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  • Why doesn’t Crawford fight Christian Mbilli up in Canada if he is really chasing the Canelo fight? Fighting a 10-0 junior middleweight doesn’t line him up for Canelo next.
    Mbilli is the #2 or #3 rated super middleweight across the board and has fought in North America for the past 3 years.
    Canelo isn’t going to drop any lower than 165 lbs.
    For people that want to see Canelo vs Crawford, Crawford should be jumping up to fight a top super middleweight, or don’t talk like Canelo Va Crawford will happen by early 2025.

    • I think he’s done chasing Canelo and going for a 3 weight undisputed status

    • There was no way that fight would have taken place. People wanted a man who started his career at lightweight, went up 2 weight classes, becoming undisputed in both, to then jump 3 more weight classes or 21 pounds, to fight the top of that division. Pure craziness, LOL!!!

      Not even the great Roberto Duran was able to pull off such a feat. Leonard and Hearns were naturally bigger men who gradually build up to 168 before capturing belts there and they did not start at lightweight.

  • canelo fight benavides . right now you could probably still win . next year who knows. the best need to fight the best. end of story.

    • Still a fight everyone would like to see. Benavides is in a tough spot. If he loses at 175, Canelo will say it’s a waste of time. If Benavides ends up beating either Bivol or Better I’ve, Canelo will definitely not fight him. I believe that the only way as of right now would be a guaranteed 100 million, but who would offer that for this fight?

  • Benavidez vs fury, wilder, or usik makes more sence than canelo! Benavidez is a uffcking cruiserweight/heavyweight on figtht night! Canelo had a hard time with bivol and gassed out so, fighting a dude who will be heavier than bivol on fight night is a high risk so, the risk is worth $150 million! If the big spendrs saudi arabian kings use $100 bills to wipe their butts and use $100 bills as towel paper and as carpets to walk on, they can definately come up with the fight money if they want to! Its up to them! $150 mil to them is pocket change!

  • There is no way Crawford can best canelo
    Canelo is too big for him and I would not celebrate that victory
    I Wana best Crawford either Virgil ortiz or giovany ssntillan

    Crawford will have problems with madrinov just because the size

    It’s like Ryan Garcia who wants to move welterweight and even the worst welter cam beat Ryan

    Some b9xers can escalade many division other ones not

    And Crawford should not m9ve over 154 lbs

    And there is nothing wrong with that many of the greatest boxers ever were champion in just 1 or 2 division like finito lopez or Andre ward joe Calzaghe Henry Armstrong etc

  • I think that madrinov is gonna beat Terrence Crawford The only reason I said before Crawford We’re going to be Madrinov was because I want to see Virgil VS Crawford.

    If Crawford beat madrinov is gona he by decision but m9st likely madrinov will beat crawford

  • Canelo WILL fight Benavidez, too much money on the line now. It’s just a matter of time.
    Remember Benavidez lost the belts twice due to weight & drug issues, if he HAD the belts they would have fought some time ago already.
    I watched a video clip of Gvosdyk joking around that Benavidez kicked his ass in sparring, so those 2 guys know each other & have sparred.
    It’s all just show business. 🙁

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