Harrision-Charlo Kickoff Press Conference

WBC super welterweight champion Tony “Superbad” Harrison and former world champion Jermell Charlo continued their verbal sparring and nearly came to blows at a heated press conference in Los Angeles on Thursday, as they previewed their rematch on December 21 on FOX from Toyota Arena in Ontario, California. Harrison vs. Charlo II has been building ever since the end of the first matchup on December 22, 2018. The two were set to meet on June 23, but the rematch was postponed when Harrison suffered torn ligaments after spraining his ankle in training.

Harrision Charlo Kickoff
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Tony Harrison: “I could beat him anywhere, it doesn’t matter. We could fight in this room right now. Nothing is going to change…his words definitely sparked the fuel in me that’s on fire now. He talks loud, but he’s not going to do anything. He doesn’t have the skillset to beat me.”

Jermell Charlo: “I know that I won that first fight and I’m going to do things in a more dominant fashion this time. I’m going to be overpowering and ferocious. It will be the best Jermell Charlo. My plan is to show everyone that Tony Harrison is not on my level.”

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  • Jermell you used very similar words in your last fight and got beaten by a better man who exposed weaknesses and shoes the boxing world that your a bit over rated. Stop telegraphing your punches for a start and tighten your defence. Your hittable,’your chin is open and you dont guard your liver.
    May the best man win and win fairly

    • Gary, you make some good points. Charlo’s power is one of his strengths when some of his boxing skills are lacking. I think the Charlo brothers concentrate way too much on bringing that power to the ring rather than figuring out how to be decent technicians in the ring. I feel that is there instinctual behavior as fighters. That plays against them when some of their opponents are gifted with great defensive skills and have granite chins. Harrison did set up some good blueprints for others to follow in how Jermell has faults and exposed his less than stellar boxing ability. I think Harrison needs to think defense and counter punching in this rematch if he wants to keep that belt.

  • Harrison is the superior boxer. Once again, Harrison will outbox Charlo. Once they get in the boxing ring, it is no longer a ticket selling contest. UNLESS, we are dealing with a corrupt promoter, boxing judges, ref, and commission.

    Uhm …. Second thought. Maybe Charlo does win this fight. LOL.

    • Idk Jonathan, if there was corruption, Charlo would have won their last fight. It was pretty close but i had Charlo ahead unfortunately. Im very excited for this fight actually.Although super cocky and over confident for my taste, Hes about the ONLY Charlo that will fight someone that is actually good.

  • I just saw the press conference, and it was funny, Charlo flap his gums for over 15 mins, then accused Harrisson of talking a lot.

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