Horn-Tszyu clash agreed to for April

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn and IBF #7 light middleweight Tim Tszyu have agreed to meet in April at a venue yet to be decided with Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Townsville all under consideration.

”I have a lot of respect for Tim Tszyu, and what his dad did in the past,” Horn told the Main Event boxing podcast. “But it definitely comes down to business and I’m in there to beat Tim Tszyu.”

“It’s my opportunity,” said Tszyu. “It’s the best position that I want to be at, and I know this [fight] is the one. This is what I was born for. I’ve been fighting my whole life for this particular moment.”

The 25-year-old Tszyu added, “I want to test him. I know I can. Yes, he’s fought some of the greats, but I believe I can bring him into those trenches and test him in a way he’s already been tested, and in a way he won’t be able to survive.

“This fight is like every fight of mine. I’m going to take it seriously and again, it’s just one step at a time. Jeff Horn’s just another name on the list.”

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  • Should be a good fight, Horn has been found wanting, but whether Tszyu is ready to take him there yet, i’m not sure.

  • Hooray. Bye Jeff, happy retirement, you’ve earnt it. Hopefully Tszyu can go on and do his old man’s name proud. Good attitude, fingers crossed, even if it’s unlikely he’ll be much more than a shadow of him, he won’t become a Chavez Jr-esque blight.

  • Horn is simply hard up for money, misses the 15 minutes of fame over his controversial win over Manny, or has nothing else to do in life. Good grief! Give it up! Retire and enjoy life! His own family wanted him to retire a while back based off tabloids!

        • The world didnt think Pacman won. Im a huge Pac fan and I thought Horn won. The judges thought Horn won and the rejudge done by independant judges thought Horn won.

          • Spot on Matt ,and that should of ended the spite and doubt .But sadly by comments of the past and present the spite and doubt still exists.

  • Good fight, good match up. 60/40 purse in Horn’s favor sounds good also. I believe it will be competitive but Tszyu will come out on top in the end, most likely late stoppage or points win in Tszyu’s favor.

  • Its a decent matchup, a truly meaningless fight out of Australia. Best advice for both of them: Stay there making a trilogy, then another trilogy with Mundine or Zerafa, and so on, but as has been said, stay there; because out of Australia surely you get murdered by any of the top guys at 154 (Charlo, Lara, Hurd, Castaño, Rosario, Williams and few more). Horn knows well what I am talking about it.

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