Belfort-Holyfield Quotes

Vitor Belfort: “It was a legendary moment for me to fight tonight. I’m very blessed. It was a great environment here, great fights and competition. We can all learn from the sport of boxing about how to adapt. We should be more caring for each other in this great country of America. You never judge how many victories you have, you judge by the quality of your opponents. When you fight someone, the two warriors gain immediate respect for each other. For me to be able to compete with Holyfield is a dream. Yes, I challenge Jake Paul to a thirty-million-dollar winner take all fight, he cannot say no to me, he needs a real fight.”

Evander Holyfield: “I wasn’t able to bounce back like I used to. I let him get too close. But he’s strong and he pushed me but I wasn’t hurt. I’m not hurt at all. Yes, I’m still interested in fighting Mike Tyson.”

Anderson Silva: “I’m so happy, my team and I worked so hard. I just try to enjoy every single moment inside the ring. Thanks to God for giving me one more time to do my job. The training is tough and that makes me feel ready for everything inside the ring. The entire team pushes me every day. I prepare my body and my mind for war and tonight I won. I’m not sure what’s next, just to go home and be with my family.”

David Haye: “Now I feel like I’m ready to do some big things. I went out there and did exactly what I was going to do. Tyson Fury has been in my mind for a long time since 2013 when we were scheduled to fight. I’ve always wanted that fight and I’ve seen him getting better and better. I know I can beat him, I know his style, I know what he does well. My attributes don’t work for his style and he and his team know that.”

Jono Carroll: “It’s fantastic to get this big win, it’s been a very tough year. But they say you have to sacrifice to really succeed in life. It’s never been a matter of if, only when I’m going to accomplish these goals. And now in 2022 I’m set up to fight for a world title and become a world champion. When I become a world champion I can build on the next chapter in my life. A win like tonight and it all becomes worth it.”

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  • This card sucked Big Time.
    Did we think any different?
    Another $50 saved by not purchasing this garbage.

  • Holyfield is finished. I would rather have seen Tyson fight Lennox Lewis in 1996 to 1997, and Holyfield had already been retired. Holyfield was done from 1:06 to 36 seconds of round 1 in his fight. His legs weren’t there, ref stopped it right. When you go down like Holyfield twice in a row at that age, even if not from the punch, but just the fall, it could be a bad situation. He got up the 2nd time and just started taking punches, good stoppage. Holyfield didn’t have the legs or balance to deal with much of any incoming. He definitely should have retired after 2nd Ruiz fight, in March 2001, at 38 (same age Ali was when he fought Holmes).

    • I agree Tom. Normally I think stoppages are too quick but not in this case. Letting something go like that could have been tragic. Very sad to see but the right call by the referee.

    • The stoppage was too fast. Holifield did too much in his career not to be given the benefit of the doubt. Did you guys look at the stoppage in slow motion? He was rolling and blocking the shots. He barely got hit after the first knockdown(uppercut). Im guessing most don’t know what to look for. His legs obviously wasnt under him yet and didn’t have time to get going. Holifield looked amazing, big neck, ripped. Didnt need to be babied. This is the Real Deal, not just any fighter. Yes, we already knew he had been finished as a top-level fighter.
      And Im the last to see Holifield get hurt. Wish the ref at least waited till a clean shot to leave no doubts. Now he has a 1st round KO to a UFC fighter. smh

      • i assume u r talking about holyfield at his age that clean shot could have been a very bad situation for him ,that ref would have got sued for not stopping the fight when he did

    • Yup. The thing was he was not that hurt, but his legs and coordination are sooo bad at this age, he can barely function. He should have never even been in the ring. Couldn’t stop that fight soon enough.

  • Haye said before this fight that it was just a one off and now he’s calling out Fury.
    Fury said he’d never fight Haye after Haye pulled out 2 or 3 times , so I’d expect him to fight Haye after Wilder after the WBC manage to somehow allow Fury another non mandatory while Whyte waits on.

  • I didn’t see the “fight” but what I saw of Evander sparring, I knew then that if the other guy could get into the ring by himself, Vander might be in trouble. I don’t know anything about the other guy, I never followed mma, but at 44, he must have had some still left in his tank. Pretty evident that Vander don’t.

  • The only way to stop these boxing scams is for people to stop paying for them. Evander Holyfield is 58 years old. His coordination are shot, possibly has brain damage from all his years in boxing. Yes he’s is in good shape for his age, but no way should he or anyone at that age should be boxing professionally anymore. They take these fights for money. Tito Ortiz should never step into a ring or octagon again if he want to keep any of his mental facilities.They say there a sucker born every minute and the PPV world is full of them.As long as people keep paying they will continue to put on these boxing scams.

  • I will never ever spend 1 € to watch shitty cards like that.. It’s a shame that today you just need to be a famed youtuber with money to fight an ex-boxer or MMA star and make such amount of money a real pro is never gonna get while training his ass off.. stop that bullshit it’s enough !!

  • I hate to see the sport I love so much becoming a silly stupid side show. And it’s all happening because of greed. We the fans are to blame, because we accept this garbage. If 10 fans say we are not buying this crap on PPV, 20 fans will buy it. People it’s getting out of control. I watched my first fight in 1967 (Ali vs Foley) I’ve been hooked since that day. I hate what these money grubbing bums are doing to our beloved sport.

  • As I mentioned before, Holyfield is only 4 years away from qualifying for Social Security. Let that soak in…This is not the Holyfield we once knew. His lack of coordination during the fight is just as deadly to his health and it sets him up to be hit more by Belfort. The referee was simply doing his job and yes, he makes the call. I still think Holyfield would have been stopped or hit too often as the fight progressed.

  • If Tyson and Holyfield fight a real fight like tis one, Evander gets murdered. Best to do a glorified sparring session if your Holyfield.

  • I still say what started all these ridiculous old boxer vs. MMA guy spectacles was that Floyd carrying McGregor nonsense. Floyd didn’t even throw a punch for the first couple rounds as he realized his featherfisted opponent couldn’t break an egg. I’m just glad the public was spared Pacman vs. McGregor garbage! Too many popular, aging boxers have paid dearly for hanging around when they were clearly shot: Ali; Jerry Quarry; Bobby Chacon; etc., neither of whom could even shave their own faces in retirement!!!

  • I heard in an interview Belfort was going to take it easy on Holyfield cuz this was an exhibition but that was wrong and what was up with 2 minute rounds if these were real professional fights?!

  • >