Golovkin rocks Rolls in four

Photos: Darryl Cobb Jr.

The Big Drama Show is back. Former middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (39-1-1, 34 KOs) knocked out previously unbeaten Steve Rolls (19-1, 10 KOs) in round four on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
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Coming off his first loss to Canelo Alvarez last September, 37-year-old GGG ended the fight spectacularly with a left hook that put Rolls down face first for the count. Time was 2:09. To his credit, Rolls came to fight and landed some clean shots before being overwhelmed by Golovkin’s firepower.

After the fight, Golovkin said he feels like the people’s champion and called out Alvarez to fight him in September.

Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya immediately threw water on that notion by tweeting, “Nice comeback win. Now fight a real fighter, win a belt, and I’ll consider doing the 3rd fight. #Caneloisyourboss.”

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      • No one cares he’s a known cheater who lost against triple G in the first fight while being taking peds and did a bit better in the second encounter who could have gone either way. GGG is the people’s champ and 5 years ago he would’ve beat the crap out of cheatnelo by ko !! 37 years old still the best Middleweight in the world..

      • Ha, ha, best comment so far, and even without offending but a true statement. Whether we like it or not.

  • #oscar de la hoya is a savage…nice try by GGG the bum slayer. Now go get a belt or fight somebody with a pulse.

    • Come on troll. Canelo lost twice to GGG. Oscar was such a great fighter. Sad as a promoter. Robberies that ruin the sport and will continue to get away with it. Not too mention caught PED user.

      • Steve Rolls
        19 1 0
        10 KOs 1 KOs

        ID #568032
        role boxer
        81 / 1,287 World
        5 / 21 Canada
        bouts 20
        rounds 99
        KOs 50%

        How does he get away with fighting this guy?

        • Well DAZN signs these guys and then needs fights. GGG has been off for a while, I do agree there are great fights out there and lets get it on before everyone starts using age as an excuse.

      • I agree, ODH great fighter but comes across as a douche promoter. Canelo lost first fight to GGG the way ODH lost to Sturm. Popular fighters got decisions.

    • Shut up bitch cheatnelo lost clearly the first encounter and the second could have gone either way.. Your boy is a know n cheater stop riding his Dick please no one dares about him just a few young Mexican fanboy’s… A Young GGG would’ve knock the shit out of him that’s why De LaHoya was waiting so long before making the fight !! A 30 years old triple G could have beat every middleweight of any era because he’s one of the best ever.. Remember how cheatnelo was schooled by Mayweather…

      • Of any era? GGG aint got no good wins to talk like that. You sounding like a dick rider actually.

    • With all due respect(which is none), I’d like to hear your thoughts on the accomplishments(or lack thereof)with the level of competition Andrade has fought.

    • Is that a coke head savage? or just a savage who wears women’s underwear and shows up drunk at his fighters fights?

    • oscar’s a savage because why? (A)He’s a coke head alcoholic (b) he likes posing in women’s underwear, (c) he shows up drunk for interviews at his fighters fights, (d) all of the above

  • Come on Oscar belts don’t mean shit these days,canelo threw away the WBC belt in the trash a few years ago.

  • So De La Hoya has Canelo fight Rocky Effin Fielding and then has the balls to tell GGG to fight a real fighter?

    • Did you forget rocky was a champion, regardless if we knew him or not, and on a higher weight class? Perhaps ggg should fight the next toughest fighter and then fight the champion again. Imo.

  • De la Hoya ..you are the one that needs to look in the mirror..spitting on your own people ..Canelo cheated got beat , then stole from a gentleman that made all Normal stipulations n you are demanding who the a dude is ..your photos will never die .why not grow up

    • put your Mexican against Curtis Stevins..simply if he can take advantage of a little man , let a guy his size try to even the score

  • Oscar has to be back on the white stuff because he is really talking nonsensical and sounds like a spoiled little brat. Canelo has had to go 24 painful rounds with Golovkin when they fought and he doesn’t feel like doing it again.
    These silly Canelo fans and casuals who are under the impression that Canelo could ever knock Golovkin out are living in a fantasy land. I think Canelo has instructed Oscar to swerve that fight if all possible. Oscar obliges because he doesn’t have anybody else who can make him money.

    • GGG won the first fight, but Canelo beat up GGG in second, pull up pics of GGG and see for yourself.

  • Delaho and the WBC are the reason boxing has become like the WWE. This sport with it’s it’s 40 chumps per division, and a new division every pound or two needs a boxing czar. With fighters that are fighting once every two years of heaven FORBID every year, we are getting to the point now where the boxing fans cannot even watch a fight anymore without them thinking the Delahos or Al Haymons fighters will always get either a draw or a fixed decision win. GGG is without doubt the real champ, no matter how Delaho spins his tales it will not get his fighter any respect, every single poll after the GGG/Canelo fights had GGG winning the fight. As a matter of fact even the Mexican public FIRMLY had both fights for GGG. Delaho wants to make GGG wait, FOR WHAT ? GGG is the champ and the public knows this all to well, those WWE belts are being sold for more money than the phony WBC belts.

  • GGG wins by ko if they ever meet again and won’t trust the promoters judges. Better make hay while the sun shines.

    OMG! I can comment again since deleting facebook years ago. Thumbs up fightnews.

  • Not sure who Golovkin is going to fight if not Canelo. People say Charlo or Andrade. Well whichever one Golovkin goes with, Canelo should fight the other, or an undefeated guy in the ratings. If Golovkin sticks with the WBC ratings, he can fight some of these names. Szeremeta 19-0, Derevyanchenko 13-1, Quigley 15-0, Butler 26-1-1, Falcao 22-0-0, Liam Williams, Patrick Wojcicki, Patrice Volny.

    • I think GGG should go the Andrade route, as the RI native is only very effective for the first half of the fight. I think GGG comes on late and gets to Demetrius. That gives him the WBO title and the missing piece for Canelo to truly be undisputed. Then Looney Oscar would look really stupid talking shit after that.

  • You have to feel bad for GGG. They made him wait for his first payday (bought a judge…you can’t convince me otherwise), failed a drug test prior to his second payday (again, a contaversial Decision, but at least I didn’t feel GGG deserved better than a Draw) and now they seem like they want him to reach 50 before another match. Canelo is a very good fighter, but it’s becoming easier and easier to root against him.

    The worst part for GGG is there really isn’t another cash cow available. He could move down too 154, but beyond the hardcore fans there just isn’t a big payday. Moving up to 168 offers no payday either and everyone seems to forget this guy is a small Middleweight.

    I wish him luck and Canelo a quick defeat.

  • 37 years old still knocking people out, still hungry, still a respectful gentleman, what a great human being.. De La Hoya should’ve made the fight 5 or 6 years ago but he and Cheatnelo knew why they didn’t do it ; because GGG would’ve put him to sleep face first on the canvas.. I allways will be an Oscar De LaHoya fan but hate him as a promoter, he’s full of shit and lies…

  • Canelo didn’t beat big drama show that was robbery.but why fight a guy no one heard of and knock him out like that when he didn’t deserve to be in the ring in the first place.

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