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The next PPV card in the queue is Gervonta Davis (23-0, 22 KOs) against Leo Santa Cruz (37-1-1, 19 KOs) on October 24. This bout is unique in boxing history as titles in three divisions are on the line. Santa Cruz holds the WBA featherweight and super featherweight titles, and Davis holds the WBA lightweight belt. The fight will have a weight limit of 130 pounds.
Today is the deadline for Canelo Alvarez to resubmit his lawsuit against DAZN, Golden Boy, and Oscar de la Hoya. The parties met last week with DAZN reportedly offering Canelo $20 million per fight. The original deal called for $35 million.
The looming date for the WBC purse bid for the Canelo vs. Avni Yildirim fight is Tuesday, October 6.
After stopping Duke Micah, WBO bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero dropped to the canvas and did one-armed push-ups. Impressive.
Quite a lot of good fights in October, with Loma-Lopez leading the pack.
The WBA super welterweight super title has changed hands in three consecutive fights. Jarrett Hurd to Julian Williams to Jeison Rosario to Jermell Charlo.

Golden Contract final presser heats up
Interview: Julian Jackson

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  • I get a kick out of the Boxing Buzz saying, “The looming date for the WBC purse bid for the Canelo vs. Avni Yildirim fight is Tuesday, October.” LOL…The word “looming” alone sums it up. Looming can also mean distorted picture or scenario. Yup, the fight alone is looming in itself.
    Nobody in the boxing world that I have seen or read about is really excited about this fight. In fact, I think it’s forgotten by some. Sorry, but I see this fight as a predictable money-maker tune-up rather than on-the-edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Oscar claims Canelo is always ready to fight the best! Hmmmm, really?

  • Something at the laughable level is the fight between Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz being called unique in history. How in this world a featherweight title could be in dispute if neither guy can make 126, especially Davis, who struggled mighty to get 135 on his las fight and there are serious doubts he can be able to make 130, let alone 126? SMH!

    • I also find it kind of amusing how we are talking about a difference of 8 pounds across those three weight divisions. I can gain that in one sitting at an Indian restaurant!

      • All these added junior and super divisions do nothing but devalue titles and keep the best from fighting the best-much easier to move to another “division” and pick up a title there.

  • We will see if Davis can stay away from the dinner table to make 130.

    Canelo’s possible fight against Yildirim better not involve PPV or else I will only read about Canelo’s KO or TKO victory.

    Loma vs. Lopez is approaching as I continue to favor Loma to win. I still have a little time on it.

    At 154, we will see if Jermell can grab another belt by fighting Teixeira or Castano (I prefer Castano). However, beware of Lara. Lubin’s chin may not hold against Jermell.

  • A contract its a contract. If DAZN screwed mighty by signing such a big contract with Alvarez, it’s their problem now, because the fighter is available and doesn’t have a loss under their contract or as I far as I know refusing to fight.
    The best get away for DAZN I gues is to offer Canelo a buy out or ask him to face opponents worthy to watch such fight. What about Benavidez or Smith instead of Yildirim? Or Jermall Charlo and GGG?
    Boxing somentimes its like food, you can’t complain for quality when paying a buck for a hot dog, but is completely different when you are asked to shake your wallet for a luxury dish. Yildirim vs. Canelo is the cheap hot dog or slice of pizza being you asked to pay the price of a gourmet dish.

  • The Canelo situation is interesting. From an outsider it looks to me that Canelo is being greedy under the current climate which no one could have foreseen at the start of 2020. Maybe I’m in the minority here but when I see friends who are struggling financially and mentally to provide for their families in this current situation Canelo comes over as quite vulgar.
    From a business/legal standpoint I’d have thought that at $35m per fight DAZN would have to approve the opponent otherwise he could just pick an opponent who no one wants to see. Wait a minute…

  • If the weight limit is 130 the featherweight title can’t be at stake.

    It’s only the 130 and 135 pound titles. How does a boxing news website not know boxing’s simplest weight class rules?

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