Jake Paul undercard boxers to be paid

The undercard boxers who were set to fight today as part of the canceled Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. event will be receiving a payment directly from Jake Paul of 50% of their contracted purse amount and are free of any contractual obligations to the promotion. Amanda Serrano, Ashton Sylve and Brandun Lee are in the process of rescheduling their bouts against their respective opponents.

According to a statement by Paul’s promotional company Most Valuable Promotions, “these undercard fighters spent countless hours training both physically and mentally to prepare to fight on one of the biggest stages of their careers. We remain committed to ensuring fair fighter compensation and look forward to putting together our next event.”

Weights from St. Petersburg, Florida
Weights From Hanover, MD

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  • That’s great news, any help for these gladiators is great! Good job Jake Paul.

    • I’ve been saying the whole time that Jake is a good guy. A kid I know fought on his undercard and Jake gave everyone a 100k bonus. He’s not a boxer but he’s good for boxing because he’s good to the fighters. Hopefully he can sign some big name fighters and get out of the ring himself.

  • Other promotions please look at this. They know the lower side of the card is fighting on scraps and this could have ran them broke. Its great to see this and I dont care whos doing it.

  • like him or not, Jake Paul keeps making classy moves that lifetime promoters won’t.

  • Now that is a straight up loyal move!! Hey Oscar, Bob, Eddie and Crooked Don King….Take notes!!

  • Wow. Incredible. I am not (or was not) a Jake Paul fan but this is true generosity on a very high level. It reminds me of President Trump being President for free for four years as he donated his purse to noble causes. Good for Jake and I am sure the undercard fighters truly appreciate it.

      • I support Trump, but I agree this is not the time and or place. This is for sports and support for the other should be done in the right place and not an addition to your thoughts on sports.

  • Disney child , youtube and insta kid..
    Everybody has a past.
    This what Paul did for those fighters is not something that kid or child or don king do..
    MEN do this.
    Well done Paul !

  • I wasn’t a fan of Jake Paul before but I am now. As others have echoed here, it’s a classy move and it shows he has integrity in a sport often devoid of any, especially from promoters.

  • Arturo, did you used to clean Trumps toilets or something like that? You sound bitter!

  • I’m thinking Jake Paul should just concentrate on promoting boxers and not himself fighting. He seems to bring a new audience to the sport and is already rich himself. Plus, he seems to be able to care for the fighters and even make good contest(s)
    (He did make the biggest women’s fight of all time) So maybe he can get some great male fighters to sign with him and get the dream fights made for us.

  • That dude is true to his word! He is treating fighters like they should be treated and he’s a fighter also so he is living that do unto others.

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