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    • Canelo moving from Super Middle to Cruiser to fight one of the weaker title holders? Well, in today’s boxing, even if all title holders can’t really be considered real champions, we can’t blame a man who uses his fame and value to take on those guys. That’s for the least what a top p4p guy should do. He picks the order in which he fights them? No problem, he needs some kind of a break here and there too, though all those fights remain a challenge.

  • Floyd salty AF and maybe a little too many fights he was in his mid 30s not almost 40 lmao funny to see the Cherry picking King being salty

  • Canelo is p4p right now. All the dudes he mentioned have fought no one. They have potential but are not near p4p status.

  • I’ll be glad when the ugly beard trend blows over.

    Great comments from Floyd. He needs to stick to talking about Boxing, and stay out of the Covid masking debate.

  • Over rated attention whore. This guys is so lucky he never had to meet Leonard Duran and Hearns in their primes. He absolutely loses to all 3..

    P.S. All you Mayweather male groupies please don’t get butt hurt!

  • I was a huge Mayweather fan boxing wise, but he isan arrogant, idiotic clown as a person. He cannot accept that there is someone else hogging the spotlight even now that he is suppose to be a retired bilionaire according to him, I hope he gets his a.. smashed if he gets in there again.

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