Haney tops Linares to retain WBC lightweight title

Devin Haney Vs Jorge Linares Fight Night
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Unbeaten WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney (26-0, 15 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over former three-division ruler Jorge Linares (47-6, 29 KOs) in the Michelob Ultra Arena at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The speedy Haney stood his ground but still outboxed Linares for much of the fight. Linares came on strong late and had Haney wobbled, but he was too far behind. Scores were 116-112, 116-112, 115-113.

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Haney-Linares undercard results

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  • Haney has great speed and movement, not sure about his power or chin tho.

    Still he clearly won this one, but Linares put in a great effort and looked the stronger fighter in the last 2.

    Another top contender in a fairly stacked division.

    • Haney was dominant before getting careless and getting clipped. If he had power Linares would’ve been out of there. Great job by Linares for not folding and winning the last 3 rounds.

      • Haney was definitely dominant, not sure he was careless tho, he just got caught, as you do when you fight.

        Be good to see Lopez, Tank, Garcia and Haney battle each other to see who’s the champ.

    • Not sure id consider him a top contender. Even tho he holds a strap. This kid has great fundamentals. Good foot/ hand movement. But lacks power and although he showed heart, his lack of durability shines through. And that’s while listening to the over indulgence of his skills by really biased commentating. Reminds me of Broner with less chin and less attitude. Good fight tho. Linares shows his medal once again

      • He showed his medal he lost in boxing you are going to get hit .first thing you learn is jab, holding footwork he young and smart and can only get better .soft hands Luke Campbell put Garcia on his ass just think if he would have got caught with that shot it would have knocked his ass out

      • So Linaris knocks Loma down but we don’t say Loma has a weak chin but he wobbles Haney and can’t drop him and that makes Haney chinny? Got it!

  • Stop saying perfect record unless they have knocked out everybody they fault very few will be able to have a perfect record deontey might have had the last perfect record until it was broken but who will beat that perfect record

  • “When Haney fights I change the channel.” – Joel Diaz.

    Words of wisdom. If only I would’ve listened. Instead I watched a supposed prize fighter hang on for dear life in the championship rounds. He did lead in hugs.

    The don’t make them like they used too.

  • I hate when commentator say perfect record but fighter didn’t knock out ever one they fault

    • Using your logic, a football team doesn’t have a perfect record unless they win every game and don’t allow the other teams to score any points. Bad logic!

    • Eugene, man you really are hanging on to that perfect record comment.

  • look Haney school to the most part a very shot Linares who hurt him and made paper champ hold on for his life.

    • Haney did what he had to do he won Linares is no way shot that same punch would have knocked Garcia out soft hand Luke put him on his ass their is no exercise for the chin

  • Haney based on this performance is not ready for Teo at this moment…… he has good boxing skill but i really question can he really take a punch from a strong fighter @135.

    • Teo got knocked out twice in sparring with headgear by a smaller fighter. Get real

  • Very good fight. Haney got the fight and test he needed. Good effort by Linares but Haney dominated the first 8-9 rounds.

  • Haney showed his fast and accurate…. against an aging warrior.
    He ended the fight literally “hanging on” for dear life….
    Didn’t exactly place his stamp as one of the 4 Kings…. In his defense tho, I believe Ryan would’ve had similar trouble with Linares tonight.
    Teo and Tank would have both ko’d him.

  • If the ref would have did his job and put a stop to Haney’s hugging it would have been a short night for him he would have got knocked out. I thought I was watching dancing with the stars.

    • You don’t know anything about boxing then …dancing with the Stars

  • I wanted Haney to win by TKO or KO…oh well. We will see how Loma looks in his fight. Because Lopez will probably not fight Loma in a rematch, then I anticipate Haney vs. Loma. I will more than likely favor Loma to defeat Haney.

    If Haney fights Garcia, I will more than likely favor Garcia.

    In other words, I am not sold on Haney, and it’s only a matter of time before he is exposed.

    • Apparently you don’t know boxing soft hands Luke Campbell dropped Garcia took his confidence…I’ll tell the world don’t hang your hat on Teo to long he can’t take a shot or the pressure

  • Tonight, Haney was totally exposed as a fraud, a 2nd tier fighter. No power and not a particularly good boxer. He tried to get macho and only proved he can’t take a punch!

    • Did he get dropped the punch you don’t see hurts you stupid the boy boxed his ass off that same punch would have knocked Garcia out …and just for the record none of them beats Tank Davis

  • First time I’ve watched a full Haney fight. He does have a lot of skills but was a little over confidant. He thought he would get Linares out before the late rounds then had no plan B. He was definitely on shaky legs at the end. This could be a great learning experience and make him better if it teaches him a little humility. He need another test or two before taking on someone like Lopez.

    • True true the rest of them guys don’t know shit about boxing

  • Haney has a terrific left jab and dominated the fight until he got clipped hard in the 10th. He was really hurt and his legs weren’t steady as he went back to his corner. He gradually stopped using his jab and exchanged often with Linares in the second half of the fight. I don’t blame him because he was trying for a knockout. Although he hit Linares with many clean shots, he never really had him in trouble. I don’t believe he has the power to stop any of the top lightweights.

    Linares made a great showing but I only gave him 3’rounds. The scorecards were closer than I thought they would be. A score of 117-111 was reasonable. 116-112 gave Linares too much credit and 115-113 was just out of line.

    Haney can outbox the elite lightweights but if he exchanges with them, he could be in trouble. I would like to see him against Teofimo Lopez. Teofimo does have one punch KO power so I like him to win that matchup.

    • WTF!

      Do they have 3rd rate useless commentators in the poverty stricken, corrupt, violent Philippines?

  • Godd fight fro Jamey but he got exposed, any elite fighter at lightweight beats him.

  • Give the man credit for beating a good fighter. Was he fighting Crawford? No! Did he catch one on the melon? Yep! But that’s boxing. Remember many people had Linares winning.( See Temo Lopez.) before tonight. Will he beat some of the other big names in the division? Only time will tell.

  • Haney looked great the first half of the fight, 2nd half not so much.
    Should have lost a point for holding.

    Looked like he was wanting to slow dance with Linares the last 2 rounds

  • It was not far that i won a down payment for my new Ford Ranger for betting old WAR horse`s Donaire and Linares.I took Linares because i was thinking that maybe Haney is still way too young to handle himself against multiple world champion..When Haney was in trouble believe you me..i was climbing on the wall`s and maybe my sealing too when haney try to R-A-P-E Linares to stay on his feet..but young man handle that situation well even it look`s just really stupid,but that you must do when you have to win yourself some time. Gongrats to the winner`s mr Donaire and ms Haney ! My new car is on hold.Great fight`s to bet is still to come near future.

  • Haney is only 22, his man strength won’t come until he’s 26, everyone is not a knockout artist. I put him behind Teo, Tank, and Loma, but ahead of Garcia.

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