Guinness record attempt tomorrow in Mexico City

By Gabriel F. Cordero

This Saturday, Mexico City will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest boxing class. The current record was set in 2017 in Moscow, Russia, with a class of 3,300 participants. For many months the World Boxing Council together with the Sports Institute of Mexico City and the various agencies of the local government and mayors have organized training on weekends to prepare for this special day. They are expecting some 40,000 participants.

The class will be held in the city’s famed downtown Zócalo starting at 8AM with the participants able to enter at 6:30AM. Entrants get an official kit with a jersey, cap, and participant number with a chip.

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    • Narrow-minded thinking. These are classes for anything including “cab drivers”. That’s why they’re classes.

  • I’m tempted to say this is ridiculous but usually when you see the phrase “Guiness record attempt” ahead of something, that’s exactly what it means.

  • It’ll be like when Richie Cunningham set the record for catching quarters off his rlbow!

  • another stunt by the mafia don sulaiman- mexico as a country has many other salient issues to focus on ; among the first corruption of which sulaiman and his late father are poster children of !

  • In other news…JC Chavez Jr has just scheduled 40, 000 comeback fights for Saturday.

  • A Golden Boy representative will be on hand looking for Jaime Munguia’s next opponent.

  • Just go to a stadium, in the middle of the game and give a quick boxing lesson during halftime and have everyone throw a jab. Boom!!! Record broken.

  • >