Tszyu already thinking about first title defense

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

If WBO #1 super welterweight Tim Tszyu dethrones undisputed 154-pound champion Jermell Charlo in Australia or the USA, he says he will “100 percent” make his first defense against IBF #1 Bakhram Murtazaliev.

“Of course it’s a big ask, fighting the top bloke in the division in his backyard, but once you’re in the ring it’s one-on-one. It doesn’t matter what friends or family are there or where it’s at, it doesn’t bother me,” Tszyu told News Corp. “We’re ready, and there’s genuine interest behind it. Murtazaliev, people have got no idea about him. Charlo needs interesting bouts and this one makes sense.

“If it’s meant to be it will be, my training hasn’t stopped. I would have loved to have the fight at the new Sydney Football Stadium, but if it means I’ve got to go to America to get this fight I’ll go there, no problems.”

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  • That’s a guy who puts the cart before the horses ! Lol ! If he thinks Charlo is just a formality he’s wrong..

  • Notice the fisrt in the article is “if”. Yep, big word in this case.

  • nice to dream…
    however, if he does win, his next fight could be a rematch

  • This guy is being straight up delusional now talking this kind of crap he should be humble me take things one step at a time. This is a good example of there being levels to this game. He’s in for a rude awakening. He was given a golden spoon from the get go and now he’s in this position because of his dad. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a bad little fighter but I think Charlo is going to butcher this guy up pretty bad and he will be embarrassed when he looks back talking this bullshit about his first title defense, pffft….

  • Humbleness makes easy the embarrassment of defeat, makes easy to say “he was the better man tonight, I will come back stronger “

    • I used to think that as well. But he’s looked pretty good over the last few years. It’s not that he’s fighting top level fighters but he’s beating them impressively. As he’s stepped up his competition he’s improved.

      I think it’s still too early for Charlo and he may never be at Charlos level but he’s a fair bit better than a club fighter.

  • Doesn’t seem news worthy. Its too big an “If”. If I won a million dollars…

  • I’m getting flashbacks of Mundine in the Ottke fight, laying on the canvas knocked out cold. Somehow I think we may see a similar result here

  • So many more deserving fighters than Tzu, who has he really beaten to get a shot at the Undisputed Championship? I’d prefer the Soro/Mirmanov winner.

  • That’s funny! Charlo is going whoop his ass. Tszyu should just focus on training for the champ. SMH.

  • >