Belfort TKOs Holyfield in round one

44-year-old UFC legend Vitor Belfort scored a first round TKO over 58-year-old former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield (44-11-2, 29 KOs) on Saturday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Belfort dropped Holyfield with an uppercut, then got the referee’s stoppage with his follow-up barrage. Time was 1:49.

Photo: Amanda Westcott / Triller Fight Club

Holyfield complained about the stoppage, saying he wasn’t hurt. Belfort called out Jake Paul in a $30 million winner take all match. The offer is also open to Canelo, although that’s less than his normal purse.

Is a boxing match between UFC legends, Anderson Silva scored a brutal first round knockout over Tito Ortiz. Ortiz aggressively pressured Silva, who countered and hurt Ortiz. He then blasted Ortiz to the canvas for the count. Silva defeated former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in June, so he can box at a decent level.

Photo: Amanda Westcott / Triller Fight Club

In a WBA super featherweight eliminator, Jono Carroll (22-6, 5 KOs) won a close ten round majority decision over Andy Vences (23-3-1, 12 KOs). Vences had Carroll pretty busted up by round eight. Doctors gave Carroll a good look after the round, which seemed to wake up Carroll who then rallied in the final two rounds. In the end, scores were 95-95, 97-93, 97-93 for Carroll. Vences looked shocked when the decision was announced.
Photo: Amanda Westcott / Triller Fight Club

Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye (29-4, 26 KOs) carried his friend business magnate Joe Fournier (9-1, 9 KOs) over eight uneventful two-minute rounds that resembled a sparring session. Haye never opened up and won easily 79-72, 80-71, 79-72. After the fight, Haye called out WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.
Photo: Amanda Westcott / Triller Fight Club

Junior lightweight Anthony Chavez (9-1-1, 3 KOs) and veteran Diuhl Olguin (15-19-5, 10 KOs) battled to a six round majority draw. Scores were 58-56, 57-57, 57-57.

Pro debuting middleweight Eliezer Silva outpointed Terry Roscoe (2-5, 0 KOs) over four rounds. Scores were 39-36 3x. Roscoe down in round three.

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Lejarraga edges Charrat for Euro 154lb belt

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  • The musical talent really sucks.
    I am giving President Trump so far an A+
    The Musical Talent an F-.

  • ‘Haye called out WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’. . Had the crap kicked out of him by Bellew, twice.

  • So happy that the idiots that put this show on and the idiots that bought this show are gonna lose! Lol

  • It’s not as bad as watching Floyd carry an MMA dude making his pro debut for 10 featherfisted rounds. How the Nevada commission ever sanctioned that spectacle, I’ll never know!

    • Yes all these put on fights are ridiculous. 100 mil to do nothing….such a sham a people actually pay…wow!

      • It’s pathetic that people pay for this shit. You can literally watch the fights 10 minutes after on youtube if you REALLY want to see them. It’s not like they have any consequence.

    • You’re calling Connor just, “an mma dude”? Lol! You do remember how that fight ended don’t you? If the ref had let it go Connor would have been sleeping

    • Clearly someone who knows nothing about boxing. Number one, he got hit once or twice with shots that were not even good. When a 60 year old man has brain damage (just watch one Riddick Bowe fight and tell me anyone gets out of that in one piece), he has trouble with his coordination, so even a mild punch could do terrible damage. This was evident when he threw a left hook and went completely off his feet. The referee wisely stopped the fight early because he knew this whole thing was ridiculous. This is also why your comment was heavily downvoted (if you didn’t get that). Vitor Belfort is a horrible boxer FYI.

    • To be fair, this result had a lot more to do with Evander being almost 60 than it did Vitor being some killer.

      • Yup. Evander has shown signs of serious damage since the Bowe fights (and anyone who saw the Bowe fights knows why… they were BRUTAL). One hallmark sign is trouble walking as the communication between the brain and legs is disrupted. I’ll never forget seeing Joe Frazier later in his life, and he had the classic “walking in post holes” look. You could see it in Evander tonight. He didn’t even have the coordination to stand and punch. Belfort didn’t hit him with anything of real substance.

        De La Hoya would just use his speed on him and stay on his bike (Plus it’s 20 plus pounds south). It’s an entirely different fight.

        That being said… LET ME SAY CLEARLY. I DON’T CARE BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT FIGHT OR ANY MORE OF THESE RIDICULOUS FIGHTS. I wouldn’t buy this one or any in the future. To call them farcical is the best possible compliment, and they are doing nothing to help the sport. Plus as a human being with a conscience. I don’t think this is a good reason for someone to get hurt.

