Interview: Lamon Brewster

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former WBO heavyweight champion “Relentless” Lamon Brewster (35-6, 30 KOs), who captured the world title in 2004 by stopping Wladimir Klitschko, spoke to Peter Maniatis about world title fights with Kali Meehan, Andrew Golota and the rematch with Wladimir Klitschko in 2007.


“It was hard fighting Kali because he is a tough rugged fighter. It was one of the fights that made me decide I would never fight people that I like. I like Kali and consider him my brother. There was something inside me that wouldn’t allow me to fight with the ferocity that I needed to fight him. I truly tell you I truly underestimated that dude. I knew he was a tough rugged fighter – I just thought going into the fight that if I was in shape I would really be able to dominate but he came to fight and I was fighting an uphill battle and I was counting the points in my mind the whole time. At the end of the fight – I knew the fight was to close. I said if I win I am only going to win by one or two points and sure enough I won by one point. Me and Kali actually got together after the fight and had pizza together. Just the two of us to talk about the fight. We love each other like brothers – I love his whole family and wish the best for him. We still keep in touch to this day.

(Lamon Brewster won twelve round split decision over Kali Meehan to retain WBO heavyweight title at the Mandalay Bay Casino Las Vegas on September 4, 2004. Ringside commentators had Meehan winning the fight)


“He fought the perfect fight for me – he didn’t run from me. He tried to stand toe to toe with me. In my professional career, there has been no one who could stand toe to toe with me and the fact that he did going into this fight – it was a fight that was in his hometown – I wasn’t going to get any decision based upon everything that led up to this fight in favor of him to come out victorious. I knew I had to come out and jump on this dude and give it everything I have from the very beginning and step on the gas. That’s what I did – he made it easy for me. He decided not to box. He decided not to use those skills that he had because he is a skilled boxer – he got a Silver Medal at the Olympics as a matter of fact if I am not mistaken. He didn’t run and being that big with my type of power The tactical plan that I had and actually I made it up on a whim. I actually came out there with the mindset to box. When I got there to train – everything that led up to the fight made me angry. I didn’t really want to box anymore – I only wanted to fight. I went out there like a rugby player.”

(Lamon Brewster stopped Andrew Golota to retain WBO heavyweight title in round one at the United Centre in Chicago on May 21, 2005.)


“What people don’t realize that when I had an injury to my eye when I lost my title to Siarhei Liakhovich – I had been in the hospital for nine months – in and out – I had multiple surgeries to repair my torn retina. It was ironic that I got a phone call leaving the hospital – this was after nine months being in and out of the hospital – I got the call in the hospital carpark and it’s Wladimir Klitschko’s people saying they want to fight me. I was inactive for nine months because of eye surgeries. For the two years I had the world title – Wladimir wouldn’t even mention my name. From 2004 to 2006 he never mentioned my name about fighting me in any interview. Now when I hurt my eye he is talking about fighting me. I said I am rusty and need a tune-up bout. They asked how much do they have to pay me not to have the tune-up. I said what the hell does that mean. They wanted to fight me at my absolute worse. I did the best that I could but I can tell you if you haven’t suffered from an eye injury it throws your depth perception off. You don’t know if they are further away and you have no co-ordination at all. I have to judge how far you are away from me to deliver my left hook with the greatest amount of power.

(Wladimir Klitschko stopped Lamon Brewster in round six for the IBF heavyweight title in Cologne, Germany on July 7, 2007)


“I thank everybody for supporting boxing because boxing has a lot of people like myself. It has allowed me to leave the confounds of my community. I grew up in the “ Ghetto”- I have got to see the world – I have got to meet all types of people. Here is the thing – love does not have a color- do you hear what I’m saying – love does not have a color. Everybody on this earth understands when you die you will be judged by GOD – according to your deeds – not because your good – not because you’re bad – because I have had the worst people in the world do the best things for me and the best people in the world do the worst things for me. The point I am making there is no such thing as good or bad. It just your deeds – he just says love one another. He didn’t say love one another because we look alike – we got to love one another because at the end of the day – that’s all we got. If the sun don’t shine and we are all in darkness – does my complexion really matter? Does your complexion really matter? The only thing that matters is how we treat each other.”

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  • I remembered watching the first (1st) fight, and Brewster went through pure boxing hell because he took numerous big shots and won. I also had big concerns for both fighters because I was amazed at all those steady, heavy shots they received in the first fight. The first fight was violent but thankfully short.

    Brewster also went through pure boxing hell in the 2nd fight. I am glad to read he is hanging in there – especially mentally.

  • Huge Brewster fan. He was one of the best fighters and he had a huge heart (inside the ring and out). God bless him. Hope he is doing well.

  • If my memory serves me right, Brewster I believe actually had a detached retina fighting Liakhovich in a fight at Cleveland, Ohio. It was a slug fest. Thank you Lamont for all you have done as a fighter and keeping us entertained.

  • I’m sure Lamon’s a great guy, but blaming your loss to Wlad on an eye injury is absurd. If he was injured, he shouldn’t have taken the fight. Taking it for the money and then making excuses afterward is unprofessional.

    • Naw, its the life of a professional fighter.. you don’t know how this business operates.. many times these guys have to fight for financial and contractual reasons.. chill with the criticism because we can tell you really don’t know..

  • Even though I have little to no respect for Lamon’s political views, he & his 1st cousin did very well as Heavyweight champions. In fact, Lamon & Chris are the only 2 first cousins to ever be World Heavyweight Champions. And each 1st cousin beat a Klitzscho Brother. Lamon beat Wlad. Chris beat Vitali. They were both special in their own way.

    For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, Lamon’s mother is Chris Byrd’s paternal aunt. Lamon’s mom & Chris’s dad are brother and sister. That makes them 1st cousins. Lamon, via his mom, is part of the Byrd family.

  • Lamon, fyi, Andrew Golota won a bronze medal in 1988. Not a silver. Golata lost to Baik Hyun-man, who in turn, lost to Ray Mercer for the gold.

    Lamon, it is evident that doing your homework is not your forte. That is why you make bad decisions like voting with The Dems instead of Trump, who is doing great things.

  • Jonathan, you really feel the need to insert politics here? C’mon man, time and place.

    Congrats to Brewster on an entertaining career.

    • Doublejab, well he felt the need to state Brewster and Byrd were 1st cousins and not just cousins…

      • They are direct 1st cousins. Lamon’s mother is Joe Byrd’s full sister. Not 1/2 sister. Full sister.

  • Brewster was a warrior! He is a genuine guy who I got to meet and speak to while I was in Vegas vacationing a few summers ago. You guys who want to bring politics into this boxing discussion are foolish what does it matter if he doesn’t vote for doofus Trump keep politics out of this forum ladyboy bonehead!

  • Lamon is a great guy! He’s right, don’t look at skin color, look at the person. Amen, Lamon!!

  • Brewster was a true warrior and a respectable human being. Jonathan always brings politics into the equation he actually has a tattoo of Trump on his rear end that says “I love Trump He’s my Big Boy”. Which I find disgusting.

  • Brewster is an interesting guy, full of substance and respect. I really value his perspective and his career. What a great guy! Great interview!

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