GIANT Ruiz-Joshua Open Workout Gallery

Photos: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Saudi Arabia Open Workouts

Check out photographs from today’s open workouts in Saudi Arabia. WBA, IBF, WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, Anthony Joshua, Alexander Povetkin, Michael Hunter, Dillian Whyte, and Eric Molina showed their skills today ahead of their fights this weekend on DAZN in the US and Sky Sports Box Office in the UK.

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  • I like that Joshua decided not to do any mitt work just a quick little shadow box not showing anything.
    His mindset seems focused he seemingly has more energy going into this fight.

    Ruiz for the love of God who said he was slimmed way down and shed off pounds? I dont see any difference maybe a couple of pounds but there isnt much that he has taken off.

    Joshua wins this fight 10th round TKO setting the stage for a 3rd bout down the road.

    • Don’t forget, we all looked thru Ruiz when he was getting to ready to fight AJ in the first fight. The majority of the boxing world thought the Ruiz fight was simply a tune-up for AJ. Hmmm…. Ruiz’s soft body laid a crackin’ to the chiseled champion and did it convincingly. Looks are deceiving in this case.

      • I didnt look through Ruiz the first time in fact I was calling for him to get the fight when Miller tested positive.

        When he got the fight I screamed to the top of my lungs saying the worse thing that could happen would be for Joshua to score an early knock down because he has a habit of rushing the finish he did it with Klitschko the same exact thing the difference here was Ruiz was able to land that one shot that turned it all around.

        The reason that shot landed was not just because he went for the kill it was because he stayed inside with the shorter man too long.

        Ruiz didnt even realize he landed that shot you can see it took him a second to realize it and he jumped on AJ not allowing AJ time to recover.

        This time around Joshua will command the center of the ring and let Ruiz come to him and as Ruiz does he will nail Ruiz on the way in.

        I also suggest Joshua will tie Ruiz up on the inside and push Ruiz backwards so Ruiz can not get his feet set to punch.

        But for me the Double Jab is the key to beating Ruiz the jab literally stops Ruiz in his tracks it has with Parker it did early on with Joshua in their first fight.

        I am not suggesting Joshua move too much just command the center of the ring let Ruiz come to him and make him pay when he does.

  • One thing we can learn from the first fight is very simple. Just because you have six-pack abs, ripped biceps, and look like a body builder does not mean that will save you from the chunky boy on the playground you bullied before recess in the class room.

  • One other thing that always gets me thinking is what would have happened if Luis Ortiz who turned down 2 offers to fight AJ would have taken the fight instead?

    • Joshua has a nasty straight right hand, though I agree the fight would be interesting I believe Joshuas style would be all wrong for Ortiz

  • Easily, the most anticipated match-up of the year. Hard to find anything to dislike about either guy. Like the fact that it’s being held on a neutral ground so there won’t be the built-in default excuse of “home-court” advantage. I think Joshua’s mind is in a much better place than last time. Unfortunately, I think Joshua has gotten way to comfortable with his power and is exposed as a bone-crushing hitter that has been bailed-out by his KO Power on more than one occasion.
    On rare occasions, these freakishly powerful puncher’s will meet an actual boxer with a granite chin who will school them with hand-speed and foot-work and who simply won’t get nailed flush with a snoozer.
    I see this as a either a 11th or 12th round stoppage in favor of Ruiz or a very lopsided decision in his favor.
    No disrespect to Joshua or any of this site’s Brit people. For what it’s worth, I think Ruiz is the one guy that has the chin and boxing IQ to topple Wilder as well. Seems to be the only missing component.

  • In fact, I see Ruiz/Wilder as being the most intriguing match-up that is potentially out there. Two slick, amazing BOXERS with mediocre power and neither will go down at gun-point. At some point, Ruiz will revert to a 260 lbs. Eric Morales and Fury will go all in like it’s a slug-fest at the trailer park. A lot of people will point to the size differential.
    SIZE isn’t everything….Just ask your wife!
    Haha. Just kidding.
    Best luck to Ruiz and Joshua.

  • just watched ruiz vs parker ruiz no fatigue ,breathing with mouth closed in last round never hurt no sign of a beating very durable i think he will break down aj late

    • He was getting beat to the punch in the last three rounds sure he was coming forward sure he wasnt breathing with his mouth open but he couldnt cut off the ring and Parker was able to pot shot and move away and Ruiz has the faster hands.

      So though he did not seem tired theres a reason the guy with the faster hands was getting beat to the punch

  • I have waited too long for my prediction and I have been bouncing back and forth even with 40 yrs following this sport. Feel free to beat me down on this prediction.

    1st of all not a Joshua fan and never have too robotic in there, feel like I am watching rockem socket robots
    With that said I feel that the left hook Ruiz landed was a lucky punch based on he hit the perfect spot and after that punch Joshua was done his body and mind quit on him. I see this being more of a tactical fight, I believe Joshua is going to start conservative but Ruiz is going to fight a little too proud and get caught somewhere between round 6-8 he will lose by TKO & dont be surprised if the stoppage is a little bit controversial (pre-mature)

    • interesting point you make about Ruiz fighting with too much Pride, what happens if Ruiz simply cant close the distance and he finds himself in the 6th round well behind on the cards knowing what is on the line here? I absolutely believe that Ruiz just very well might try a little too hard and leave himself open.

    • That sounds fair as a prediction. No complaints and it’s possible. I am going with Ruiz with the pressure, counters, and it only takes one round to change it all up with either guy. I felt AJ should have taken a tune up fight to tweak his fight plan rather than let his “feeling of loss” emotions and managers push him right back into a rematch over legality/contract stipulations. Keep in mind we all know AJ’s “chin” is breakable since we have witnessed multiple knockdowns in the first fight. Those were not flash knockdowns. I do think Ruiz will catch him with the counters again and set up the downward spiral of events for AJ. Let’s hope AJ can actually box some on the inside rather than the annoying holding like some other fighters do and the referee warns, but never hardly takes a point.

      • there were subtle things in there that Ruiz did do that I dont think many of the fans noticed and thats not suggesting they dont know boxing its just some tactics he used are throwback old school tactics.

        in the early rounds When AJ would leave his left jab out there not jabbing with it but using it as a range finder, Ruiz threw short hooks to the inside of Joshuas forearm.

        Ruiz also threw uppercuts to that elbow as AJ left that left arm out there. The reason Ruiz did this is so that it creates an opening its designed to knock that left arm out of the way giving Ruiz an opportunity to slide inside and score.

        AJ must NOT leave that left hand out there as a range finder snap that jab but keep it in the holster as soon as hes done.

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