Golden Contract final presser heats up

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The fighters all had plenty to say to each other as they took part in their head to head press conferences before Wednesday’s “Golden Contract” event. The card takes place Wednesday at Production Park Studios in Wakefield, England, and will be broadcast live in the UK on Sky Sports and live in the US on ESPN+.

In the featherweight final, Jazza Dickens takes on Ryan Walsh, while in the super-lightweight final, Tyrone McKenna goes up against Ohara Davies.

Ohara Davies: “McKenna is a bum and a trash fighter. I know it inside but I don’t have to say it and shout it, because on Wednesday I’m going to show it. He’s got Pete Taylor with him, but he won’t be able to save him. He could have Godzilla in the corner and he wouldn’t be able to save him. For an opponent like this I don’t even have to work that hard for this fight, but because I did it means he’s getting knocked out. After he gets knocked out, they should consider going up in weight class because I feel he’s struggling to make weight and this division isn’t for him.

Tyrone McKenna: “I said four years ago I wanted Ohara Davies and now it’s finally here. He’s been calling me a bum for the last four years. He said I’m as easy as 123 ABC, so we’ll find out on Wednesday if he knows his ABCs. He’s concentrating on other people to take his mind off me, because he knows he’s going to get a beating from me. He’s trying to start all these other beefs so he doesn’t think about me and so he can get to sleep at night.

Jazza Dickens: “I expected this fight to come. I knew I was going to fight Ryan in this tournament. I have total respect for Ryan and I’ve prepared for a tough fight. Actions will speak louder than words and we’ll see what happens on fight night.”

Ryan Walsh: “Jazza showed against Leigh Wood how good he was, but Jazza knows I’m far more intelligent than Leigh Wood. This is the most excited I’ve been in boxing. It’s got all the ingredients to be a cracking fight. I’ll be bringing my best and I expect nothing less from Jazza.

Elsewhere on the bill, Serge Michel and Liam Conroy meet in the Golden Contract light heavyweight semi-final. The winner will face Ricards Bolotniks, who booked his place in the final with a victory over Hosea Burton on Saturday in Latvia.

Serge Michel: “I think this is a good warm-up for the final. I was last in the ring in December. It’s a big chance and I have prepared for that. I want to win this fight and win the entire Golden Contract tournament.”

Liam Conroy: “He’s daft to be saying I’m a warm-up for the final. Once he gets in the ring with me he’ll see what a warm-up I am. I don’t care what he says or what his opinion are. I only care about my team’s opinion and their opinion is that I’ll beat him on Wednesday. Winning this tournament would change my career massively, and I intend on grabbing this chance with both hands.”

The winners of the Golden Contract tournament earn a two-year, five-fight deal with six-figure purses for each fight guaranteed.

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