Jarrell Miller to return Thursday in Argentina

On Thursday, June 23, at the Casino Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina, unbeaten heavyweight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (23-0-1, 20 KOs) will return to action for the first time in nearly four years to face Argentinean veteran Ariel Esteban “Chiquito” Bracamonte (11-7, 6 KOs) in a 10-round showdown.

The fight, part of the WBA’s two-day KO Drugs Festival, will also be broadcast live to South America and parts of the United States on TyC Sports.

The 6′ 4″ Brooklyn native Miller prepared for his return by sparring hundreds of rounds with fellow prominent heavyweights, including a beneficial stint as sparring partner for world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

While Miller is in heavy final training and not in a mood to comment, his co-promoters, Dmitriy Salita and Greg Cohen, both say that a more mature version of the outspoken and controversial “Big Baby” will be taking the ring walk this week.

“I’m very excited about Jarrell’s return to the ring,” said Salita. “He has matured and refocused to establish himself at the top of the heavyweight division with his special ‘Brooklyn spice.’ Jarrell is more than ready to answer all the questions, one fight at a time, inside the ring.”

“It’s been a very long time and I’m proud to say that Jarrell has made good use of it over the last two years,” added Greg Cohen. “He’s more focused and dedicated than ever and will undoubtedly re-inject some more excitement into the heavyweight division. It’s time to get to back to work!”

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  • Nothing short of ironic to have Big Baby Miller headline a “KO Drugs Festival”. Considering he was full of them. Im glad he’s back and getting his career back going. He was exciting the way he was so big and can still throw so many punches and wear his opponent down. He was a favorite of mine.
    I had him beating AJ and we seen what Ruiz was able to do with the opportunity.
    Things happen for a reason. Will be Interesting to see how his motor holds up without the “Mexican beef”.

      • You hit everything on the head! I was becoming a fan so to speak as well and a supporter however you lose me once you get caught like he did, hell win or lose you blew a once in a life time opportunity by not fighting for the heavyweight title, not receiving a massive payday all by being stuck on stupid.

  • We all can hope Miller has learned his lesson on the usage of barred substances. Miller was not a big puncher but would wear his opponents down in a walk and stalk approach while using busy work rate. Miller was hittable as a target and his defense was mediocre at best. Does Miller have a chance this time? Considering the vast levels of heavyweight competition we see today, anything is possible. Maybe Miller could take a crack at Wilder once he’s does a few tune up fights.

  • I wish him well. I think everyone deserves second (and third and fourth and fifth and sixth) chances and he’s had to pay a heavy price – along with all the money he’s surely missed out on, he’s had to sit out, essentially, his physical prime. But he deserved that too.

    • Rob, I thought the choice of wording was poor too: “re-inject himself…” It’s like they were trying to be funny. It’s not funny though!

  • I think Salita and Cohen are not living in reality if they think this guy is anything more than a gate-keeper at the very best.

  • I think people are being fooled if they think the only people taking enhancement drugs are the ones that get caught. The people who study this subject the most and do it for a living say they think almost ALL the top level athletes in all the major sports (baseball, basketball, football, boxing) are taking them. If it requires speed, strength, or stamina then the top guys are taking them. The tests haven’t kept up with the ways of fooling the tests. People don’t show up to sporting events thinking, “I’m dirty but I will go anyway and get caught”. No, they don’t think they will get caught and a few people mess up in their timing of taking them o mess up on the masking chemicals.

  • He’s just another chris arreola type boxer. Just a matter of time before he gets kO by a journeyman!

  • >