        • Dude, ‘boxing’ hasn’t been a sport for years. It’s solely a business now and I accepted it years ago myself. A lot of things have changed for the worst on this planet because of not just apathy, but the exploitation by megalomanics who profit from it.

          • It’s always been a business, but in the past it was at least a viable business. The reality is that these shit shows now make more business sense than real boxing. It’s not getting better either.

          • How can you say that boxing isn’t a sport? It is both a sport and a business just like any other sport. You think these warriors get in the ring and risk their lives purely for the “sport of it”? You can’t feed your kids with sports glory! You need cash money! So you’d better have some “business” about yourself

  • triller has the absolute worst platform for boxing. Will never pay for any of their “fights”

  • I thought it was kind of a quick stoppage. Holyfield didn’t seem that hurt and he is famous for his comebacks. I guess they wanted to protect the old guy.

  • Absolutely disgusting that a 58 yr old man with diminishing cognitive skills was allowed to take part in this shambles!
    What happened to the “duty of care” factor? The Florida state commission should be ashamed for allowing this circus to go on at the risk of a man’s life
    Diabolical !!!!

  • This should not go on Holyfield’s record. I mean he’s 58. This shouldn’t have been sanctioned.

  • Did anyone really give Holyfield a chance against Belfort? He’s almost 60 years old and hasnt looked good in a fight in over a decade. Id love to see Belfort fight Jake Paul and knock his head into the third row, that will be Jakes last fight for sure because he will absolutely get knocked out and exposed for the joke that he is and will be too embarrassed to return to the ring.

  • Totally totally disgraceful event.

    The sport that I love is now a carnival sideshow with the credibility of a jackalope.

    • This is why I refuse to buy this shit. In the beginning, I thought maybe it could add fans to the boxing base, but the reality is that it’s its own game entirely. It does nothing to add to the sport and probably does more to diminish it long term. As a real boxing fan, I don’t feel like in hastening the sport’s downfall. I’ll be honest with you though; the fact that these fights get more buys than legit fights (including the heavyweight championship) may signal that boxing is too far gone.

    • Do you really though? I mean you and I didn’t because we knew better. I think at this point if you’re dumb enough to pay for the ppv, you get what you deserve.

    • Why feel sorry? As my grandmother would say “a fool and their money are soon parted”.

  • It’s amazing how many people are stupid enough to buy these ppv’s. It’s literally a race to the bottom of which is worse, the music or the fighting.

      • Look at all the people who got suckered into buying Floyd vs. McGregor, a non-boxer who was making his pro debut. Floyd carried the featherfisted McGregor for ten dreary rounds. McGregor, who allegedly had “vaunted power,” was exposed as a light puncher who couldn’t break an egg.

      • Arturo, the worst part of all of this is the fact that these fights actually generate greater profit than big legit fights. Boxing sideshows have now become a better business than boxing itself, and you just have to look at the top line and the cost of the fighters to prove it. I don’t see evidence that it comes back either.

  • There are plenty of 58 year old people who work tough jobs to get a paycheck because they need money. I love Holyfield but he’s obviously broke and needed a payday. And he’s broke because of stupid decisions he made. Taking a couple shots from a much smaller guy who can’t punch for what’s probably a 7 figure payday beats the shit out of working in a coal mine for $20 an hour. Idk what all the outrage is. He’s a grown man and should be able to make his own decisions. This was a good one! As long as people keep buying these circus events, guys like Evander are gonna take the money. Can’t fault them for it.

    • I agree with you that it really is the buyer’s fault at the end of the day. Holyfield only gets paid because people are willing to pay for this trash. However, I think at some point an athlete needs to pass more rigorous tests to get a fight licensed even as an exhibition. A 60 year old with notable deficiencies from boxing probably isn’t fit to be licensed. People forget that Holyfield’s prime was really the early 90’s. He slowly declined after that.

  • Would have much rather watched Holy / Ruiz 4 than this garbage. I noticed years ago that EH speech seemed slurred and slower, as for Mosley and Toney also. Aware it’s not a sanctioned bout but will never understand how he can be medically cleared to fight at 58 on short notice. I’m at a loss for words as someone is gonna get badly hurt in the ring all for a circus show payday

  • What a grotesque match up, all ends up – Holyfield was completely washed up 10 years ago.

  • That was dreadful. Poor Evander, and who allowed
    Tito Ortiz to box? He literally cannot even throw a punch, at all. He cannot take one either. Only a morbid curiosity made me go to Youtube to watch the ‘fights’. The kind of society that you have will determine your sporting events. So, for those that can also see, like me, know what we have become.

