IBF grants Andy Ruiz an exception to fight AJ

By Przemek Garczarczyk

A majority of the IBF Directors determined that an “exception to regulations” be granted to Andy Ruiz, Jr, with the following condition: The winner of the Ruiz-Joshua bout must agree in writing that he will fight Kubrat Pulev in an IBF mandatory defense on or before May 31, 2020.

The #1-rated Pulev and his team had officially petitioned the IBF, requesting they order Ruiz to postpone his rematch with former champ Anthony Joshua and make an immediate mandatory defense against Pulev.

More to come…

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    • Pulev is not worthy.! BS another Fres Oquendo type, inactive HW with connected promoters doing a boxing payola to the IBF

      • Pulev fought last march and last october, how can he be inactive? He is IBF mandatory for years. What do you think makes a challenger “worthy”? If he is from Trump-country?

  • Please, raise their hands those that want Pulev vs. Ruiz instead of Ruiz vs. Joshua. Pulev and his team are showing their true color in here. Their demands are aiming to get some money to step aside and let Ruiz rematch Joshua, but with that decision the IBF aborted that. Shame on those crooks

  • I don’t know much about what Pulev has accomplished recently but I think everyone would want to see the rematch first. He can get his shot after but let the rematch go. It makes more sense for the fans right now.

  • Pulev will be AJ’s biggest fan against Ruiz.
    If AJ wins Pulev is secured for the rest of his life

    • If he made smart investments he should already be secure for life. He already fough Klitschko and pocketed close to 1 and a half million dollars & must have made decent money for, Hughie Fury, Dimitrenko, ustinov, Peter, Bogdan Dinu & Derek Chisora fights. Plus the cost of living in Bulgaria is ridiculously low.

  • I don’t know what pulev intend to accomplish with his argument, l think the interesting fight fans want to see next is AJ and Ar not him

  • This is what frustrates me about the politics of boxing. Here you have AJ who just lost his titles to a last minute replacement in Andy Ruiz, but some other guy Pulev is the mandatory or apparently has been the mandatory. The problem is AJ had a rematch clause so AR has to fight him. But one of the alphabet organizations can still strip you even with a rematch clause? Too much bullshit for me. All the alphabet organizations are flawed in one way shape or form, so I just follow the Ring Mag Stats.
    Same type of situation happened when Jermain Taylor rematched B-Hop. B-Hop lost his titles and the JT’s IBF strap was stripped.
    In this situation I’m glad the IBF let AR keep the title for the rematch.

  • There’s no way AJ loses to this Amerexican for the second time…You watch..AJ uses the jab and moves..Then in the later rounds Ruiz is looking up at the lights.

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