deserve P4P number 1 yet.

  • Tank or Haney would ruin Loma’s career. You think Salido did a number on him, these guys would expose him.

  • Just another fighter with the right complexion for the right connection. Thats what franchise champion means now.

  • Dazn is cursed and blessed. Boxing proving its true un predictably on that platform. They got upset of the century and two top tier candidates for fight of the year. Stay true and resist the urge to try and manufacture stardom . Cream always rises to the top.

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