    • I don’t understand why you were down voted buddy, never a truer word spoken. Ortiz was surprisingly very pedestrian, Holyfield shot. It’s this social media saturated society that enables this type of event to occur. Pathetic.

      • That’s because the down voters were the ones I was talking about. The good side of all this is that the fittest of society, like us, may be able to thrive in these times. It will be easy to take over these weaklings when it’s time. It will be like when Luke Wilson’s character was able to escape from jail in the movie Idiocracy where he effortlessly outsmarted the guard to do so.

    • You really do have to ask what kind of person WANTS to see this? People with no real boxing talent and others who are in extreme danger because of their age in fights that have no consequence in the sport of boxing. These are people who are sooo hedonistic and grotesque that all they care about his their immediate entertainment and nothing about the dangers and negative ramifications. I can’t argue that society today fits that profile. Also, IQ’s have been lowering in the USA and other developed western countries for the first time ever in modern history. This may be another negative byproduct of postmodern decay.

  • I have a theory that Holyfield, obsessed with Mike Tyson, purposely looked dreadful in this fight, for the purpose of suckering Tyson into fighting him in the ring. His thinking is that if he looks vulnerable and pathetic, Tyson, who would like nothing more than to avenge his losses to the steroid version of Holyfield earlier in his career, would jump at the chance to fight him. Holyfield desperately needs the money and a trilogy fight with Iron Mike would be lucrative.

    Glad to see Orange County (CA) ignoramus Ortiz get blasted out.

    Haye calling out Fury must be a gimmick.

    I didn’t watch this card because of Trump.

  • This is Old age abuse not fight because holyfield 58 years .
    A kind of disrespect of Holyfield for his legacy and boxing history unless they are just kidding.

  • So you beat a 60 year old man Vitor-so what are you proud of?—This is a pathetic circus for the morons

  • boxing has become a circus, dragging out all the detritus and putting them in gloves , what people are paying for this Rubbish Oh no

  • Not a good look for boxing. More of a tough man contest with no age limits. How can you let loose a man pumped with a test through the gills against a 58 year old boxer with nothing to offer the sport? At the very least, they should have allowed Evan Fields to show up after a 3 month training camp.

  • Thank you for makeing up my mind about Boxing and the association and what it has turned into, I will never go to or watch another fight,as I did not see this one out of respect and fear of this legend possibly getting killed, cause I along with yourself s already knew what the out come would be,,a disgrace,,putting this man in danger for the sake of entertainment is disgraceful,,thank GOD he wasn’t killed

  • boxing is in complete free fall, you got you tubers fighting every 3 months in front of sell out crowds, tyson, 8th highest ppv all time, and others making good money, then you got spence and crawford maybe fighting every 14 months not against each other, i’m 63 years old starting watching the sport in the early 70’s were there was top fights every weekend on tv the best fighting the best now its 5 titles in each div. fighting i don’t know who, r.i.p

  • Evander needs to sit his ass down he ain’t no Mike Tyson at this point in age I seen his workout before his fight sit your ass down he was slow and no power Mike Tyson would had killed him right now

  • John L.Sullivan is going to going to fight Tyson Fury for the heavyweight title.If the dead can come up from the grave and vote then they can damn sure fight!!

  • Pulling out of the fight was the smartest move Goldie has made all year. (And the phony-looking hospital video was a nice touch!)

  • Sad to see legends reduced to doing these type of shows. Everyone wants to keep the good memories.

  • After a 54-year-old Ron Lyle was still good enough to knock out 4-round-level professionals, I had expected that a 58-year-old Holy should be able to beat a guy who’s essentially a novice boxer. I suspect he didn’t get a serious neurological exam before the fight; the damage from his past wars is showing.

  • He was just lucky and Mike Tyson tried but his head to thick couldn’t knock him down

  • I seen a lot of feet tangling knockdowns.. but I guess that’s a good way to beat a older fighter.. Go for the feet

  • What did you expect ?! Watch a fight with Holyfield able to fight while being 58 ?!! He wasn’t even able to defend himself properly against an 43 years old MMA vet ! Sad shit.. How could they allow this crap to happen ? Money money money must be funny in this rich men’s world !

  • Basically, he stopped a 60 year old man who didn’t have a training camp. That’s not worthy of celebration.

    I probably could have jumped in the ring and stopped Holyfield…..ok that may be a tad bit far-fetched haha.

  • >